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  1. Well you can’t do the same things you did in previous versions. It’s so many things that you may or may not be doing that results in your players being jaded. Are you reserving energy after a comfortable lead? Maybe slower the tempo, press less? Time waste? Subbing players earlier than usual to lighten match load?
  2. You shouldn’t need house rules if they fix things like how the AI play against you… You’re basically pointing out what’s wrong with the game without even saying it. Teams that are favorites (Man U) have it easier because AI teams tend to play very low risk against them. Teams that are not favorites the AI tend to play them with more risk taking. people that keep being up “oh it’s easy because you play with this club” is a moot point because you are preaching to the choir. We know that’s the problem. AI teams rather soak up pressure all game against these teams and don’t take any risk hence why a Gegenpress is so effective even with stamina changes. Add the fact that goals from headers are currently OP and there are way too many crosses. on a positive note, transfers became a bit difficult so gone are the days that you can just take a bottom dwelling EPL team and turn them into favorites at the start of the season and win the league. Jury is still out on non league though.
  3. Same experience. I’m also fighting the urge to splurge on the M1 Max but not sure if these machines will be yearly released or not. The new M1’s still have some outdated components.
  4. This is a lame excuse tbh. A team like Man U should be a challenge in itself considering how underwhelming they have been IRL. This line of thinking basically saying stay clear of Barca even though they are in a rebuild in real life and definitely should be an interesting save in FM. No one should have to play with an obsecure team just to get enjoyment which only last after the first 2 seasons anyways.
  5. I really wonder how effective gegenpress would be against a human player who won’t just soak up pressure all game. The stamina loss is there, inaccuracies and mistakes in the game could be approved but I am guessing that the main problem is that the AI just sit back.
  6. That’s not a fact. It’s only easy to manage a top team because you are a favorite and the AI will not attack you and just sit back. Top teams have harsher club vison but it’s currently easy to achieve because of what I already mentioned… Also, I urge everyone to track the team report of every match. Check your next opponent and see their expected tactical style. I’ve personally never seen a team set with attacking. Heck I’ve even seen favorites listed as cautious at home despite the manager wanting an attacking play style. Something clearly isn’t right. Data Hub > Next Opp > Overview Expected Tactical Style
  7. Yea I love the skin this year. FM 21 was the first year I played with the original skin but mainly do to the attributes stars mod. Some of the skins I’ve tried last year just made things cluttered (playing on a laptop didn’t help) with too much info. I like the simple look especially this year.
  8. From my experience even in past FM’s, season preview is based on the odds so it’s updated in real time based on how your team or other teams in the league improve its squad. Media prediction is what you were predicted to finish in season preview but haven’t been updated outside of the preseason. But it does seem like a bug since you haven’t advance in the save yet.
  9. Yea and the only reason it’s more “challenging” is because you’re a weaker team to start and the AI will attack you…Which will not last long depending on your experience with the game.
  10. When the AI doesn’t exploit your mistakes nor attack you, you really don’t need a difficulty setting to outperform the AI…It’s not about a setting but how the AI is using low risk mentality with too many low risk roles not creating anything. Which is more evident when you are a favorite or even a slight underdog. You would see this if you played any of the last FM’s.
  11. This have been going on in FM for at least 10 years. Recent success is kind of irrelevant because this was also a problem back in FM 12-17…
  12. This is a result of the AI using Low risk mentalities with too many low risk roles.
  13. I feel like England is just overrated as a whole. Every FM, England outperform others in Europe whether it’s champions league or Euro Cup.
  14. Yup seems like nothing have changed except the stamina which was suppose to be in last years game… So far in my holiday save with Oxford City with a plug and play gegenpress tactic, we are running the league in the first year. I want to see how far up the pyramid it will take me. Haven’t had any injury issues. Projected to have 55 but only had 19 so far at the start of April 2022. Gegenpress still seem plug and play to me, atleast in the beta…
  15. You probably should upload a PKM file. Im convinced that this won’t change unless they get rid of mentalities. I don’t think the AI is smart enough to combine higher risk mentality with lower risk roles and vice versa.
  16. You don’t manage your training…You can’t complain about something when you’re not even utilizing the tools you have to combat it.
  17. Yea the fitness levels from gegenpress actually works this year (was actually in FM21) but things like lack of inaccuracies and mistakes (which was said to happen when players are tired which is not really happening) still make it OP. Currently, all you need is a team with depth.
  18. Sounds realistic to me. Maybe lay off the intensity and start managing your own training or at the very least take advantage of the rest section.
  19. Two things can be true. There definitely need to be a balance. Wide play which my be better in this version, it’s definitely way too effective atm and central play isn’t as good as 21.
  20. - Goals from header are currently OP. - AI teams still too low risk and are now recycling the ball in the defensive half instead of playing more direct when need be hence the high passing completion from those teams. - Gegenpress is still way too effective (lack of mistakes? Inaccuracies? Lack of counter attacks?) although you’ll run into stamina and injury issues depending on squad.
  21. I think people are going to be using deadline day more than they think they originally would. The installment exploit is fixed, it’s going to be harder to sell players, but easier on deadline day but also cheaper. Most people probably aren’t going to build their squad on day one like in the past…
  22. Sadly, like Front Office Football that game is more geared towards online multiplayer. As for Basketball, DDS Pro basketball is probably the best game. It’s has depth if you’re just want the NBA experience. If you want something similar to FM the. There is a game call Pro Basketball manager. That would be a good choice if you want the international experience. But the con with that is it lacks realism on the American side as it’s missing some rules for signing players.
  23. i mean he did it using a OP gegenpress tactic. He could have at least detailed the effects it had on stamina throughout the season. I would be alarmed if SI had a problem showcasing that.
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