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  1. I haven’t played since the new patch but It would be nice to see underdogs start the game with a cautious mentality rather than defensive most of the time. Defensive rarely result in productive counter Attacking. The AI also waits too long to switch to an attacking mentality (usually at the 85th minute) and I’ve never seen them go very attacking. IMO, they should be going attacking maybe around the 65th minute when down and very attacking around the 85th minute.
  2. Jaded doesn’t necessarily mean fatigue. Being jaded is when you get too much of something and just need a break. You can fix it by giving them a break from games or training, either or will fix it. Just because a player is playing once a week doesn’t mean he’s not jaded from training. The game also aren’t blocking you from just playing the guy.
  3. Yea try easing the new tactic in. Maybe reduce the risk a bit to help cover for their weakness and even tweak the tactic a bit and add more defensive duties to cover for them. If all fail, then it’s time to look for replacements and try to move them on.
  4. How do they perform playing out of position? That’s the only thing that matters. give them a role & duty that are favorable to their attributes. They will eventually improve their ratings and gain experience at a unlearn position if they have potential to do so.
  5. Reason why this should be an option within the game. It avoids any skin issues ranging from a bug to simply not liking the skin.
  6. Yea I don’t think the game have 100% correct transfer budgets for teams. Not having that money when you select to disable transfers window simulates that money already being spent on the players brought in from the real transfer window.
  7. But some people do. Whether its FM or anything in the real world, people tend to think more is better and prefer nicer things. Ive been guilty of playing someone over another because his attributes “looked” better despite the other guy playing better.
  8. I would love more even more details in the reports but as of now, I do fine with them the way they are. I don’t play with complete removal of the attributes, they are just masked better with icons (stars in my case). I now have to look at other things to decide on instead of just choosing a player with 17 finishing over a 16. It also makes for better gameplay because attributes work together, a striker with 14 finishing may score more goals for you than a striker with 17 finishing.
  9. Besides playing the tactics in game (preferably friendlies) load the tactic into 1 of the 3 slots so it will be used during training. Make sure to have some match preparation training on the schedule.
  10. Nope. I never had any legit issues. Just a problem with a database.
  11. You still have that in the game without pin point attribute numbers. There are the reports and even the attribute graph to name a few… I think the main point is that people want an alternative to the pin point accuracy we currently get with attributes. Attribute masking is poor in its current form and its due for some upgrades.
  12. If done right, it could add a lot to the game. I really like the data and stats put into the game in the last few years and that is something that often get overlooked. Especially match day analytics.
  13. I agee, I had to stop using my favorite skin because i valued the attribute mod more.
  14. Lol my eyes would hurt even more than it does now when using attribute masking with the numbers.
  15. Got a small glimpse of it when they removed the % for condition. in fact, the option to have icons or some sort of star ⭐️ ratings for attribute would be awesome. Attribute masking with ratings ranging from different numbers just doesn’t look pretty… SI should seriously look into this. It could be helpful especially if they were able to make the stars/icons relative to the league you are in. a 10 in lower leagues would look like a 16 in a top league.
  16. Not completely remove them but it should be a option in the game. Some skins have them but everyone don’t like the same skins and it can be a pain to try to instal them into a skin that you really like if you don’t really know what you are doing…
  17. Looks promising. Curious to see if it’s long term playable now.
  18. I agree the info pop up then disappears too fast. It should stay on screen until you address it. It might be a bug honestly but considering that most people here probably ignores it, it wasn’t reported.
  19. Then make that note inside the game. Otherwise people will think it’s possible. Knowing the truth now, I’m more likely to sign a player than will get in a ref’s face knowing that it’s a 0% chance that he will actually strike someone and get a long suspension.
  20. There are some rules in some leagues that are not represented in FM and aren’t mentioned in FM. MLS is a perfect example.
  21. That’s false advertisement if it’s in the rules but doesn’t actually happen in the game. There should be some sort of note that says it doesn’t exist if you are even going to list it.
  22. I was experiencing crashes but that was due to a some data files. I don’t have any crashes running full 3D with safari open with multiple tabs and TD Ameritrade Think or Swim opened. With all leagues playable on full detail. I would love an apple silicon version though.
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