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  1. Hi see below, all my other titlebars are fine it's just the ones that have the fixture in it. I am playing in widows mode but the same happens when I am on full screen.
  2. Hi thanks for coming back to me. That line is for the small scoreboard if you are in auto hide mode on the 3d match page. My problem is the matchday bar across the top. If you are in auto hide mode it shows at half time, at the moment it is only showing half the fixture.
  3. Hi great skin thank you, I have used both 2.1D and 2.1L and everything looks great execpt when I play the 3d match only half of the top scorebar is showing. It doesn't matter what I do it won't display the whole bar. Any thoughts please?
  4. Hi James I play FM17 all the time it is on my computer running from dawn to dusk. I do tend to do other things while it is playing. The other day I was play a round of Golf on Golf Club with FM running in the background. When I finshed the golf and went back to FM it had switched to 2D. Could that be the problem graphics card stretched to far?
  5. Hi Guys thanks for that, my graphic drivers are up to date so I am not sure what is wrong.
  6. Hi my game keeps switching from 3d graphics to 2d. Yet 3d is selected. It is really annoying can anyone help?
  7. Hi Neil/Luke thanks for your help. Good news is that I have done the three things above and FM Touch now works. Thank you very much.
  8. I got rid of all third party graphics. Then deleted the game and re-installed so it is basic game still won't work.
  9. I have done a full reinstall and switched off my anti-virus but still same problem.
  10. I can't get FM17 Touch to work on my PC. It was fine before 17.2 update. The image attached is what a get everytime.
  11. Can I ask a quick question. Is there a massive difference in game speed between the following? 1. If I use a third party database and play English League system only down to say step 6. 2. Four different league systems. England down to National North/South, France (down three levels), Spain (down to three Levels) and Scotland (down to league two) Both have been played with large database. The reason I ask is that I have played both set ups and 1. seems so much slower than 2.
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