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  1. It's within the link attached. i.e steamapps/common/football manager 2018/data/sitoolkit. I'm really not happy with this forum so I'm probably going to leave, there's a lot of other good guys here who will can help further though, sorry & thanks.
  2. The fm-widgets folder is found within the sitoolkit extraction. i.e. sitoolkit\skins\fm-widgets
  3. I thought they had to attempt to play the ball to avoid but maybe I'm wrong....
  4. Pace tearing through Argentina, who would have thought?
  5. Did you figure out the sidebar font size? I'll have to look into if not, will take me some time investigating as I'm not certain (as you probably realsied by my 2 suggestions). It could even be table related tbh...
  6. Can't see this one being a classic unless Messi Argentina score first. Negative 1-0/2-0 to France all over it for me. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. In terms of the second request you will need the base files or to get the necessary files from an existing skin already out there made by someone else although this could be edited significantly. There's guides on extracting base files and using the resource archiver in the stickies. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're going to have to put in some time reading and learning, non-negotiable I'm afraid. sitoolkit\skins\fm-widgets\graphics\tables\custom\squad The above is the directory you need in order to find the highlighting folders and graphics from the base files (if you
  8. Willian could play a huge role, defensively against the bigger sides. It's the type of work which goes unnoticed. I don't see Brazil giving up many opportunities down their right with him even if his productivity is questioned (which seems weird as he's normally so good there too).
  9. Lower team mentality would be the main one, especially with fatigue at the forefront of the thinking. More conservative duties and/or roles is probably the biggest one personally when holding on to a lead, i.e. WBs -> FBs/d. An extra defender or DM possibly and I agree with most of the TIs too. I don't like to alter team pressing instructions though, rarely do any team press as a complete unit. I usually use PIs. I prefer keeping possession too or at least not hoofing it so maybe not that one either, could invite pressure. Tight marking is opponent dependent too, I stay a
  10. Really don't understand why Belgium is such a popular choice. They've got a winger who nows plays in China as a wing-back, wing-back, one the most important positions in that system. As the only wide-man he will get isolated, defensively, at times. Boyata who started 3 games in 3 years at Man City/Twente. They desperately need Kompany back almost irrespective of his fitness. Even then they'd have little to no pace at the back. And De Bruyne as one of the sitting midfielders. His technical quality is not in question but that position comes with so much more responsibility, defen
  11. Exactly, it's simple maths. I ignored the first bit.
  12. Oh give over you were admitting in the other thread Spain & England would walk into the Semis without an ounce of irony
  13. He is the living embodiment of this thread.
  14. I initially wondered why all the upvotes but the further I scrolled the more all became clear.
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