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  1. Yeah I can get on board with these explanations as it's less black and white than out-right suggesting width doesn't encourage flank use/passing out wide. Whether it's explicit or implicit isn't really what I'm concerned about personally although we all seem to agree it's the latter too.
  2. No you're right, that's what I'm saying. I don't know what else to say, I find when implementing 'wider' there's a noticeable shift in the flank use percentage in the focus of my attacks. That seems a sensible measure...Whilst it may not explicitly represent passing focus, there's an inherent suggestion of its relevance within. Maybe it's just me but surely it's impossible to disconnect the two though? If a player's wider it stands to reason the flanks will be used more as that's where he's positioned and won't be ignored unless explicit instructions are implemented elsewhere (i.e. exploit middle, although 'ignored' is still probably too strong) this will in turn surely encourage more passing focus wider (maybe the extent is questionable?) than the default and certainly 'narrow' as there isn't a 'wider' player present. I appreciate the above and what is being said by everyone certainly makes more sense (as I say in terms of giving the exploit instructions more relevance) But what I don't really understand is how you can 'stretch' play essentially yet not utilise a wider player or at least there not be more wider passing used than if there isn't one. Is it just me but it doesn't really make sense to intimate that they're not related? (side point - formation, could be added to this actually too as some will promote wider play naturally more than others (to an extent, that word again) which in essence I guess relates to my point, there's an inter-link with width and some tactics/instructions) I really don't know, I feel more confused now but I will find any 'definites' or black and white explanations impossible to completely understand/accept.
  3. Attack - look forward, more prone to attack space, primary focus to make something happen in terms of scoring/creating (less so the latter for some roles, more so for others) i.e. attacking transitions. Can be key to stretching teams. Support - balanced approach, focus is more divided between offense and defense. Will look to support offensively when able and the same applies defensively. Key to all transitions.
  4. 'Play wider' also encourages greater use of the flanks. The difference re. the focus of attacks is noticeable when using this instruction I've found from personal experience. Whilst I'm sure I've seen a mod confirm this not long ago as well which is why I've felt reassured by my observations as I questioned this myself initially. This does beg the question for me however what is the need for separate flank exploit instructions? Presumably it would contradict with a narrow instruction but maybe this is where @Argonaut's 4-4-2 example comes in, horizontally compact but direct play out wide that would explain the need for the two separate instructions I guess...This is just theory. I'm unsure if it would add to a 'play wider' instruction or would become redundant, answers on a post-card... So @Argonaut, both from my experience and what I've read. Playing narrower definitely helps with quicker transitions into defensive shape even if it doesn't directly relate to the defensive shape, so it is a more 'solid' instruction defensively.
  5. Fmscout
  6. Making a skin can be a full-time job for up to a month, with other commitments it can take much longer so the fees are becoming understandable in this day and age. I suspect if people searched hard enough the skin would be available elsewhere too, all these skins crop up in numerous places that even the creators weren't aware of... Anyway thanks for the info. given it's nearly May it's not really surprisingly if work on the skin has stopped. Hopefully people are satisfied with this info./take it upon themselves to do a bit of searching.
  7. It should be relatively simple if you're familiar with the client object browser and the titlebar.xml. Search for the continue button within the client object and cut the section of coding which relates. It should be fairly recognisable and separated, it'll be a small 'paragraph' approx. Paste this within your titlebar panel. Towards the end of the panel will suffice. For further help you could refer to the titlebar panel of a skin which places the continue button in the titlebar as a guide, i.e. CFM skin. Simple cut and paste job. The button will automatically take-on the size of the titlebar (if you want the height of this adjusted then you will need to refer to the Header.xml and adjust the main height value)
  8. Good to hear you're adapting in-game, I would take that one step further and encourage you do so prior to games also after analysing the opposition (if you don't already) Re. your general changes, I would suggest caution with pass into space when behind, I would imagine teams are less open when they take the lead against you so the space is reduced. Whilst early cross effectiveness will depend on the off the ball and anticipation of your strikers. Generally I don't have the confidence in my strikers at that level to utilise it. Slightly higher D lines with standard or counter mentalities is about a 'normal' D line in higher mentalities so the counter opportunity could still be present on occasion., so you wouldn't be removing the chance altogether... Re. some of your defensive issues, you can't account for individual mistakes unless it was caused by a TI or PI. I've had the same issue in the VNS but it was my own fault as I was expecting my less than technically adept defenders to play out from the back, as you don't seem to be employing this tactic all you can ensure is that there isn't anything else encouraging your defenders to mess about with the ball, I can't see anything though... You might want your full backs to close down more if allowed crosses is an issue, either via OIs or PIs. Whilst concentration is another important attribute to add to those you've listed... I expect it of every defender unless specifically in need of someone with speed, that's the only time I may compromise. A couple final points, I'm not sure I share your confidence in non-league players being able to play high tempo, certainly not every game/all match. Reducing this would result in more considered play and hopefully less mistakes in possession. Whilst I think I'd also only entrust my best passers to play direct and not use it as a TI again in theory this should reduce turnovers, I'd be surprised if everyone in your team can hit effective, direct balls to the striker.
  9. I suggest you all follow the link provided above or search, i.e. google. I'm not sure why this has turned in a PM request thread or who you expect to be PM-ing you download links...
  10. You've not mentioned anything about doing your home-work on the opposition and adapting roles. Are you adapting? At your level with a weaker team it's going to be difficult without countering opposition strengths, as described previously. Everything you need to compare the CMs and the play-making roles is within the PIs. I would imagine passing is dictated by the TIs so won't differ without amendment. Risky passes is the only other PI to be mindful of in terms passing variation, I'm not sure what else you expect in 'pass differently'? The thing that strikes me reading is that you want more control of games yet you set-up very deep. Counter will naturally be quite deep (see how it varies on TI screen as you change mentality) whilst even on standard you play slightly deeper. This invites pressure and to me it would sound more like a counter strategy rather than that of a possession one. There will need to be a level of acceptance that against some systems you will be out-numbered in midfield so some games will be harder than others to impose yourself regardless. Even so, on low risk strategies I wouldn't reduce the D line further and would even likely favour raising it higher personally to be more of a presence upfield and give myself a better chance with second balls and in turn control of the ball (generally speaking, I tend to adapt in-game sometimes if I see second balls being an issue) Granted you may need defenders with decent speed and positioning but again at LLM level 10s isn't bad. If balls over the top is an issue/the opposition has a quick striker again reducing the D line can be done but there needs to be an element of adventure if you're going to have positive results. Looking at your league position and performances I don't get the feeling that teams would necessarily show you the levels of respect where they sit back and put a ton of men behind the ball whilst again your mentality isn't high enough to warrant in my opinion slightly deeper D lines to draw out stubborn teams, which can sometimes be a useful strategy, either. So unless I wanted to specifically implement a counter-attacking strategy (with defenders which could handle the pressure) I feel the argument for a higher D line is stronger than a deeper one (removing the stopper would be advisable for this too)
  11. I've had this problem a lot this year too, even with a wide runner actually inside my own penalty area, often resulting in simple crosses, in open space and a tap-in. Set pieces and the second phases in particular have been a killer this year. I'm not convinced there's actually a way to deal with this but what I plan on doing is ensuring there's no full-backs in the wall or man marking, hopefully they will therefore sit in their 'natural space'. As I say this is only theory atm however it wouldn't surprise me if this is a bugged aspect of the ME this year... I think I may have seen at a glance a thread in the bugs section relating to this but not 100% on that. Edit: Yeah here it is... In all honesty I'm still none the wiser on the issue going by @Nic Madden's comments. He does rightly point out the limitations in setting up free-kicks, we can only set-up for one type of course but then he starts asking the OP about his expectations which is a bit redundant as he's pointed out we lack control so we would obviously hope the AI/ME positions the players more appropriately (I'm also not convinced this is an attribute issue as I've seen it occur at all levels and even so the positioning is very bad, often, for it to be a lucid explanation alone in my opinion. As your example shows players can be 10-20 yards away, it's not as if they're getting caught on the 'wrong side') The rest isn't much help tbh... I'm not convinced SI view it as a bug on reflection though looking at the thread. So just cover what you can in terms of set piece routines and player's with decent positioning, concentration, work rate, stamina, etc. Then you can relax knowing you've done all you can.
  12. C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\CFM Skin 2017 -DARK- v1.01\graphics\tables\custom\inbox\selected and change the value of the blue_replacement in the config.xml to your preference, don't forget to clear cache and reload skin for changes to take effect.
  13. Nice set, are they available? Presumably these are the ones you're alluding to which you've made? Not sure I've seen any better...
  14. Higher D line, a more fluid shape, increased mentality etc. are all things worth considering to improve the support to your target man, to get players closer. Like you my main striker is best as a TM supposedly, tbh DLF doesn't even appear on my screen without scrolling, it's meant to be his 5th best role but I'm confident his strength, passing and work-rate will transfer into the role of DLF and what I'm looking from it effectively in my lone-striker system. Don't get hung up on the role suitability charts.