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  1. Please search, this is a known issue and unavoidable if you wish to use a customised facepack.
  2. It sounds like a customised colour (implemented via the settings.xml) Colouring works differently on the match screens though, primary and secondary colour settings on these screens relate to the competition colours. The only place I can think of where sometimes the teams' secondary colours can be present are in the titlebar names (I have this implemented within my skin) but this is achieved through specific widget ids with the colouring an automatic result. So what I'm basically saying is I don't think it's possible to assign adaptable colouring to the score, although you can assign pretty much any 'static' colour.
  3. I'm really perplexed reading a lot of this as it seems fairly obvious. Surely it can't come as a big surprise that playing on a low mentality without a striker is struggling to yield goals. I understand what is being said re. dropping mentality against teams that park the bus on occasion but I would have thought this is a 'reactive' strategy and not one to start games with, certainly not consistently. I personally prefer playing with defensive line for this purpose though anyway, much less is effected this way so there's less variables and complications effecting what's happening on the pitch and in turn the understanding. It's not something that I need to do every match by any means though... Has anybody said you should be starting every game with a low risk mentality? It's quite a situational specific approach in my experience. As Milan I imagine you're favourite quite often so surely you'd want to be a bit more expansive and take the initiative more. I don't believe for one moment every single team you come against goes ultra-defensive. It looks to me that you're trying falsely trying to rectify an inherent flaw in your system (i.e. striker-less/lack of goal threat) with lowering mentality which exactly probably only exacerbates your issues. Like so many threads on here I can't help but feel things are being massively over-complicated.
  4. It's a Sky Sports style skin any other colouring would be a contradiction and completely defeat the purpose. There's plenty of skins which use more popular generic, standard colouring. I intended for it to be a 'niche' type skin but don't worry you won't be 'bored' next iteration of the game, I won't be making another skin for public use.
  5. As I say keep an eye on the right-hand side, it may not trouble opposing teams and result in difficulty breaking down sides as they can tuck in and focus on other areas of the field where your team is more adventurous. And again I can also see your midfield getting caught out of position given the lack of disciplined roles in there. Both centre-midfields will be getting forward whilst the DM may also get drawn out of position due to the closing down which comes with the role. I would ignore assistant guidance completely when it comes to roles advice. Re. the DM role The DLP is a good shout as it can hold position as does an anchor man whilst a half-back can be a great choice too versus 3 man attacks (I often employ a player there currently who according to my assistant is only two bars in terms of comfortability in the role yet performs well given his speed to drop back, basic defensive abilities and decent passing and positioning. In the lower leagues sometimes you have to get creative) In terms of centre-mid, CMs and again DLPd/s are probably advisable. Personally I would want more stability in the centre with advanced wingers. I would usually only be adventurous as you are in centre midfield if there is help in wide areas (i.e. a 4-1-4-1) or we are strong in numbers in there (i.e. 4-1-3-2 narrow, a current devastating fave of mine, the only formation I've ever played a BBM and CMa together in) I would take you back to my first post though as I think that pretty much covers most of the concerns and gives alternatives/options to free up other areas as I can see you want to be ambitious.
  6. I tend to go back to basics when things seem to turn negatively, i.e. drop risk/mentality to standard/counter, drop the defensive line and seriously consider if any team instructions are needed if they aren't working. I would keep an eye on your right-side in an attacking sense now you've lowered your full-back's mentality as it's hard to see who will stretch the play on that side now. I would have thought a PI on your CMa to move into the channels is a minimum requirement, so possibly bear that in mind.
  7. Your right-hand side is very exposed, the full-back is attacking, the wide-man an inside forward and most importantly for me, the central midfielder is attacking too. The push up higher instruction will only exacerbate things. If I were to guess I would imagine you concede a lot from the flanks as a result. The most important thing I can say is take note of where you are conceding from. ...For me, regardless of the side, which varies depending on the opposition full-back's attacking intend, if my full-back is on an attacking duty, the central midfielder on the same side will always be on a support duty to help out defensively if needed when the opposing team breaks (looking at your system I may even consider CMd) and usually a close-down more instruction, which is actually also hard-coded into the CMd role anyway. I would see how the support/defend duty change initially helps though and the PIs would be a secondary concern. In an attacking sense such a change also makes sense as the attacking midfielder I would have thought occupies the same space as your inside forward. You can then always give the other central-midfielder more freedom as a BBM with a get further forward instruction if you still want the runner from deep (I purposely didn't suggest CMa however as all three 'attacking players' on that side would be on attack duties given your striker and winger is too so retaining a support role is sensible but as I say such initial changes may give you more 'flexibility' here than a CMs)
  8. @BAD-RELIGION Create the necessary graphic/folder/config yourself and place it in the relevant location within your copy of TCS. A lot of graphics and configs are fairly standard so you can copy it from the multiple examples already present. or acquire the necessary files from the base files (which you will need to extract using the resource archiver, again there's guides although it is pretty much a fundamental for anyone wanting to skin so you should familiarise yourself with this before regardless)
  9. You need to edit the transparency/opacity of the actual graphic. Sounds like you know where the graphic is but here it is anyway: C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\<skin name>\graphics\boxes\custom\match\widgets
  10. I'm lead to believe natural fitness also plays a part (learnt from a prominent member of the forum) I don't remember the subject being discussed or myself thinking about it too deeply, probably because it made a lot of sense so I readily accepted it. He may have been alluding to the ability to keep fitness up during games and in turn avoid injury that way, I'm not sure/can't remember but I'm comfortable with the suggestion and the importance of the attribute regardless.
  11. Composure, decisions and determination for everyone. Natural fitness, to reduce injury likelihood. Pace and acceleration for nearly every position (apart from centre midfield and goalkeeper) Positioning for everyone (apart from attacking wingers and striker) Off the ball for advanced players. I also like work rate and team-work from my striker but that's optional imo, depending on what you want from your striker. Concentration for defenders and preferably jumping reach. Anticipation is a good bonus for anyone It can be ambitious trying to cover all of these so more often than not I search using some variation. Technical attributes are fairly obvious but I'm usually more willing to compromise with these.
  12. ...yup and to extend this further I've had a goalkeeper still rise between 29 -32
  13. I HATE editing that page... Good Work.
  14. Depends who you want supporting, formation and their previous duty. You could just change the entire team mentality to be higher risk which will effect everyone. In terms of specific positions, generally speaking from my experience, I look at increasing wide-men mentalities from support to attack and in central midfield anything from DLPd - DLPs or changing CM duties to CMs or CMa or BBM or APs. Those are prime candidates. I may also look at involving the attacker more if he's isolated, i.e DFd/s or DLFs. As I say very generally speaking.
  15. I would download the base skins (If I hadn't already, there's a sticky at the top, they're also on fmscout, you can google it, etc. multiple places and not hard to find) and this year fortunately the panels folder is separated into various facets of the game. So you could copy across the player folder from the panels folder of your desired skin into the equivalent position within your base skin and see how that works out. There may be some graphical issues such as the player position's pitch (if you chose Vitrex) but again this/these can be obtained from the skin's graphics folder (directories will be in the code if you are familiar with using them, if not you can address that here later) I would have a look at the general lay-out though and what else is potentially effected and if you're happy with the result you can worry about the graphics after. NB: Vitrex is built for hi. res. systems.