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  1. D_LO_

    Belgium vs Tunisia - 1pm BST - BBC1

    Really hard to gauge teams against that kind of opposition. I don't think it's changed my opinion too much in terms of England's chances though. Haven't seen a lot of Boyata in Scotland but he didn't set the word alight in England so Kompany will be a big miss if he's not fit. De Bruyne is wasted deeper and could be a defensive liability but Carrasco could be the real disaster waiting to happen. All that said, give Hazard and/or De Bruyne space and they will pick us apart. I expect Dier to come in for Alli or Lingard though which will reduce our opportunities to exploit their weaknesses and I can see it being hard going and labouring to a draw as a result.
  2. I don't know how reliable this is but there's reports already this is going to be the line-up versus Nigeria: Here’s the rumored eleven:ARMANI; MERCADO, OTAMENDI, FAZIO, ROJO; MASCHERANO, BIGLIA, BANEGA; MESSI, DI MARIA, AGUERO It seems very early for there to be a leak or for something to be spotted in training so it's possibly wishful thinking but regardless, defensively something like this would be infinitely more solid. Full-backs who can defend is a good start and regardless of your thoughts on the midfield, there should be some insurance behind when there's guys who know what they're doing and playing in positions they are familiar with.
  3. I don't know why, they have so much talent and Peru & Australia are hardly anything to be feared. In the knockouts I could understand it a lot more. Matiudi is an infinitely better choice than Tolisso though.
  4. Your comments on the lack of quality and underachieving are fair but a high block isn't the only option and dare I say shouldn't even be a consideration with Messi and Aguero up front. Portugal don't use one because the story would be similar with Ronaldo. Meza isn't even exactly dynamic either... The comments re. Sampaoli's lack of adapability are spot on imo.
  5. I've never understood the obsession with Bielsa he has achieved very little and massively under-achieved with Argentina too. The fact he has never managed a really big European team speaks volumes for me. Sound-bites from Pep. has done his reputation no end of good. People tend to latch on to edgy, different formations/tactics with minimal success though more than successful run-of-the-mill approaches. I'd be surprised if he lasts a season at Leeds, he has form. The Championship is unforgiving, there will be no bedding in period, every game is losable and played at 100mph. Leeds look likely of purchasing Abel Hernandez from Hull who is a top striker at that level but they are the archetypal mid-table team and need a lot more. I didn't really know much about Sampaoli, never really had the inclination to find out more tbh. From a far what he did with Chile looked impressive but it clearly suited the players at his disposal that much was obvious at the time, the energy, work ethic and working as a collective. Chile were great in all those areas. However the problems at Argentina isn't something that's happened overnight, they're lucky to be in Russia. His rep. has been dwindling for a while and surely it's in tatters now. I don't think arrogance is the right word but the tactical flaws already described in plenty of detail are pretty basic and it takes a certain personality to persist. To be completely honest he reminds me of Roberto Martinez. You don't have to even delve that deeply tactically, just use players appropriately that would be a good start. I was shocked to see Salvio at RWB, Acuna looks like a similar situation on the left. How's Rojo on the bench? And for a team so reliant on Messi they don't do anything to help him. I cannot believe Argentina cannot produce a central midfielder who is comfortable on the ball. Banega, Lo Celso and/or Dybala are musts if they are to do anything in the knockouts (if they get past Nigeria, which isn't a formality but I still fancy them to do it). I've found France to be quite negative in midfield but that's been nothing compared to this Argentina. This Argentinian team is not a good team but we've seen in plenty of recent international tournaments you don't have to be great to do well (i.e. Chile, Portugal, even Argentina in Brazil). Argentina should be getting out of a group with Nigeria and Iceland comfortably even in light of the very poor squad selection before a ball was kicked. How some of the names left out can't make this squad is beyond me and perhaps the most shocking thing personally and that is solely Sampaoli's decision (don't believe that Messi's influence spills over that far). Finally in terms of Sampaoli, I also get the impression that Croatia were massively under-estimated or at least no part of Argentina's game took the opposition into consideration and this is a team with some World class talent. Believe it or not I actually made Croatia favourites when I saw the line-ups. Other than Messi and Aguero only Otamendi plays regularly at a top, top club. Croatia on the other hand have players from Barca, Inter x2, Atletico, Real, Liverpool, Monaco and Juve. How he expected to play with little to no defensive wide cover is beyond me. Perisic and Vrsalkjo are border-line World-Class talent and Rebic ain't bad after a decent season in Germany. And Modric, Brozovic and Rakitic were a complete mis-match versus Perez and Mascherano, it became embarrassing. So it's only the team selection, substitution choices, squad selection, opposition scouting and tactics that were a problem then.
  6. I thought it was just me...
  7. D_LO_

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    I don't really understand what you're saying but it's quite simple I don't think Nigeria or Iceland have much quality going forward. So Argentina are well in with a shout of finishing 2nd.
  8. D_LO_

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    They're not out of it. It's hard to see Nigeria or Iceland stringing a couple of successful attacks together let alone get a win. If Sampaoli could get back to basics and play defenders in defence, play a system that the team is at least familiar with and some half decent midfielders (on the ball) they can find themselves in with a chance against another average looking team in France in the last 16.
  9. Combination of issues. Poor tactical set-up, players not fulfilling their duties or incapable and probably most importantly, this is a VERY average Argentinian team. They need to introduce some play-makers in the middle to help or at least instigate some meaningful build-up. Banega, Lo Celso and even Dybala should be brought in. He's tried two different set-ups and neither have worked in the slightest. They might overly rely on Messi but ironically they don't really do much to help him help them, completely agree. Players like those mentioned should in theory get on the ball and link more, particularly with Messi. The rest isn't rocket science. One defensively minded midfielder will do. Go back to a back four as they clearly don't know how to play with wing-backs and use proper defenders in these areas, i.e. Ansaldi and Rojo. Hope I'm wrong as I have admiration for what Iceland have and continue to do but I don't see them getting a win so 2nd place is still wide open (I've already dismissed Nigeria they were god awful too) and France in the last 16 don't look very impressive at all either. If the Argies can get something defensively solid going and allows them to get the ball forward to Messi effectively they can still find themselves in the Quarters but atm it looks a long way off.
  10. Yeah there is, this is step 4 that's being talked about (presumably otherwise the rest wouldn't make sense). Excel spreadsheet on previous page with teams in the 7 divisions, it's all equal.
  11. D_LO_

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    I honestly thought I must have missed an injury to him (thought it would be too much of a stretch for Denmark to sub him without). Non-existent.
  12. D_LO_

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    So many disappointing games short on quality, not that I should have been surprised given their opening performances.
  13. I strongly doubt it but it's secondary as the editor won't allow the basic starting requirement anyway, i.e. not promoting all play-off winners. The reason and PPG are details which complicate it further (a lot) but are later details and not the only issue. For the record the Regional Premier is completely possible to recreate. So step 4 is the only problem.
  14. Yep that's exactly how I thought it was going to be. 6 up from 4 divisions. 12 up from 7 divisions.
  15. Stars are a rough guide. If you have worst players overall or worst staff judging his star rating may actually be higher even though his hidden PA is lower. Like I said stars rely on context, the context of your squad. If Abraham has the most potential compared to the rest of your squad he will have a high star rating. Now say Abraham's PA is actually higher in another save but you have Messi too, Abraham's star rating will suffer because he is being compared within a tougher context and his potential is going to be a lot lower than Messi's ability. There is no way of knowing if his PA is better in one save going off purely the stars unless everything else is the same and there's no other variables (very difficult to recreate to be sure of) so don't be obsessed by them. Like I said in-game editors are the only way to be precise. Development is a different matter reliant on coaches, facilities and most importantly game-time.