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  1. I tested it for myself to ensure there weren't any potential issues you or I should be aware of, there weren't.... Given you actually went to the effort of reading my advice in full and tried to apply it (which you not only tried but actually got spot on ) which is refreshing given the effort it takes to advise on somewhat complicated subjects like this. You can have it. As I say you were on the right lines anyway and I'm in no doubt you would have got it sorted. Hopefully you learnt a bit about skinning too. I tested it on the light version, hopefully that isn't an issue.... download below. client object browser.xml
  2. Re. code from my skin, yeah you look to be on the right lines there, you need all of that Re. CFM code, again you look to have understood well. All of that can go (as you have captured the screen content area from mine, you don't need the existing) Don't forget to ensure all the container's are closed or that there isn't too many </container>'s present preventing closure of the panel... In theory that should be the fundamentals, you look to have captured everything you need, so it's just a case of deleting the existing and replacing with the above (towards the end of the panel) Hopefully that will do it... re. sidebar menu table on reflection you might not need to edit this as if I remember correctly CFM doesn't have a transparent sidebar like mine, so hopefully you can avoid that but that's looking forward....
  3. Club Overview Panel

    That's where you've gone wrong, club overview should be in the club folder. Team honours should be in team folder. (don't forget to clear cache/reload skin)
  4. Yes but I would recommend this only for someone confident when it comes to skinning. The easiest way would be to find an existing skin with the hidden side-bar option (my own sky skin has it and I'm fairly sure Andromeda does too, there's bound to be others as well...) And apply the principle I describe in the last post in the thread below: (ignore thread title, a side-bar question is asked later and although he requests something different the principle is very similar to what you want) As I describe it's a case of removing the existing sidebar coding in the client object browser you're currently using and replacing it with alternative coding (which is the hard part, you'd have to identify this in another skin and place it towards the end of your client object browser) The thread advises about what to look for though and ensure you close all the coding, i.e. the containers, as you'll be adding a few you'll need to make sure there's enough </container> towards the end of the panel. From memory there may be graphical issues and you might need to rectify this within the sidebar menu table.xml but tbh I wouldn't worry about the cosmetics until you get the basics sorted. I'll happily advise you on that if you get to that point. As I said for something like this you need a good level of skinning competence. (you could try inserting the hidden sidebar client object browser from another skin but it will likely mess a few things up, mine would be totally inappropriate for example as I've done a lot to the layout, so you'll have two continue buttons/dates/etc./etc. as I removed them from the titlebar on my skin but CFM didn't)
  5. I've advised re. the instant result button, please search the skinning hideout. I was implementing it myself at the time for my skin when someone asked the same question, it gave me the opportunity to do a bit of a talk through. The thread I'm referring to involves an initial enquiry involving a contributor called boxtobox, so if you see his and my user names you're on the right lines... This has been asked a couple of times not too long ago also and the thread was linked there too but searching would probably be easier, i.e. "instant" "result".
  6. Recolouring attribute values

    I achieved it by changing the positioning of the relevant part of code within the client object browser. All my versions of the client object browser are highly customised so any line number guidance (using notepad++) is approximate as it will definitely differ to the default. So a bit of common sense will be needed if you use the line number guidance. Where the sidebar stretches to the top you will have the following part of code around line 30 (34 on mine) and this is what needs removing: <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" width="160"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="cotO" /> </record> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="true"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="TTyp" test_mode="0" value="1" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="FS " test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="DRpg" test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="FoHi" /> </attachment> <attachment class="test_screen_size_attachment" alignment="horizontal" min_value="0" max_value="1200" set_property="widt" true_value="45" false_value="160" disable_setting_name="force_small_sidebar"/> </widget> Ensure you capture the entire widget. In my client object where the sidebar sits below the titlebar, I have the following (line 342 for me but I have a lot added so I wouldn't be surprised if yours was 100 lines up, the important thing however is it's below the action-bar/menu-strip coding which relates to the in-match bar and anything you potentially have on it (if you've haven't added anything just look out for the menu-strip coding and insert below ) I can't be more specific personally here though as I have a lot of things on this strip which aren't there usually, i.e. the continue button so personally I have to place the following much further down) This also sits directly above the footer area section of coding. <container class="plain_box"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="bottom, extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container id="main"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="middle, extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" width="166"> <animation class="translate_animation" start_value="-0.1, 0" end_value="0, 0" duration="0.4" end_mode="hold_end" tween="ease_out" coord_mode="relative_to_screen" /> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="cotO" /> </record> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="true"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="TTyp" test_mode="0" value="1" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="FS " test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="DRpg" test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="FoHi" /> </attachment> <attachment class="test_screen_size_attachment" alignment="horizontal" min_value="0" max_value="1200" set_property="widt" true_value="51" false_value="166" disable_setting_name="force_small_sidebar"/> </widget> <!-- screen content area --> <container id="scca" auto_size="horizontal"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" layout_children="true" inset="2" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" /> </container> </container> </container> I've also captured the screen content section to make things easier, you can delete this from yours so it isn't duplicated. I included this however so most of the coding is closed. Rather than 'container count' I can tell you only need to add one more </container> towards the end of your panel. And that should do it, I'm sure the only time I touch the sidebar menu table panel again is when opting for a hidden sidebar so you shouldn't need to worry about that during a change like this... The sidebar will sit below the titlebar, I won't go into how I got it to sit below the action-bar as well right now, I achieved it by messing around with a fair bit (i.e. menu-strip class, creating a new graphic, shifting the side-bar down within menu table panel and adding coding to the client object browser) there may be 'better' ways to achieve it... I was happy with what I managed however so left it, you may on the other hand be happy just shifting it below the titlebar, screen shot to show how yours should look similar to and what I mean re. how I shifted the action-bar across further and the side-bar contents lower....
  7. Football Manager Addons

    Fmscout for general graphic downloads, any specific mods use the search function here if you have anything in mind like TV logos (I've advised re. the tv logo selector in one of my sky skin threads, there's also a mod. guide I believe on this topic which advises re. a stationary logo option)
  8. ok... If you've seen a tactics screen/kits you like from another skin alternatively you can acquire the relevant files from that skin, that might reduce some of the work but I reiterate I went to some length creating a guide on this already. My thread details what files you need and where you put them If you've seen a club overview you like from another skin again why not copy that panel across. You will likely need other panels however as this one uses a lot of 'secondary' and possibly 'third' linked panels. Open the club overview you've acquired and search (ctrl+F for "file=" this will direct you to the other potential panels required) If not... again @wkdsoul has already gone to some effort for something close to what you want, from memory I think all you'll need is a bit of re-organisation but that can be done later, search for the thread(s), look at the download and/or read the guidance there (and elsewhere, as I said this panel is talked about a lot) and take it from there... Ok that directory I gave for attribute highlighting, why not just re-apply that to a skin you've downloaded or one where the highlighting is how you like it... say it's the CFM skin (it might not have altered it so whether it's a bad example isn't relevant here) Instead look for: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\CFM\graphics\tables\custom\attributes and then likewise move the changes over into your base skin download (links in sticky above) into the equivalent location. As I said above don't be surprised if the folders aren't present, make them yourself, just ensure the directory is accurate, i.e. attributes folder in custom folder in tables folder, etc., etc. The inbox background is in your settings.xml, you really should have this regardless, I've attached a copy of the default one I extracted in case you don't have one (it's months old so no guarantees I haven't accidentally saved a change or two although I try and keep my base files 'clean') Using a common sense approach we've now managed to acquire the files using skins already out there as opposed to needing to use the resource archiver although I still encourage you to read the guide above on this if you wish to go forward with skinning as it's one the most basic pre-requisites as it's the only way to acquire the base files. I've now given you at least two options, sometimes three, to each issue. I can't urge you enough to use the search function though and make the most of the resources at your disposal, I doubt any of your issues are unique and haven't been asked about numerous times on here already tbh. Skinning is a broad topic so it's unrealistic to expect to just walk in and understand everything straight away but ultimately you get out of it what you put in. The guides by Michael dumb things down well although don't be surprised if they still need 3/4/5 reads... fm-widgets settings.xml
  9. Well I even gave an alternative to changing the highlighting, i.e. going straight to the graphic, which I gave the directory for, and changing the colour in the row.xml. I'm not sure what else you expect, short of doing the changes for you.. is that your expectation here?
  10. I created a thread specifically detailing how to change the tactics screen, step by step, everything you need is in there, please search. The club overview also basically has it's own thread. @wkdsoul even provided a download with the stadium (I believe) Might require some manoeuvring to get the stadium into the centre but that shouldn't be too difficult, the thread will give you a starting point and possibly principles to achieve everything you want anyway...I remember having several convos advising re. this page myself, some may be contained within this thread too with the principles I allude to... A more extensive search will bring up a lot of guidance on this. The attribute highlight can be changed a couple of ways, I always prefer to go straight to the graphics which are found: skins\fm-widgets\graphics\tables\custom\attributes (you will need to use the resource archiver to acquire all the files for all these issues, sticky guide at top if unfamiliar with this) Once you've obtained the files place them: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\SKIN NAME\graphics\tables\custom\attributes , i.e. the equivalent position you obtained them from. There will be two folders, preferred and required. Each will have row.xmls change the red_replacement values to the colour of your choice. You can alternatively change the value stated in the settings.xml, i.e. search for preferred & required attribute and change the RGB values to your preference (if you aren't familiar with colour coding google RGB colour values and play with the colour palette, you should soon see how it works) Re. inbox, the background colouring again can be effected via several methods, to avoid finding each panel though you can just go to the settings.xml and search (ctrl+F for 'inbox') that should bring up several results and test the effects of altering the results, i.e. inbox_content_background and inbox_sidebar are likely to be two of the most prominent here. Again the settings.xml in question here will need to be extracted using the archiver, it's found: skins\fm-widgets\settings and your amended copy should go: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\SKIN NAME\settings If any folder is missing in your base skin download (see below) just create it ensuring your directory is the same as those I've detailed. The base skins are usually quite 'empty' so don't be surprised by this. As ever you will also need a copy of the base skin as a working folder for changes to take effect which goes into your skin folder in your documents, you can then insert the necessary, amended files mentioned which you have extracted. If all of this sounds alien to you, I strongly recommend you read the guides at the top as they go into this in far more detail, there's also links to the base skin downloads you'll definitely need.
  11. Recolouring attribute values

    What's the issue? That part of the guide talks about attribute colours more as opposed to text colours... Changing attribute colours hasn't changed. You need to ensure your coding is exactly the same and within your respective settings.xml which itself should be within the settings folder. It's worth noting that in-game altering of the attribute colours will take preference and only manually deleting preference files, if I remember correctly, will remove any in-game 'preference' (clearing cache in-game is not sufficient) By this token you can just effect colouring in-game if all else fails.
  12. Have you tried playing with the score-board height in the match full window.xml (in match folder within panels) Look for this line: <!--slide-out scores--> <widget class="match_titlebar_panel" id="MHDr" file="match/match title bar score" height="120"> Don't forget to clear cache and reload skin for changes to take effect. Try a few heights... (make a copy of the panel if you're not confident with skinning in case you make an error you're incapable of rectifying)
  13. You could get him to learn a PPM like get forward whenever possible (there might be better options, have a look at what's at your disposal, don't know them off by heart) could help... His mentality is probably the main factor though. Upping the team mentality from standard would likely help, alternatively a structured shape would increase attack duties mentalities (don't forget to consider how such changes will effect the rest of the team though) His off the ball and acceleration are decent, his anticipation is ok. Not outstanding but I don't see major issues with attributes (I might be inclined to look at the opposition's LB attributes though, i.e. if he has outstanding acceleration and/or anticipation then that changes the landscape of thinking) As ever, don't make decisions based on one isolated example, which I feel you do a lot, though. Look for patterns and then react. If you feel the above happens often then by all means look to make adjustments but if this is the only time you've seen it don't get fixated on every individual 'issue' you perceive. You can't effect everything.