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  1. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    This came up in last years too, check the thread below (only 1 page)
  2. Have a search of this forum, @michaeltmurrayuk has advised not too long ago on this if I remember correctly.
  3. I've had a debate about this kind of thing with someone else not so long ago... all I can say is was the error message coming up before you edited it? Presumably not if the skin was working. If it only appeared after then it's fairly safe to say it was probably caused by your changes. It's so easily done and even easier to miss. I say this from vast experience, having caused similar error messages myself, probably several hundred times. Part and parcel of skinning, no big deal, I'd just say keep the program you edit panels in open until everything is 100% so you at least have the option to undo, worth bearing in mind for future if nothing else.
  4. Glad you've found a resolution. This is just FYI really, going forward but the above means you've made an error in closing the code/deleted something. Usually it's something minor like a ". Can be difficult to spot what's missing with the naked eye. In such circumstances I'd recommend the undo function (ctrl+Z) or if it's too late it can sometimes just be easier to re-download the file again if you experience something similar in future. EDIT - see you sorted attribute highlighting.
  5. Like I said, it's the inbox_sidebar_background and inbox_content_background in particular that effect those. ...within the settings.xml in your settings folder (should come with the base skin download) For example, I even quickly tested it: <!-- Inbox --> <colour name="inbox_sidebar_background" value="red"/> <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement --> <colour name="inbox_content_background" value="blue"/> <!-- Box background colour - red_replacement -->
  6. It's ok but same principle(s) again... That looks like the selected option, so change the colour values to your preference (google "rgb colour charts" if you aren't familiar with colour coding ) in the settings.xml <colour name="inbox_selected" red="" green="" blue=""/> <!-- Selected news item row - red_replacement --> or copy this line from YACs2 settings.xml into your settings.xml (and delete existing) or change the red_replacment value to your preference in the row.xml in: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\SKIN NAME\graphics\tables\custom\inbox\selected Again if the folder and contents is not present, create it yourself/copy it across from YACs or from the extracted files you've already shown you can obtain, your choice.
  7. Ok this is getting over-complicated. YACs has the info. either in the folder directory I gave above or in the settings.xml, in terms of the section of code you quoted me on. All you need to do is copy one or the other over into your base skin and see where that leaves you. I've had a look at YACs tuning (easier to download from sortitoutsi as YACs has to be done via steam I believe now, I doubt the inbox stuff varies much...) There is the inbox folder in the custom folder of the table folder present that I suggest you copy over. I'd be surprised if YACs2 doesn't but I'll take your word for it, if that's the case just find the section of code above I gave in the settings.xml of YACs2 and copy and paste it into the settings.xml of your base skin (deleting the existing, conflicting part) I don't usually want to discourage people extracting base files and navigating around like you have been, it's certainly the best way to learn but it shouldn't be necessary here and is over-complicating things. You're confident YACs has customised the inbox row highlighting? ...that's what you want so all you need to do is acquire it from that skin. You have the two methods how this is customised.
  8. Re. the inbox rows/highlighting, 2 options, either within the settings.xml: <!-- Inbox colours --> <colour name="inbox_must_respond" red="" green="" blue=""/> <!-- Must respond news item row - red_replacement --> <colour name="inbox_optional" red="" green="" blue=""/> <!-- Optional news item row - red_replacement --> <colour name="inbox_selected" red="" green="" blue=""/> <!-- Selected news item row - red_replacement --> <colour name="inbox_row" value=""/> <!-- Selected news item row - red_replacement --> whilst the actual graphics are found: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\SKIN NAME\graphics\tables\custom\inbox (not much would change for FM16 skins barring the year) As you can see there aren't actually that many differentiating backgrounds as maybe you allude to, i.e. things like scouting don't have their own. There are however a lot of differentiating colour 'strips' on the left-hand side for the different categories. Not directly what you're you're requesting but I'll include it here too in case it is part of what you want to achieve. I would expect the below to again be in the settings.xml of YACs. <!-- News category colours --> <colour name="news_category_colour_affiliates" red="0" green="255" blue="255"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_agents" red="" green="" blue=""/> <colour name="news_category_colour_awards" red="255" green="255" blue="0"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_competitions" red="" green="50" blue="255"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_contracts" red="165" green="165" blue="165"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_discipline" red="255" green="" blue=""/> <colour name="news_category_colour_finances" red="135" green="135" blue="255"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_injuries" red="" green="255" blue="50"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_jobs" red="50" green="50" blue="50"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_match" red="84" green="175" blue="116"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_media" red="165" green="131" blue="197"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_messages" red="112" green="138" blue="224"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_records" red="230" green="178" blue="20"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_scouting" red="112" green="183" blue="165"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_training" red="175" green="" blue="175"/> <colour name="news_category_colour_transfers" red="255" green="218" blue="99"/> I would agree with your suggestion re. finding the coding/graphics from YACs and copying it across into your base skin download as probably being the easiest option, using the above as guides to help identify this within. If you choose to copy the actual graphics across ensure any directories in your base skin reflect where you acquired them from, create folders if necessary but if you copy them across fully you shouldn't need to. Skinning-wise, in my opinion, not a lot has changed since FM16 and I would include this in that so YACs should be fine to use as a template here.
  9. You had all the coding required to be replaced and replace completely right, so it could only have been a matter of one too many or one too few </container>'s present.
  10. I tested it for myself to ensure there weren't any potential issues you or I should be aware of, there weren't.... Given you actually went to the effort of reading my advice in full and tried to apply it (which you not only tried but actually got spot on ) which is refreshing given the effort it takes to advise on somewhat complicated subjects like this. You can have it. As I say you were on the right lines anyway and I'm in no doubt you would have got it sorted. Hopefully you learnt a bit about skinning too. I tested it on the light version, hopefully that isn't an issue.... download below. client object browser.xml
  11. Re. code from my skin, yeah you look to be on the right lines there, you need all of that Re. CFM code, again you look to have understood well. All of that can go (as you have captured the screen content area from mine, you don't need the existing) Don't forget to ensure all the container's are closed or that there isn't too many </container>'s present preventing closure of the panel... In theory that should be the fundamentals, you look to have captured everything you need, so it's just a case of deleting the existing and replacing with the above (towards the end of the panel) Hopefully that will do it... re. sidebar menu table on reflection you might not need to edit this as if I remember correctly CFM doesn't have a transparent sidebar like mine, so hopefully you can avoid that but that's looking forward....
  12. Club Overview Panel

  13. Club Overview Panel

    That's where you've gone wrong, club overview should be in the club folder. Team honours should be in team folder. (don't forget to clear cache/reload skin)
  14. Yes but I would recommend this only for someone confident when it comes to skinning. The easiest way would be to find an existing skin with the hidden side-bar option (my own sky skin has it and I'm fairly sure Andromeda does too, there's bound to be others as well...) And apply the principle I describe in the last post in the thread below: (ignore thread title, a side-bar question is asked later and although he requests something different the principle is very similar to what you want) As I describe it's a case of removing the existing sidebar coding in the client object browser you're currently using and replacing it with alternative coding (which is the hard part, you'd have to identify this in another skin and place it towards the end of your client object browser) The thread advises about what to look for though and ensure you close all the coding, i.e. the containers, as you'll be adding a few you'll need to make sure there's enough </container> towards the end of the panel. From memory there may be graphical issues and you might need to rectify this within the sidebar menu table.xml but tbh I wouldn't worry about the cosmetics until you get the basics sorted. I'll happily advise you on that if you get to that point. As I said for something like this you need a good level of skinning competence. (you could try inserting the hidden sidebar client object browser from another skin but it will likely mess a few things up, mine would be totally inappropriate for example as I've done a lot to the layout, so you'll have two continue buttons/dates/etc./etc. as I removed them from the titlebar on my skin but CFM didn't)