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  1. I'm not really surprised you struggle to find space at the back with that formation then, pushing the full-backs up further reduces the space wide and it all sounds very narrow and condensed in the centre. I'm surprised you couldn't find solutions using 4-1-4-1 even against high wide-men, presumably there's only one striker to contend with two centre-back options and possibly a DM. I find a dlp here will take the initiative especially if the opposition doesn't have an AM also to add to the options. It's the goalkeeper's PI I would adjust to centre-backs. At worst there will be vacating space behind their AMs and with CMs you should have more joy. Distribute to wingers might be worth considering if they're decent in the air too...
  2. Edit- unless you make the outside centre-backs sit wider? (if the PIs allow) That might open some space to play out to the more central of the 3...
  3. I noticed this, usually I distribute to full-backs but changed to centre-backs due the advanced wide-men. Naturally my back line seemed more spread so it worked ok. It sounds like you've got 3 at the back though? I'd imagine they are spread less and being more narrow it's easier for the opposition to cover them. Sounds like it's something which you will have to endure with the formation unless you change to a back four and distribution like I have. Clearly there's not enough width in your back-line to enable this versus some formations. Sometimes you can't 'shoe-horn' specific instructions versus some formations but nor should you necessarily want to. Naturally one of the best ways to combat the press is by going more direct though so it does sound like your goal-keeper is actually being quite pro-active so I wouldn't necessary say I have a problem with it depending on what's happening with the first and in particular second balls.. It might be worth considering your options with these if you are getting consistently beaten in this aspect, if you're not willing to change your formation.
  4. @MeMyself2k13 Should have stated that I also have the DLP to close down much less (as little as possible) and if I drop him down to DM he'd also be making less risky passes, shorter passes and dribbling less. If used with an anchor man he may be 'freed up' a bit and I would remove these as necessary depending on what I see him doing in game versus the opposition. I also vary it between (d) and (s) In essence the important point for me though is the stability in shape which the role aids with. Effectively your front 3 aren't going to be massively defensively orientated so if you're playing defensively I would strongly advise at least two of your CMs are and going to provide some defensive shape, if not all of them! CM(s) is probably the most ambitious I would advise in such a formation trying to be defensive, I'm not convinced you can afford such an expressive, 'loose' role as RPM in combination with such a front 3 though. For example I'm even reluctant to play box-to-box sometimes in 4-1-2-3 and I would only feel more freedom with the midfield 3 in a 4-1-4-1 as the wide men will contribute more defensively. I'm not sure I would necessary do this but if I was intent on a RPM in such a formation trying to be defensive I would probably put him in CM and have two DMs behind, probably something like an anchor and defensive-mid to try and keep the shape and cover. I've never tried it but you are trying to play defensively with a non-defensive formation and a non-defensive play-maker so some serious consideration is needed. I'm not entirely convinced that would work nor would I necessarily advise but if the RPM or your formation is non-negotiable I think that would be something I'd try. I understand what you're saying about the RPM vs the DLP but I think the way you want to play conflicts with a defensive strategy. I'm saying the shape the DLP holds, positions him better defensively and that he won't find himself out of position anywhere near as frequently as a RPM which in itself will be a big help defensively. You don't want a DM to contribute offensively on top of the already offensively positioned players (you're trying to be defensive remember) whilst there's a suggestion one holding midfielder (the anchor man) is enough which it definitely isn't. Your duties, formation, etc. aren't bad and I could see it working in many circumstances but the big point is for me, is they conflict with a defensive strategy for some games. Against similar opposition and when using control for example, it looks much more appropriate (can't remember if you said you had some joy in such circumstances)
  5. @MeMyself2k13 The roles aren't very defensive and arguably conflicting with such an approach. Again it's arguable from the DM strata up, only the anchor man has a defensive leaning. The RPM is a very expressive role despite being dropped back, primarily creating will be his priority whilst the CM(a) is clearly offensive minded. I would invite you to consider a DLP for more difficult games due to the added stability it provides whilst CM(s) again does what it say on the tin, providing support going both ways. Admittedly I don't play the same formation as you (mainly 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-2-3) but you seem to be trying something similar with your midfield 3 in more difficult games with an anchor man (I often do the same unless I'm dropping the DLP back, usually one of these two due to how they hold position the best) A play-making type which as I say in difficult games would usually be a DLP for me, who keeps the shape, a big consideration and a supporting CM who helps in attack too but won't abandon defensive duties, usually a CM(s) but on occasion a box-to-box if personnel/circumstances permit. I don't really have a problem with 2 DMs or 1 DM, I see no reason why neither could not work although I'd only personally use two DMs if I really feel I could be up against it. The duties are my primary concern. That would be my first suggestion and see how that develops. I'm not overly keen on closing down often as it can also effect shape and unless you have the weapons to exploit it, on top of hard-working players to implement it, it can lead to problems. So I might consider that as well but that would be more reliant on the players at your disposal.
  6. What makes the ball-playing defender position so specialist? Looking at the instructions all it involves is short, risky passing. Logically I would have thought a centre-back with poor-average passing ability should really only be instructed in making short passes too though to retain possession or at least ensure they operate within their own limitations or am I to believe they aren't capable of short passes? Arguably it's only the risk factor which should differ but how risky can short passes be? Surely from that area of the field the risk would comfortably out-weigh the reward? IRL clearly the role entails a lot more 'expression' but does FM really reflect this considering it 'holds position' and 'dribble more' would need to be selected manually? Only after giving it a bit of thought am I starting to feel the description is a bit arbitrary. Am I wrong?
  7. I posted this nearly a week ago in one of the stickies above but haven't received any responses, so I'm hoping it will be more visible and possibly appropriate to post it within the main thread. This one seems as good as any.... Here seems as good a place as any to ask, as with the 'ask the experts' thread, it's probably been the most helpful in my exploits in trying to implement a challenging yet realistic Brexit edit. I've done extensive searches on this forum (and others) but I still have a few questions which would help me proceed or at least give a better understanding. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1) Firstly and I think the easiest, am I right in thinking we can't effect the details of a Brexit, i.e. it's pot luck whether it's work permits or foreign player registration limit for example? That's the impression I get, without stating it directly, in one post I've seen here, a few dummy runs and the lack of relevant options in editor. 2) I've 'holidayed' an in-game year and I've not experienced any problems so far with the next query but I want to ensure further down the line that the potential 'hardcoded' Brexit won't interfere with my edited file. I'm talking years or certainly during the period a possible Brexit change remains 'open' within 10 in-game years, I've seen mentioned by one person. I've used @KUBI's template above which I've amended yet still has Brexit to start 1st July 2017 but I would like to enquire whether there's a need for further dates than I've inserted (red box below) Should I have left 2018 in like Kubi? What's the need? Could the 'proper Brexit' the game would have otherwise implemented/or not, whatever it was to be, later over-ride my changes? 3) Probably the most concerning given my goal, is the abolishment of the Bosman ruling compulsory regardless of the type of Brexit? As I say I holidayed an in-game year and come contract expiry time could not sign any fellow British based players still attached to a club regardless of whether the contract was expiring (i.e. June-July) or expired (i.e. July onwards) This is despite changing the chance of its repeal to 0% (see blue box below) or so I thought. I also say this in light of this thread: Has other people experienced relatively tricky Brexits yet kept the Bosman ruling? Am I mistaken or made any errors anywhere? I guess my goal is a medium-tough Brexit. The work permits, etc. seem like a possibly realistic eventuality but I cannot see the Bosman ruling being scrapped under any circumstances, certainly without a British equivalent quickly introduced so if there's no way of removing it from a Brexit save it's a disappointing deal-breaker in my exploits here... Thanks again and for your patience.
  8. Like I said have a read of the tactics pitch fix thread (search) There's a few posts on how to add and edit (Lewandowski was the author I believe) the font to change the outline. I'm not going to repeat it as I know it's in the forum but it involves editing a panel and inserting a font file of your choice. I'm not sure what you mean re. the final point. You were talking about the position suitability colours before. I've tested it and I can confirm it does work but as I said you need to restart the game for changes to take effect. Screen-shot below of how I've just added blue to 'poor'.
  9. I believe Flut (like many skin makers use their own star graphics which over-rides the settings.xml/config.xml colouring) These are found: C:\Users\Dan\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\fm2017flutskindark\graphics\icons\custom\star rating (NB: Flut actually provides alternatives just below, rename chosen folder star rating) Re. tactics pitch. The name is hard-coded to be white. There are options to edit the font with a black outline for example. Please search for tactics pitch fix and it's on one of the later pages, do a bit of reading around, it's a bit complicated but all is explained within. Re. position strength, search (or add if not present) in your settings.xml for: <!-- position ability on tactics pitch --> <colour name="poor" red="" green="" blue="" /> <colour name="awkward" red="255" green="255" blue="255" /> <colour name="unconvincing" red="255" green="200" blue="200" /> <colour name="competent" red="255" green="150" blue="150" /> <colour name="accomplished" red="255" green="100" blue="100" /> <colour name="natural" red="255" green="0" blue="0" /> And adjust colours to your preference. You may need to restart game for these changes to take effect, I know that's the case for something like this.
  10. @Fino Yeah the shoulder lines would look better by Adidas as well, would be more appropriate all around as you say. Used a bit more artistic license with the away shirt. Felt during the home kit that the EA brand could look good involved in the shirt design. Not strictly what you requested with the Fifa sponsor, I figured it was all in there plus more though. As 'Boro might be involved I've done a homage to their official away colours as well, was surprised it looked so decent (along with the main efforts)
  11. @Fino Here's a 'retro-y' home-kit I've quickly knocked up, been experimenting with this kind of style... I'll do an away one when I get around to it (let me know if you are thinking of any specific colours otherwise I was thinking yellow/blue...) (should have made the Adidas logo blue too it was all a bit of an after-thought though as I'm guessing the manufacturer won't be Adidas)
  12. @wjones852 The mod. works this year (see Vitrex) You've provided a lot of the answers yourself in the guides, so I'd strongly advise you follow this. The main areas to follow are: Within the titlebar.xml (generic folder) the following needs to replace the titlebar image directory and coding (near the top) <!-- coloured title bar image --> <widget class="picture" id="colb" file="boxes/custom/interface/titlebar/paper" rthr="68"> <!-- set the colour of the image to the team background colour --> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="tbcl" /> <integer id="set_property" value="colr" /> </record> </widget> At the bottom of the guide you provide it states how you re-colour the action-bar (within client object browser.xml) Like the above I would advise following the guide. I'm less certain this works like last year as I've seen no example of it this year but on the surface there seems no reason why it shouldn't (Vitrex's title-bar and action-bars are different shades, I'm not sure if that's out of necessity or by design) Again look for the equivalent location of the default coding and replace (ctrl+F for similar terms you are replacing it with if needed) Re. sidebar that's simple just aggravation. Unless you can find a customisable skin which has already achieved this (none spring to mind but you might get lucky...) Within the settings folder there should be a sidebar colours.xml. You will need to go through each line and change the colour values to your preference (there's a lot!) You will have to find the colour RGB of the 'grey' you require, should be obtainable in the settings.xml (again ctrl+F for "colour side bar" within) As per usual you will possibly need to download the base skin for an editable version and/or use the resource archiver to extract the base files you'll need to edit (stickies at the top for both sknning fundamentals)
  13. fm2017 mod

    Usually I'd oblige but everything you need is in the guide It is very detailed, Michael even states exactly what needs amending, in terms of values it's trail and error until you're satisfied. Reluctantly here's the exact bit again:
  14. I would put money on this being the notorious 'quote mark' Mac problem looking at your screen-shot. There seems to be an error with skin_config within the skin and some look off to me. Have a look at this file and make sure that they are consistently like " and not slanted in another direction.
  15. The whole thing smells a big buggy to me (not just this 'foreign' definition) I would just pay close attention to it until a pattern emerges. You seem to have a lot lee-way at least so don't imagine this being too much of a problem for you although I appreciate the not knowing sometimes is irritation enough.