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  1. City Pic Pack Help

    You've got the front kits mod. in your graphics folder (created by Flut for his skin and different to regular kit download packs). The coding used in the config. is exactly the same as the city pics coding often used on the club overview page. I would remove the front of kits mod. download pack and you will need specifically the vitrex city pic pack instead. For more info. search the forum, this has been talked about at length, multiple times ('vitrex city', 'kit front', etc., etc.)
  2. Something like: <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/no margin/solid/paper" height="18" width="25" red_replacement="prem_green"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="7" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="right" inset="0" /> <widget class="dashed_number_label" height="16" id="avra" alignment="centre" size="xsmall" format="[%fraction#1-2.1]" colour="prem_purple" style="semi_bold"/> </container> Needs to go in the relevant tactics icon panel you are using for the match tactics screen, customising appearance, colouring and possibly insets to taste.
  3. ....\graphics\boxes\custom\match\caption alter the enclosed config. for the box colour. The text is more complicated. You need to add a custom font (which within needs to have the colour value you want) and insert this into every text widget you want to change in the match caption panel. You will need more font files if you want more colours. So for example in terms of what's required in the match caption panel, add the bold (title of your font file). <!--what happened text--> <widget class="text" id="WHtx" multiline="false" font="sen2" alignment="centre" auto_size="vertical" size="7.5"/> In terms of the font file, mine reads as.. (for example) <record> <string id="file_name" value="sen2.ttf"/> <real id="font_size_small" value="7" /> <real id="font_size_normal" value="7.5" /> <real id="font_size_large" value="8" /> <real id="font_size_xlarge" value="11.5" /> <real id="font_size_xxlarge" value="16" /> <integer id="fill_colour_red" value="56"/> <integer id="fill_colour_green" value="0"/> <integer id="fill_colour_blue" value="61"/> <integer id="fill_colour_alpha" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_margin" value="20"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_margin" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_curve" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_red" value="56"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_green" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_blue" value="61"/> <integer id="gradient_upper_colour_alpha" value="255"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_red" value="56"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_green" value="0"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_blue" value="61"/> <integer id="gradient_lower_colour_alpha" value="255"/> </record> Fonts can be downloaded online easily enough or obtained via the base files if you want a basic option but you will need to create an associated .xml (like mine above) to change the colour. See base files font folder if needed for more examples/templates. As ever, this all works on the basis that you've done the basics and read the skinning guides and know your way around the folder structure and you're familiar with extracting the base files. If all of this is alien to you, you need to do some homework before attempting something quite advanced like font colouring.
  4. Inbox background transparency

    Search, I know it's been asked at least twice already.
  5. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    It usually resizes automatically with its container, so search for the stadium section of code and adjust any height values on the first line of this code. It could possibly be controlled by a layout instruction for the whole column if we're talking about another custom skin. I don't have enough info. to not speak generally.
  6. Who can contact turf producer fez007?

    Only SI can know that.
  7. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    It'll either be a red_replacement command within the club overview (or possibly club details) or within the config, of the graphic. In terms of the code it depends what the creator has done but it tends to be one of the first containers in the club overview. You should be able to identify it as it proceeds the called upon sub-panel (club overview details panel - what controls that whole first column) It might be the graphic and depends on what the creator has done again but usually it's a standard subsection box, you can distinguish this from the container class. If there's no appearance directory it's automatically calling the standard graphic.
  8. How to draw 2d jersey?

    Whatever the style is called. I've never heard of it. Just use your common sense.
  9. How to draw 2d jersey?

    No not the author, just a user. I have no problems with using the kit-maker.
  10. How to draw 2d jersey?

    The one by anpuerta5. I make SS style kits.
  11. How to draw 2d jersey?

    I think you're getting lost in translation... I don't profess to know any download addresses, etc. (nor does it seem anyone else, on the rare occasion I make my own kits I actually use the program you've already been provided above, the style isn't a big deal to me) but I maintain google is your best bet seen as you know the name of what you want.
  12. How to draw 2d jersey?

    Do a google search if you have a particular style in mind although I know some creators use photoshop templates/renders (and can be quite protective over them, which is understandable if a lot of work has gone into it...)
  13. Help needed

    This is a navigational exercise within the skins and for both you start with the main/primary panel and 'work outwards' i.e. search within them for sub-panels and also again within the sub-panels for any further linked panels. This also applies to the graphics. Your starting points are competition news panel and news feed panel in the respective skins. Search for each in the panels folder of whichever skin, then open them up and search within the actual coding (i.e. ctrl+F 'file') this will direct you to the other linked panels. Copy all into the equivalent position within the skin you are using. As I said above be prepared to not only search using this principle within the primary panel but also again within the sub panels as they too may have linked panels. Sometimes there could be a hierarchy of 3 or 4 panels. You will also need to do something similar for the graphics, looking out for/searching for any graphic directories and again copying them into the equivalent position of your skin (i.e. ctrl+F 'appearance') Again it may also be necessary to search sub-panels as well as the primary ones I've stated. I suggest you use notepad++ for searching the code as this allows the search function I describe. To find panels simply use the windows search box once you identify what you need. As this is one of the first steps of skinning I also suggest you read the sticky threads in the forum. These provide an overview of skinning and will help with familiarising yourself with the folder structure, not to mentiion a whole host of other information novices should be reading if they want to attempt skinning. NB: the twitter page is designed for hi res. if you are on a system with a resolution lower than 1920x1080 I would advise against this as it will need catering by someone who knows what they are doing. There are also custom colours used. You can identify these by once again searching the code ('colour') and cross referencing with any names added within the fm-colours.xml (itself found by searching within the skin settings folder)
  14. Backgrounds - cities help

    You need the vitrex city pack (specific code is used on this page). You are right though this has been asked loads of times before, please search in future.
  15. Inbox: tends to be bordered/no margin graphic or alternatively within inbox item.xml & inbox panel.xml Competition overview: competition overview panel and search within for all the sub panels (i.e. ctrl+F 'file'") bordered/standard will be relevant and speaking from experience I know some of the inner box graphics are used too (particularly for the player stats). Player overview: same principle above, search for the sub panels & bordered/standard graphic is again relevant for some. It'll be time consuming but it just requires the ability to navigate around the panels using the search function so it's fairly basic stuff. I see it's a custom skin so there's every chance some panels/graphics aren't present, you will therefore need to extract the base files using the resource archiver and insert your edited panel(s)/graphic(s) into the appropriate place within your skin. Full guide in the sticky threads.