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  1. In settings.. <!-- (additional) stats colours. used on scout, confidence bars --> <colour name="low stat" red="" green="100" blue="110" /> <colour name="medium stat" red="0" green="150" blue="160" /> <colour name="good stat" red="" green="200" blue="210" /> <colour name="excellent stat" red="" green="240" blue="255" /> To help understand how colour coding works, play with the numbers here... http://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.htm
  2. Inadvertently I think you're on to something there although there is a bit of an issue it seems re. 'counter attacking' and the counter mentality in terms how Utd played I feel. Without doubt Utd were aggressive offensively, especially at home and the majority of the time in the league (Europe away days were a different matter completely) So the key is to encapsulate the over-all offensive feel and yet maintain the fast transitions/counter attacking, which you're right was a part of how they played. In terms of FM I'm sure the feel can be re-created as this actually reminds me a lot of @Rashidi's Gloucester and especially the last season or two in the Premiership, if we ignore the formation and team shape (Utd were probably flexible or structured in FM terms ) His team however is largely set-up for fast transitional play whilst it's almost exclusively played on higher mentalities, maintaining the initiative, albeit maybe deeper due to the leaning towards counter-attacking, in contrast to a lot of teams these days, again not too dissimilar to Utd back then though. This is helped by the deeper D line/ lack of high press, which is another important aspect to allow for the space to exploit and to really get the most out of the fast transitions, encouraging the opposition to commit men forward. Completely agree.
  3. This was my thought to that question too. Generally speaking if I was going to use a Ramdeuter I would think about the D-line. Space in behind the opposition's defence is surely one of the best spaces to exploit for this role.
  4. The progress/dynamic bar which increases (in settings) <colour name="tactical_familiarity_colour_1" red="0" green="240" blue="255" /> <colour name="tactical_familiarity_colour_2" red="0" green="120" blue="140"/> The actual box/background, which includes the 'symbol' (in the config.) C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\SKIN NAME\graphics\boxes\custom\tactic fam All I did to re-find these was search within the settings (ctrl+F) and within the windows explorer search box in graphics, for stuff like 'tact fam' or 'familiarity'. It would surely be easier and less time consuming for you to use a similar common sense approach, i.e. search for the key-words of such enquiries in the same places, initially.
  5. C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\YOUR SKIN\graphics\icons\custom\form
  6. It's only the silhouettes I've dropped, faces still show... Follow the guidance above and within linked thread if you want to stop all faces from showing. People making requests like this are in a small minority so a bit of work to 'fix' it is to be expected. Regardless my skin is only built to be used on a certain zoom setting for hi. res., To make it fit for public release would be double/triple the original work, it's not worth the aggravation releasing it to the public as it currently is. Besides I've already released the Sky Skin for public which is the basis for everything I've done since.
  7. Exactly the same principle as described just re-apply. Delete the graphic and leave the config. (the thread even lists the graphic's directory in post 1) This is currently working for me. If for any reason that doesn't work though simply replace the none.png with a completely transparent graphic. (you will need to extract the base files if your skin doesn't have what's necessary present, customised skins will be hit or miss in this respect as not many will edit/customise these graphics)
  8. Been asked not too long ago, do a search.
  9. The graphics I suspect are a set size to maintain symmetry. Whilst I imagine trying to make them 'dynamic' and re-sizing with the team names would be difficult because there is a team colour strip as well which looks separate and won't necessarily respond the same way. I've seen a lot of similar score-boards to this, this year and they all use logos, there must be something awkward about re-creating this style with names, I suspect it's to do with what I describe. There's a score-board mod which has been recently released with a number of different score-board options which might interest you (it looks pretty decent from my tentative observations) If you want to pursue the above however, it will likely require severe amending of the vitrex code and probably re-doing of the graphics so you'll need to know what you're doing on both fronts although even then it may not be a guarantee of achieving exactly what you want. Support for Vitrex stopped on here a long time ago so you could contact Emil on fmscout but a lot of skinners/skinning tends to quieten down by this time of the year. I know personally I'd struggle to be enthused to come back to FM17 skinning with a somewhat demanding under-taking as this... just so your expectations are modest.
  10. I wrote all this out before Herne's post so without wanting to stray off topic further I've kept the potentially relevant comments re. 4-2-3-1 and hidden what I had to say about the 4-3-1-2 (although usually an expert in time wasting it felt a complete waste to delete my comment entirely after spending 20mins on it) I think it's relevant to the discussion by and large if the comparison is ignored. The 4-2-3-1 is really an offensive formation from the get-go with the advanced players and with the number of wide players it would be a complete waste not to use the width, so that's two aspects which you are pretty much committed to straight-away Maybe most contentiously but in my opinion in FM, unless you have truly world-class full-backs and 'holding' midfielders (or equivalents for the level you're playing at) the amount of attacking and in turn width provided by the full-backs should be limited given the lack of numbers in defensive areas and already vulnerable flanks. Therefore I would personally argue that predominantly the width should be provided by at least one of the wide AMs and not so much the full-backs. So offensively, width is likely predominantly limited to one or two players (if the tactic is balanced) too. Side-point- I find it quite telling that a lot of the problems recently with 4-2-3-1 on here seem to be Spurs sides and involve people trying to replicate Walker's and Rose's offensive threat . I'm unconvinced on FM that such work-rate/stamina can be truly replicated and whether Spurs' default squad is good enough to utilise two aggressive full-backs in this formation on FM (IRL they clearly are) Defensively the 4-2-3-1 is again committed primarily to the high press as its main strategy, so again lack of variation is provided in this respect. In my opinion the 4-2-3-1 is probably one of the easier tactics to 'master' and even easier to pick roles for as a sensible approach should mean you don't stray far from the few appropriate roles which will provide defensive solidity and a base for the naturally offensive style it encourages. A bit of variation might be employable with the attacking midfielders although they usually pick themselves too (i.e. winger, advanced playmaker and either an inside forward or AM) The striker can greatly effect things granted. Generally speaking most if not all of the defensive roles though (including the 'holding' midfielders) need to be unambitious and likewise pick themselves . It's why I've personally stayed away from this formation this year as I find it boring.. although it can be a hugely successful.
  11. Presumably you're in the Championship, a lot of his stats you describe aren't that bad for this level. His quickness could be better but he's not exactly a slouch whilst his heading and first touch is good along with his movement. His mentals are great in terms of composure and anticipation. Whipped crosses would be advisable given the anticipation and off the ball. Poacher or Advanced forward were my initial thoughts after only seeing the name but then looking at his attributes and given his dribbling deficiencies Poacher stands out, you don't need to worry about the dribbling aspect so much that way as he plays on the shoulder of defenders, if you play high enough he'll be through on goal and should score his fair share in one on one situations given his composure (maybe not great for deep/counter strategies due to dribbling and pace) In terms of 'getting him the ball' that's basically code for an entire tactical frame-work, at least offensively. I've touched on a few things but none of it is ground-breaking, through balls should be exploited so possibly a play-maker/creator? Whipped crosses, so width? With a balanced tactic and good support Rhodes should flourish in the Championship.
  12. It's a struggle counting the selector panels on here and it's not helped that it's likely a hi res compatible panel and I'd guess your screen-shot is low res(?) so not all the coding is present in the screen. That said the client object selector panel containers with ids cos7 & 8 I make to be the ones which you want to swap with the seasons stats container. If you don't already, I'd strongly suggest you use notepad++ (free software) this highlights the block of coding within the relevant container making it easy to identify what needs to be cut. It may also make it easier to identify which selector panels need to be moved if I've miscount. Make sure you retain the horizontal adaptive container above cos7. Whilst I'm certain you will need to adjust the widths of the three panels being moved to either make it fit or ensure it occupies the full space.
  13. Herne is right every single screen is when you're in possession and even the last (which is small but I'm assuming you're still attacking the right goal) is right at the beginning of the respective transitions and still deep in the opposition half, not allowing for your defensive shape to unfold (which is of course what the tactics/formation screens always show, I know that's obvious and been said a hundred times yet it seems to have been neglected in your interpretation) Instinctively my first reaction was to look at the AIs defensive shape from your comments because they are in a far more appropriate position on the pitch for the analysis you want to make and described. It took me a minute to realise you were in fact Torino which says a lot. You need to allow for your team to get back into it's defensive shape before you can really analyse this effectively, i.e. you should be in Napoli's position in the screens and not Torino's! For the record from an offensive point of view if I was up against your team and saw your DM occupying space deep within my half, even without a CM in front which will naturally mean they venture forward slightly more, roles permitting, I'd be concerned so that looks ok on the face of it, especially considering you still have 2v1 at the back.
  14. I didn't make this skinning addition myself so wasn't 100% interested but from what I've tentatively read elsewhere you're right there was a way to use last years panels for this but in a recent update SI has patched it I believe. No doubt it will be discussed in more than one place in the forum already so have a search for more info. if required (top sticky I'm sure talked about it too) Again someone has asked about the instant result button recently and as I told them please search. I remember clearly advising boxtobox on how to implement it this year so look out for our names as extra guidance.