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  1. As in things like pace, acceleration etc can matter more than mental and technical skills, which Man Utd players have in abundance, not that the developers made Man Utd players more favoured. So teams with high mentals and technicals and teamwork etc but low pace/acceleration like Bayern can get shafted in this game. Up to FM 21 if I meet Bayern in Europe I know it’s an easy CL game, and I know I’m not the only one with this experience. Similarly, Pep’s City tends to underachieve in nearly every single edition despite being dominant in real life. Who hasn’t seen him fired after finishing 5th in the first season while Ole or Mourinho’s Man Utd rampages to 3 straight league titles and the CL title despite never even winning a major title for the past 10 years in real life. Hope that clarifies things on why I think Man Utd is favoured in the game. Not sure how this can be balanced though so good luck to the developers.
  2. Even when Man U were a Europa level team they kept dominating the league in the older FMs. Could be that their players stats are favoured more by the engine somehow.
  3. Is this a bug or is watching full replays removed? When I want to watch a replay the only options are comprehensive, extended etc. If I attempt to watch it in full the replay just keeps skipping to the next highlight. If it’s removed, can we know why? As someone who watches replays in full it’s frustrating having to keep clicking back and keeping track of the time.
  4. Still can't watch replays in full and you can only choose comprehensive etc. Attempting to do so will just make the replay skip ahead so you have to rewind. I don't understand - why is watching full replays discouraged? Are there people complaining about watching a full replay? It boggles my mind that it's been disabled since FM 21.
  5. I find defenders a biiiit too composed. In FM21, even defenders with high composure would hoof it if its a packed box. Now I'm seeing average defenders calmly passing out from high pressure situations.
  6. Has the ball thumping sound on every touch been reported? It sounds like they’re hitting a banger with every touch, even tiny ones.
  7. This guy has 8 for attacking coaching and 16 for defensive coaching, but is recommended to train the attacking category. If you ask staff to assign the training coaches, he'll also be assigned as an attacking coach.
  8. Quick thoughts: Looks really narrow. I’d just make the WB into attacking WBs. The Treq probably pushes up cause the DLF drops, so he’s looking for space to go into. The DLFs job is always to link up play so he’ll definitely drop. I suspect this tactic struggles on some days because you only have one attacking plan which is force through the middle. Great if it works, frustrating if it doesn’t.
  9. I think if he’s caught out of position from time to time then your doing it right! It means he’s far enough in the attack and isn’t the screener. How do you setup the roles ahead of him? Do you find it matters in how it allows him to get into the box? Im aware the general idea is to not have playmakers or players in the DM slot for him to shine. I’ve mulled about trying a 541 before, just so I could try a WTM to hold it up then lay it off to the Libero as a late runner.
  10. It's usually easy to get it to act like a DLP of sorts, which is one way that it could work. But I can never manage to get it to work like a B2B player as mentioned in one of Cleon's threads here. I just tried it on an old save, and even though the player had Gets Into Opposition Area, he'll still look to probe and play the killer ball, or hang back when he could make a run into the box or at least edge of the area. Any advice?
  11. Honestly did not seem straight forward to me, but oh well, SI can't fix everything. I might just try Ligue 1 for my next save. Can you recommend teams with veterans? Somehow I'm enjoying playing 35 year olds in this year's FM.
  12. I’m aware of the 2 new signings each season rule, my 5th season in Italy now. But the confusing thing is, I bought a non-EU player (let’s call him A) last season. I didn’t have a non-EU slot, so I loaned him out expecting him to get it next season. However, I bought another non-EU player (let’s call him B) at that end of season, expecting B to not get the slot and loan him out. But when the transfer window opens where A returns from loan and B gets transferred in, player B gets the non-EU slot instead! So basically, the newer player gets the non-EU slot, instead of a player I bought earlier and loaned out. Is it just a random decision? Every time I feel I got a grip on the rules, new things just pop up 😂
  13. If you’re unsure, I suggest starting with making your wingers more aggressive by giving them different roles, and changing one IWB to a CWB or WB. You’re playing on cautious, so you can actually afford to play really aggressive roles, because the team plays with less risk on cautious mentality.
  14. If you’re trying a tactic out, I suggest using a big team save to see how the final product should look like. Then once you understand how it should work, it’s easier to understand what you need to do with Crystal Palace.
  15. Of course it’s possible. It’s because there are actually hidden team instructions with each mentality. For example, attackers have more direct passing and defenders have shorter passing on positive, and vice versa on cautious. Positive mentalities will also have higher defensive line and LoE by default. So if you’re aware of this, it’s much easier to tweak things with team instructions as it will just change certain things. Whereas changing mentality will literally change everything.
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