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  1. Happened at around min 27, Brentford's second goal. Godfrey receives the ball, takes a touch to control it. Then without being touched, the ball just pushes forward into the path of a waiting forward, who conveniently scores. Not sure if this is a visual bug, where it's just a really bad translation of a bad touch, because it looks like the defender didn't even touch it when it flew forward. If not, it's probably still a bug, because why would you knock the ball towards the opponent like that? Arsenal v Brentford.pkm
  2. Can there be a feature to check if your team complies with squad registration rules, even before registration is open? Right now the only way to know for sure is when the registration is open. I believe this is a completely realistic addition, because teams will likely be given new rules, if any, in the season before. And a manager would likely tell his assistant (personal or managerial) to cross check that his team fits the rule, and even give suggestions who to include/not include based on tactics or personality. Make it happen SI! I don’t want to manage a super club but end u
  3. Yup, got him in January for 600k cause I wanted a cheap alternative against teams parking the bus. Despite his big meaty French forehead his one goal was a near post tap in on his debut. Was actually thinking of bringing Wilshere back too, but was worried of his injury record.
  4. I got them playing pretty decent football using this tactic. 433 is probably the best tactic for them but I wanted a tactic with a trequartista. It used to be narrower with lower tempo, but they don't have good enough mentals and technique to play super patient. So I changed to regular width so there'll be decent wingplay options. Only PIs I have are shoot often for Pepe on the right flank, direct passing and take more risk for the right CM so he'll look to switch play to the other side, and roam from position for the CF. This is so I don't have to add it when I change it to a DLFs (
  5. Halfway through my first season right now, started again after the beta. Sharing my save updates here, cause my girlfriend thinks I’m just playing Excel. Sitting second now and still unbeaten at 10-4, but I expect bad form to come in eventually, but top 4 looks doable. Nketiah got nerfed and isn’t the chip god anymore. Asked me for a new contract despite average performances, so I might let him go. Willock is a gem. Auba got injured for half a season, and at first I didn’t know who to cover for him. Turns out Willocks great at creating and nipping in the box for easy goals, so I
  6. I started a save with Nordsjaelland and I noticed that they have more youth coaches than allowed, 10/3. They also have no B team coaches or manager. Is this correct?
  7. Hope this is the right thread. Just started an FC Nordsjælland save. This is a club that uses and develops academy players for their team. But for some reason youth team coaches are 10/3, meaning they have more coaches than needed. Is this a bug, that B team staff are moved to U19? Currently there are no coaches in the B team. Or is the mistake with coaches allowed? I find it weird that a club focused on developing youth players only want 3 coaches, and no coaches in the B team.
  8. Just had a game against Wolves 5-4-1, where every time we lost the ball they just hoofed it upfield. Their front three just ran like madmen, and their wingbacks were basically just behind the wingers, ready to continue the freight train to our byline. I swear it was very painful to watch. It was like the beginning of football, where some guy just runs with the ball with people behind him, ready to pick up the ball and continue the dribble if he loses it. This was our original plan, which looked nice and balanced, but we just got bullied in the final third, leading to hoofballs
  9. Now that you say that, I think having a CM(d) would solve this niche situation, as I've mentioned before that what the LWB did seems similar to what a CM(d) does. But I like having a carillero so I guess I'll take the risk of this happening 1 in probably 100 games.
  10. I’m starting to feel that’s more likely. Basically my team played risky to win the ball back and got exposed, and the opponent did well enough to exploit it. Thanks! It’s interesting that I still see new things after playing all these years.
  11. It could be counter-press, though this is the first time I saw it (in my 3rd season with it). Never used a 3 man back line or libero before this. The LWB’s movement reminds me more of, say a CM(d) covering for a FB who pushes up to press a winger. But that still doesn’t explain why all 3 defenders tucked in so much, unless that’s a counter-press behaviour to squeeze space, since this is the first few seconds after we lost the ball, so we haven’t repositioned yet. Or having a new guy in the back line, my CBs are confused so they’re whispering to him, “Hey mate go to my left! I c
  12. Playing with a 5-2-3 with a libero, and something weird happened when the libero went to close down. Naturally, if he vacates the space, you'd think the side CB would tuck in, followed by the WB to take his place. But what happened was my WB ran from his position to cover the middle. And when that happened, my whole back 3 squeezed in. Consequently, this gave huge space on that flank which resulted in a goal (which pissed me off to no end for a good few minutes). Here's the play. First image for context of the match: Valencia-Arsenal CL match. My libero, Ajer, goes to
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