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  1. I'm not sure if it's been patched out. I've raised this issue in the bugs forum, but since it's tactical related as I want to watch a game in full, just so I can analyse my tactics and how it's working, I thought I could ask it here. Most options to view it are just highlight versions (comprehensive etc). Full match option seems to have disappeared. If I attempt to watch it in full by clicking back on the time bar, it will randomly skip ahead again. Does anyone know the workaround for this? This applies whether I'm watching the match within a save, or loading a saved match from the
  2. I can't find an option to stop it from doing this. I've tried changing Live highlights to Full Match in the preferences, but it still jumps. There doesn't seem to be an option to watch matches in full either. I have to manually click back to the place I was watching, then pray it doesn't skip ahead again.
  3. If a player has no role training and only additional training (eg. Defensive positioning) will that be trained more?
  4. This was probably a leftover when Bellerin was still in the club. He had the gets further forward PPM so was practically at the opponents byline even with a support duty. Might just swap the duties for my left and right midfielders and forwards, as my LWB has gets further forward too. Anyhow, I tried a few things and found that OI’s to always close down wingers and fullbacks did the behaviour I wanted from my WB. Changed the CB from stopper to defend, though I’ll watch a few games as I like seeing them step up to challenge during counters, since we don’t have a DM. Interest
  5. I'm having some difficulties with the 3412, basically any attack that goes wide makes it really hard to win the ball back. This is my formation. I don't have any PIs on any player. For context, my previous tactic was a 3412 but with wide midfielders instead of wing backs. Really aggressive and the goals poured in, but I could get 5-0'd as easily as I could score 5 myself in another game. So I've tried to change it to a slightly more solid variation, though it feels way too passive sometimes. An example of one of the issues is below. Instead of my LWB (No 3) closing down, m
  6. I believe this is a repeatable issue, as I noticed my libero will get sub 6.4 rating during a game. But the ratings are fine after the game.
  7. I can’t give you an exact answer, because everyone has a different solution to a problem. But here are some things to think about, and I’m just basing this off your tactics screen. 1. High mentalities (positive and above) gets your players tired or jaded fast, so that can affect performance throughout a season. 2. Your tactic is very demanding, so obviously you need world class players or very consistent players to make it work every game. Monitor performances or their report to see who’s consistent and who’s dropping off. 3. Against deep defences, attack duties on attacking mid
  8. Can you post a screenshot of it happening, and then the stats of your players? It's hard to say for sure why it happened.
  9. Hows your setup? If my team just bleeds goals from throw-ins, I’ll just make sure to pack the box. I’ll have 5 players in all the slots (near post, near post center, center, far post center, far post), have another player mark the tall player, and the rest to go back, with one player left forward in case there’s a counter. it’s a bit harder if your team lacks concentration, but that’s how it is with weaker teams.
  10. Think there's something suspicious with that. Not sure if it's just a terrible referee. Arsenal v Crystal Palace crazy fouls.pkm
  11. This pic should explain it. You can see the scrollbar can't go past the defenders.
  12. You really need to use less Player Instructions. For example, if you just used a Complete Forward instead of a DLF you wouldn't need to add so many instructions. I don't understand why you need Overlap Right either, because the overlaps will happen anyway. Plus Dembele's mentality will be dropped so much lower and the RB will be so aggressive, you'll just see Dembele at the halfway line and the WB at the byline.
  13. I signed Eric Garcia and one of the promises is that I reinforce the midfield. Which I did, but the problem is the player arrived before him in the transfer window. This is a stupid bug which seems to have been around forever. A guy arrived 2 weeks before him and it's not considered a midfield reinforcement? Attached are the images.
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