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  1. Quick thoughts: Looks really narrow. I’d just make the WB into attacking WBs. The Treq probably pushes up cause the DLF drops, so he’s looking for space to go into. The DLFs job is always to link up play so he’ll definitely drop. I suspect this tactic struggles on some days because you only have one attacking plan which is force through the middle. Great if it works, frustrating if it doesn’t.
  2. I think if he’s caught out of position from time to time then your doing it right! It means he’s far enough in the attack and isn’t the screener. How do you setup the roles ahead of him? Do you find it matters in how it allows him to get into the box? Im aware the general idea is to not have playmakers or players in the DM slot for him to shine. I’ve mulled about trying a 541 before, just so I could try a WTM to hold it up then lay it off to the Libero as a late runner.
  3. It's usually easy to get it to act like a DLP of sorts, which is one way that it could work. But I can never manage to get it to work like a B2B player as mentioned in one of Cleon's threads here. I just tried it on an old save, and even though the player had Gets Into Opposition Area, he'll still look to probe and play the killer ball, or hang back when he could make a run into the box or at least edge of the area. Any advice?
  4. Honestly did not seem straight forward to me, but oh well, SI can't fix everything. I might just try Ligue 1 for my next save. Can you recommend teams with veterans? Somehow I'm enjoying playing 35 year olds in this year's FM.
  5. I’m aware of the 2 new signings each season rule, my 5th season in Italy now. But the confusing thing is, I bought a non-EU player (let’s call him A) last season. I didn’t have a non-EU slot, so I loaned him out expecting him to get it next season. However, I bought another non-EU player (let’s call him B) at that end of season, expecting B to not get the slot and loan him out. But when the transfer window opens where A returns from loan and B gets transferred in, player B gets the non-EU slot instead! So basically, the newer player gets the non-EU slot, instead of a player I bought earlier and loaned out. Is it just a random decision? Every time I feel I got a grip on the rules, new things just pop up 😂
  6. If you’re unsure, I suggest starting with making your wingers more aggressive by giving them different roles, and changing one IWB to a CWB or WB. You’re playing on cautious, so you can actually afford to play really aggressive roles, because the team plays with less risk on cautious mentality.
  7. If you’re trying a tactic out, I suggest using a big team save to see how the final product should look like. Then once you understand how it should work, it’s easier to understand what you need to do with Crystal Palace.
  8. Of course it’s possible. It’s because there are actually hidden team instructions with each mentality. For example, attackers have more direct passing and defenders have shorter passing on positive, and vice versa on cautious. Positive mentalities will also have higher defensive line and LoE by default. So if you’re aware of this, it’s much easier to tweak things with team instructions as it will just change certain things. Whereas changing mentality will literally change everything.
  9. @stopazricky dude I don’t think this thread is constructive at all. People are giving their answers and you already have a set idea in mind, no matter what people say. If you like using all the TIs that’s fine, but you don’t need to be validated or counter other opinions here. It’s a single player game, play however you want.
  10. @Vega09 your real test will be 4231 and 433: formations that play with 3 forwards. Good luck!
  11. I suggest looking back at games where you lost, because that’s usually when you can see what needs to be fixed.
  12. If you mean shielding, during defensive transitions it will be the CMs who will shield the CBs and slow attacking opponents. If you mean direct balls to the space outside, I believe Stay wider only applies during attacking phase, and the CBs will tuck in anyway. So what actually helps to stop that when you lose the ball is counterpressing and more aggressive pressing because they’ll stop the opponents from having time to pick out the pass. It won’t stop all the balls, but it can be enough to slow them down. He’ll just keep it simple and pass it on then hold position. If you like the CM role, you should think about adding ‘stay wider’ to provide support to the winger. But monitor your games and see if it’s needed. Moving wider could also give the AM more space. A DLP will move around to collect the ball and pass it. Because of this they’ll naturally move slightly wider to offer a passing option when the ball is at the flank near them. You could add ‘More Direct Passes’ and/or ‘Take more risks’ if that’s what you like, as in everyone looking for the playmaker and he makes the direct pass for the forwards. You can also think about giving your AM a more aggressive duty. When he’s on support he’ll drop deeper, so sometimes you’ll see the 3 midfielders in midfield holding hands. A Shadow Striker is actually great here, because the AF and PF do tend to run into the channels, creating space for the SS to receive crosses and cutbacks.
  13. Having a DLP or any players with dictates tempo might ‘ruin’ your tactic a bit, as they’ll look for the DLP first, who will then launch those passes. But DLP with higher tempo might work? As he’ll slow the tempo down once in awhile which can give variety. Playing out of defence also will slow the game down, as they’ll look to pass to each other or the midfielders. In positive mentalities attacking players by default have more direct passes and defenders shorter passes, so this instruction will slow the game a bit. BUT try it for 2-3 official matches (not preseason) and see how it plays out. I’d probably change to a 3412 with wingbacks too instead of midfielders, because a flat midfield implies more attacking intent. DWs don’t cover space on defence as well as WB just because of their positioning. They intercept balls, press high and run INTO the space at the wings to defend it if someone is running there if they have the right attributes. Unless your plan is to win the ball high and in the middle of the pitch (that’s your plan, right?) I also feel force opposition outside isn’t that great as it’s more of a counter instruction (lure them down the flank to cross), but this is just how it looks in my head. I suggest playing without that instruction first, see how you’re defending, then try it for a bit to see how it works for you. if I were you, I’d remove all the instructions in possession as this is already naturally direct (two forwards on attack duty with an SS).
  14. This was how the tactic started actually! Mezzala behind the DLFs. But one issue I faced is that the play on both sides become predictable, and I had to play around with instructions depending on who I'm facing to create chances, which is tiring. A straight through ball was also easier to intercept by the defender and GK. So it was very vertical movements, which can work brilliantly but easily stopped. But when I changed the DLFs to the same side as the APs, both on the left flank now, they both started combining and create unpredictable plays. On the right flank, I'll instead see the AF, Mezzala and winger combine higher upfield. So basically I made one flank more possession based, another flank more direct. I tried this defender combination and it worked much better. I just realised that since I have my defensive wingers press high, my defenders don't have to step up. It's more important for them to hang back and intercept the diagonals. That's a good point. I relooked it again and I realised the reason he did it was because my right CM was a Mezzala who's both high AND wide. So now the mezzala and RW are easily covered as they're in the same spot, making the CBs passing options limited. Changing it to a CM on attack is actually better for this formation. I don't know why I never noticed this. Him originally being a Mezzala meant he couldn't get involved when play is on the left, as he's high on the right. And when the ball's on the right, he's like 2 feet ahead of the winger, who'll choose to pass to the AF because...why pass to someone who's 2 feet away? The only reason he scores for me at all is because of his late diagonal runs, but the rest of the game he's basically invisible. These two losses just exposed this huge flaw. I seriously feel so dumb for never noticing this. I've also converted the right CB to a BPD on the right, so he can drive forward into the big space there. Thanks for taking the time guys!
  15. Made a 352, felt pretty good about myself. Won the league early in my 3rd season (34P 34W 2D 1L 95G 13C), then lost 0-3 on aggregate against Arsenal in the CL semis. Similarly, lost in the first knockout round last season against Chelsea. For reference, this is the tactic. The only PI is for the left defensive winger to take more risks. I don't think I've changed any team instructions at all this whole season, except for increasing the LoE against a super deep team (twice, both against the same team). This is just because they were playing a deep 5-2-2-1 DMs and wingers, and the DMs were passing to themselves when they had the ball. The other changes I've made are the roles: Left midfielder from winger to defensive winger (permanent) Swap the BPD from central defender to left side CD (permanent) The DLF to a targetman (one game) when I couldn't transition forward I've attached the two games I lost, as I can't seem to figure out what I could've done. I'm pretty wary of changing instructions, so I just tried putting different players in but it doesn't seem to work. In the first game I tried putting Gosens, who usually plays left DW, on left CB to counter Bailey's speed, which worked against PSG in the first knockout round to shut down Mbappe. So I thought it would work again this time but failed. In the second game I just put my regular lineup, but nothing could get past Leno, and the CBs easily handled my players when they break past the line. I'm thinking I probably should make my RCB a BPD too, just to create more direct chances to the AF before they could drop deep. But everything sounds simpler in hindsight. Appreciate any insights you can give! For reference, 0-2 was the first game, 0-1 was the 2nd game. Lazio v Arsenal 0-1.pkm Arsenal v Lazio 0-2.pkm
  16. I'm not sure if it's been patched out. I've raised this issue in the bugs forum, but since it's tactical related as I want to watch a game in full, just so I can analyse my tactics and how it's working, I thought I could ask it here. Most options to view it are just highlight versions (comprehensive etc). Full match option seems to have disappeared. If I attempt to watch it in full by clicking back on the time bar, it will randomly skip ahead again. Does anyone know the workaround for this? This applies whether I'm watching the match within a save, or loading a saved match from the start screen.
  17. I can't find an option to stop it from doing this. I've tried changing Live highlights to Full Match in the preferences, but it still jumps. There doesn't seem to be an option to watch matches in full either. I have to manually click back to the place I was watching, then pray it doesn't skip ahead again.
  18. If a player has no role training and only additional training (eg. Defensive positioning) will that be trained more?
  19. This was probably a leftover when Bellerin was still in the club. He had the gets further forward PPM so was practically at the opponents byline even with a support duty. Might just swap the duties for my left and right midfielders and forwards, as my LWB has gets further forward too. Anyhow, I tried a few things and found that OI’s to always close down wingers and fullbacks did the behaviour I wanted from my WB. Changed the CB from stopper to defend, though I’ll watch a few games as I like seeing them step up to challenge during counters, since we don’t have a DM. Interestingly, the BPD on cover duty steps up into the def midfield spot to make that triangle in midfield, guess the libero isn’t necessary. Thanks guys!
  20. I'm having some difficulties with the 3412, basically any attack that goes wide makes it really hard to win the ball back. This is my formation. I don't have any PIs on any player. For context, my previous tactic was a 3412 but with wide midfielders instead of wing backs. Really aggressive and the goals poured in, but I could get 5-0'd as easily as I could score 5 myself in another game. So I've tried to change it to a slightly more solid variation, though it feels way too passive sometimes. An example of one of the issues is below. Instead of my LWB (No 3) closing down, my CM (No 23) went there. My LWB might have been tracking the opposition's No 2, which is fair enough but... Now my left CM is on the wing and my wingbacks are tucked in really narrow. So instead of having my wingbacks closing down and the 4 defenders playing narrow, they decided to go to a back 5 against 2 players. As you can see above, the opposition FB has the ball and all the time in the world to cross it far post, which led to a goal from them. In that situation, ideally, I'd prefer the outside CB on the far side to challenge it. I don't know why my middle and outside CB are marking the same player when I don't have OI's on. I know it's probably a weakness in the formation, but even on positive it gets really passive sometimes. I've tried to solve it by either increasing the line of engagement, or make us defend wider, or close down more or a variation of all three. Though sometimes my solution seems spotty at best. It could be my midfielders, as I got players who are more anticipation/ball players, so they might not make the tackle once in the area. Should I look for more ball winner type players here? Or make my WB man mark the wingers? I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance!
  21. I believe this is a repeatable issue, as I noticed my libero will get sub 6.4 rating during a game. But the ratings are fine after the game.
  22. I can’t give you an exact answer, because everyone has a different solution to a problem. But here are some things to think about, and I’m just basing this off your tactics screen. 1. High mentalities (positive and above) gets your players tired or jaded fast, so that can affect performance throughout a season. 2. Your tactic is very demanding, so obviously you need world class players or very consistent players to make it work every game. Monitor performances or their report to see who’s consistent and who’s dropping off. 3. Against deep defences, attack duties on attacking midfield areas and forwards will pin defences back. Because your wingers are on attacking duties, plus your mentality and width, they’ll just be sitting forward waiting, not giving much support. So your full backs have so much work to do running forward, holding the ball, distributing, and working the transitions. 4. There’s also no real midfield distributor, as your DM will start deep, the volante will be at the opponents box. So basically your 3 support duties are your AM who drops, and the full backs who are far apart due to width. This puts so much responsibility on them to bring the ball up in transition. 5. Against packed defences, the only ball recyclers are again, the 3 support players. If they’re not playing well they won’t get the ball to the right players. I’m not disparaging your tactic btw, just pointing out issues that I see. Play the way you enjoy! God knows I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff because I like the way it plays.
  23. Can you post a screenshot of it happening, and then the stats of your players? It's hard to say for sure why it happened.
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