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  1. Sadly I got fired for not having good enough results. I think I'll try a different team out since this team favors a more direct approach and its hard to get good results with them. But keep up the good work and this tactic is really cool!
  2. I understand and that's awesome. How do you counter against formations with an AM then and do you do and PI's and OI's??
  3. The dual DM is really interesting. Do you mind elaborating more on what they do and why you picked them. Also if you would have to do two CM instead of DM what would you put for them?
  4. This is really cool. I've been using pre made scheduals and they've been working really well for me. What do you do when you play against a superior team and ure the definite underdog. Right now my next 4 games are against Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, and Arsenal. One thing i've been doing is setting at Regroup instead of Counter Press so I can be more defensive and changing the passing to be more direct so I can kind of have a direct counter attack kind of tactic.
  5. Just wondering do you make your own training schedules and if so what do you do? And do you have any set pieces/corners?
  6. Ok I thought that a B2B has the same defensive responsibilities as a DLP but B2B has more license to offense.
  7. Ok in terms of my tactic, it is exactly the same as the one you posted on your first post the only difference is that I have B2B midfielder instead of a DLP since that seems to fit Brownhill better.
  8. Yeah its kind of ok im trying to tweak things here and there but I think the issue is the quality of my team and the opponents I face. Burnley is a team that is expected to be relegated or fighting for it so i'm just trying to use the best I can in buying players for a very shallow squad and tweaking the tactics to get the best out of my players. Also for OI what do you put for strikers?
  9. I've been trying to play with Burnley but struggling rn. Been getting hammered by teams left and right I guess its just cause they're expected to be relegated. Trying to find ways to make the team better
  10. So I've tried a PF at support and attack and here are some things i've seen so far. The PF at support does provide a lot more defensive coverage but attacking wise its very lacking. However, the formation really relies on the left winger which I have a Winger on attack to really be the focal point of attack ( in my case its Dwight McNeil and he is doing everything basically.) Its very defensive and I managed to win 1-0 against BVB Dortmund in preseason but it really lacks the attacking potential. I've switched the DLP with a BBM to see if that helps with anything. With having a PF on attack it
  11. These look really cool. I was wondering if you ever tired to lowering the the DL and the LOE to create a mid block or a low block and how did that go?
  12. Thanks for the resources. I uhh.... kinda wanna put this on pause for a bit. Just read an amazing 442 thread here and now want to try my Burnley save again for the 1000th time to try to make a good 442 tactic for the team. But please do keep sending advice and resources on this thread its super helpful and to those who are also trying to make a similar tactic.
  13. Good point sounds interesting I'll give that a try actually. What about the 3 CB parings what are some good parings for a 3atb formation?
  14. Ok thank you. My bad the BWM example was just something I made up on the spot for the sake of the question, but thank you for the insight.
  15. Also I was wondering how do you defend against a 4231. Since the 4231 is a natural counter to the 442 formation since the 4231 uses the CAM to disrupt the 442 formation, do you change anything to try to beet the formation?
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