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  1. Great read as always ! I have been silently following your FM21 adventures and it's good that you decided to carry on. Is Sweden and Denmark your next target in terms of Scandinavia ? It seems that Finland might overtake them on coeff. ranking soon
  2. Very nice profit there! Really enjoying this save. Hope that your dominance in Ekstraklasa continues.
  3. Good to see you back ! and Congrats on getting Europe spot !! I was always wondering how you manage to upload the screenshots like this so my thread has go small ones. How do you manage this?
  4. I hope it's rather the application then corrupt save file. Do you save your views to Steam ? this might be the reason why you can't create or edit since they are within Steam ? I assume you tried the basics with clearing cache and reloading skin ?
  5. Giving lack of activity and save updates I am hoping that you haven't given up on this save You went so so so far with Irchester and yet there is still more to achieve.
  6. S7 - End Season Review So Season seven has come to an end. There were surprises and disappointments and we end up without trophy unfortunately. Our squad is young so hoping next season we can improve further. Polish League Legia has been too good this season, We had a slight chance to win the league after match 34. We were 4 points behind and game agains Legia ahead, what would put us only 1 point behind and 2 games left, we however lost to Legia and they won the league straight away. Well gotta wait till next season now. Polish Cup T
  7. Very nice! Hope you can fill it up A bit of a shame that the form dropped a little this season. But hopefully you can stay up and fight for promotion next season. I hope that Premier League dream will eventually happen
  8. S7 - Winter Break 2027 I thought this is going to be a massive sell out during the winter break, but we managed to sell few and recalled some loans back. With the league it's a bit of an ask now but the performance in Europe is sensational. Polish League So we have played few games through transfer window and managed to win most of them. We are still 8 points behind the leader though. Europa League We have done exceptional against Marseille and managed to draw away. And we managed to win at home, so of we go to 2nd knockout round. Now fight against Real Socied
  9. S7 - December 2026 It has been busy half a season, We had some injury issues and also some crazy results but all in all I think we are looking good. Polish League We have done quite well, but defending the title might be difficult as we are already 9 points behind, I blame the 4-5 draws in a row we had. Polish Cup This will be quick. almost exactly same situtation as last season. Dropped again after playing Gornik.....disappointing Europa League This is huuuge for us as we managed to pull some good results as underdogs. We managed to ho
  10. YOUTH INTAKE PREVIEW This is looking pretty well. A lot more green then last few
  11. The board have declined training facilities unfortunately.
  12. I wish, but they weren't interested in sending him on loan, but it gives opportunity to others
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