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  1. Yeah, he is the best FM content creator imo. I tired watching other but no one is as natural in videos as he is.
  2. That's interesting approach do you mind it being stolen Anyway , Congrats on your promotion! I know how hard it is going through playoffs ( watched Loki Doki Fort William Save on youtube ) Hopefully you can stay up!
  3. Nice Congrats ! I don't know what the level difference will be in Tier 8 comparing Tier 9 but usually in lower leagues it's very similar. With your youths you might be able to advance further, quicker.
  4. The youths are better and better Looking forward to league promotion soon as well.
  5. Wow. 40 mil is quite significant. Prem is your best bet. TV money and prize money will put you back on the legs. I can see you're fighting for playoffs, hopefully will manage to get promoted.
  6. Oh yeah forgot. We had youth intake but nothing spectacular. And the board finally allowed me to go on the coaching course !
  7. S1 June 2020 So after winter break we have went on a run, some really good performances. We screwed up last few games and needed to pull something out of the bag in last game to clinch the title. So here it is !! We won 4th Tier. Onto 3rd Tier now Polish 2nd league Initial budgets. I'm suprised to have got 12.5k as I have been overspending and our finances are very bad. Awards, Duda has been absolutely great for us, but missed few penalties. After promotion we are expected to get top half next season. might have to strengthen the squad a little Dynamic are looking a lot better now. I think the team starts to trust me after the first season. I have also started a coaching badge Our new signing has become top scorer out of shadow striker position. The team sorted by appearances. Broken Few recordings meantime. Don't know what to expect next season. I will definitely look much closer into finances are we don't want to go bankrupt. I will try to keep Karl Appelt it might be tough as he is wanted by Ekstraklasa(top tier) teams.
  8. This team has been underachieving in real life, and it got itself into 4th Tier. So we are one of few teams which are fully pro in that league. This means we can attract a bit better players. However I don't think there is much difference bettwen 4th tier and 2nd tier in terms of player standards in Poland.
  9. S1 Winter Break We had intake preview in December. Hoping for some decent wingers. During transfer window signed a striker. A very good freebie.
  10. Nice. !! I was considering doing a Saving Bolton save. But managed them in FM16 so decided not no Hope you can save clear the debts and get them back up to Prem
  11. Sorry if I have missed it in earlier posts? Is Irchester and Amateur club or semi pro?
  12. NIce. just put solution players and a problem player in a group and should sort things out. I think Pro and Det go in pair. when whilst you improve these Ambition level should also go up.
  13. S1 November 2019 So we played November games, and we haven't been doing so well. Lost agains Chelmianka who have been 3rd at the time. Now we have 3 months break until next league games so I am hoping we can recover and go on a winning series. We are 6 points off top. The league seems to be quite even until 6th place, but the title is still up for grabs. We are expected to finish top2 places so almost there. Squad sorted by rating. best avg rating. Playing him as DM Old CD, his physicals are declining so will be looking to get replacement in transfer window. Dynamics are better then beginning of th season, however, I have no reputation and no badges, that hinders my motivation talks. A lot of space presses now until next games
  14. I see a lot of your youths have got determination and ambition issues. I know you can fix low determination but placing them in a mentoring group with better personality. I am wondering if you can do the same with ambitions.
  15. Congrats !!! Probably not ! I'm suprised the board is actually allowing you increasing the budget whilst still having limited income.
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