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  1. Could I ask what type of player you play on the right of centre midfield? I've just taken over Dortmund in the 2nd season after they barely make Europa League. I've sold Gundogan who was my first choice for that position for massive money so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm guessing a Box to Box Midfielders + Key stats from your initial post with positioning not as important but still fairly high?
  2. Quick question that may be completely superfluous. When asking a coach to teach a PPM does it matter which coach is chosen? For example will a more attacking coach teach the shooting PPM's quicker or make it more likely to succeed or does it not matter in the slightest? I only ask because it gives you the option to choose which coach to ask rather than just give you a drop down of the available PPM's straight away.
  3. So I decided to give this a go with Barcelona after an aborted attempt with their B team (I vastly overestimated how much control you would get) just to see what this tactic could do with exactly the right players (other than a few too many 'runs with ball often' PPMs). The only change I made to the original tactic was to stop closing down with CB's as suggested and to play Messi as a F9. I figured as he had the 'runs with balls' PPM I might as well take advantage. Everyone else played on DLF. When playing a 4-2-3-1 I would change the half-back to a defensive mid as shown against Chelsea. Also when playing a 4-1-4-1 I would change the WB's to attack, half-back to defensive mid and change the wide target men to inside forwards as shown against Arsenal. I also changed Messi back to a DLF as the IF's did enough dribbling. Anyway, you can say it went all right I guess... A few observations:- -Penalties. I was awarded 16 penalties in the space of a half season and I assume it has to do with the high press. I'm awful at analysing games but it's all I can think of as surely the refs can't be that biased. -Sweeper Keepers. I think SI needs to do something about them. Maybe it's just that we haven't figured out the right role or Ter Stegen's attributes arn't good enough but I can't get him to sit anywhere near high enough up the pitch and the ball retention is poor. Maybe I should look at setting him to specifically pass to the half-back? -Wide Target Men. I am finding they get a lot of long balls which is a big part of the reason we lose possession. I don't know the answer either as when I play IF's they lose the ball from dribbling too much but they are even more out of position than with WTM. -Retain possession. Should this shout be removed because as I learned from another thread it reduces tempo? Maybe it's necessary to keep the passing short but with the PI's maybe it's not needed?
  4. So is playing a higher tempo going to cancel out 'retain possession' or will the shout just lower the tempo from very high to high or high to medium for example?
  5. Thanks a lot. Edit: Doesn't seem to be the case. Moved all my players to the Senior Squad and in the Individual section of the Senior Squad training are players with youth contracts and in the Individual section of the U18 Squad training there are only greyed out players.
  6. A follow up question - no non-EU players under 18 can be picked for the squad in every competition in the Netherlands. Should I just not bother buying any players from outside of the EU until they are 18 if they can't get any playing time?
  7. If you put all your players in the Senior Squad then just mark players as available for U21 or U18 teams surely all players are being trained by senior staff? Does this mean that the youth training facilities arn't used as well as the U18 staff (other than manager/assistant manager)?
  8. That's working well then. You'll get that extra 10% if you do the team talks yourself, or else what's the point of doing it yourself?
  9. So I want to try and learn to do tactics on this game properly. I have a team with very limited funds so I'm stuck with what I have. It's technically gifted in midfield and attack, but has poor pace. The defence is above average except for, again, poor pace. Other than pace the only area lacking is heading, though this is only slightly below average rather than bad. So I was wondering how to start basically. I've often just used plug & play tactics so I'm pretty clueless here. Obviously I'm going to have to play deep due to my defenders lack of pace. However, won't my lack of pace affect any counter-attacking tactic I try to set up? Will a passing game be the wisest course? If I set up a short passing style, how do I exploit my opponents. Thanks.
  10. Bit belated as I'm a lurker around these forums, but I must congratulate you on the excellent job, especially at my beloved Birmingham. Shame you couldn't bag us a trophy but some great work. Wouldn't mind you taking over in real life if you're up for it? It was also fantastic to see big Craig Gardner and Darren Purse at the club, love those two. Pursey scored against you (Liverpool) in the Worthington Cup Final years ago so he is pretty much a legend. Did you bring him with you too Italy? Looks like you're off to a flier in Italy, hope you do well with Napoli. Finally as a last note, can I inquire as to where you picked up your faces/kits/crests mate, having a bit of trouble finding them myself.
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