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  1. I just found a very interesting video on not necessarily the 3-1-6, but the use of a CM dropping to the right side to form a back 3 and exploiting space. In this video this kind of movement is used to drag the opposition LM out and create space behind him. In turn dortmund formed a 3-1 shape during build up. I think It's a very interesting concept and perhaps another good explanation for the use of the 3-1 shape at the back.
  2. That's exactly my thinking. It's a very useful tool to have in your arsenal for those games where they press you, but the shape doesn't have to be used during the whole attacking phase. I think the 3-1-6 shape is a good shape when your team transitions from defence to attack, especially if the other team press you high or man for man, but it's not something that you necessarily need to be looking for when you're camped in front of your opponents box. Or in other words, you shouldn't be worried if your CMd, that's part of the 3, pushes forward after your team is already attacking the oppos
  3. My understanding of the 3-1-6 from that Lille article posted in this thread is that it's mainly used to escape a press. So the "1" making wall passes only makes sense if he's pressed by a player. If they leave him alone, why would the team make those kind of passes? I found an article on Tuchel at PSG where a 3-1-6 can be seen used in the transition phase: https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/analyzing-thomas-tuchels/ I think for those vertical passes into midfield you need quite a high mentality. My team mostly made those passes on an attacking mentality, so they might b
  4. Yeah that's true. It's also quite hard to always react correctly to the opposition. I think I got quite lucky there that it worked. Sometimes a mentality change is all you need, or maybe a personnel change. A player with "Comes deep" or "Plays one twos" could have maybe helped with ball progression in that game. I'll have to try something like that next time and see if I can impose our gameplan on them.
  5. Quick update after a game vs Liverpool. We've won 1-0, barely, but we did. And all thanks to a tactical change I made at half time that actually worked exactly as planned, I might just be the special one . Jokes aside, we started this game with the same 4-1-4-1 I posted earlier and Liverpool were completely dominating us. I mean we could barely progress past the midfield line, it was that bad. Both Ziyech and Havertz (my ball carriers) had a 6.4 rating at half time and were shut out of the game by the system and press Liverpool deployed againts us. At half time I clicked t
  6. Yeah Kane would be a good option, but he was already picked up by Man City along with Son.
  7. Great thread! I have applied some of your principles to my 2nd season Chelsea team (basically my tactics testing save, which resulted in a very inconsistent 1st season, still finished 3rd somehow ). After seeing this thread I realized that my squad was quite well suited for a counter attacking style (and quite an aggressive one at that). I also took some inspiration from Mourinho's first Chelsea stint and came up with a deep 4-1-4-1 that looks like this: The idea being of using Havertz and Ziyech as the ball carriers, with Werner (with his rapid speed) joining the counter attack
  8. I feel like the focus play through the middle instruction might be a bit much. It forces your players to move more to the middle in an already narrow formation. That can still work, but you would need very technically gifted players to outpass your opposition in such tight spaces. I think the instruction will move your players to close to the Enganche and he really works best when players give him space and are making runs around him, so he can ping spectacular passes to them
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