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  1. Hi all, long time player here. Is there any way to legally download the apk for, or roll back to, version 12.1.0? I made the below Super League for fun and a lot of players enjoyed it, but it no longer works. I recognise SI cannot support old versions or mods, so it would be with the understanding that it is at our own risk. Thanks! https://fmmvibe.com/files/file/1233-global-hyper-mega-league/
  2. Device is SM-950F (Samsung Note 8) and Android Version 9 / One UI Version 1.
  3. Just found out I can't play FMM on a plane any longer. It's something to do with the Google Play Games issue and is a problem regardless of settings (or so it seems to me, I may be missing something). It would be easy to test by putting your device to flight mode. Grateful for any suggestions beyond "open the game before the plane takes off".
  4. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Will make that change about Display Post Match Training. I'm on Android Version 9. I'm afraid I did decline the player photos download - this is about the tenth year I've bought the game so I'm familiar with that option. So the photos are there regardless. It seems to only be a couple of hundred photos on there, mainly players new to the game. When I go to Android\data\com.sega.score\files\installed\ there is no option for \graphics I'm afraid - please see below.
  5. First off, thanks for an excellent game. It retains all the ease of use of the older versions while adding a new depth and a general sense of being harder without losing the fun. That's a tough balance and you've nailed it. This happens after every single game. I click "OK" and the game proceeds like normal. It seems to have no effect at all. I also have a minor, unrelated gripe which doesn't deserve its own thread. I like to play with Player Pictures off as I don't like to see their sad little faces when I sell them to Newcastle. And yet the new game still has hundreds of player pho
  6. Thanks for your answer. I think the only way to feasibly do it is to use the walessolo file which has "only" 2,400 players. If you have any advice on making players disappear that would be great - i.e. if I move players to North Korean or Zanzibarian clubs and set reputation to 1 it could be a relatively easy way of dealing with them.
  7. Thank you for your response. I am looking to build a database for FM Mobile, which does not have a pre-game editor. I will use a third party editor, but as discussion of those is not allowed on here, I can't go into more detail. So as it stands I have the .dat files for the englandsolo database on my computer, and my plan is to delete all the 5,000 or so players and then create about 600-700 new ones. I can open the players.dat file in the Notepad programme, but it is gobbledygook, as .dat files always are. I have tried deleting all the text but that wipes the entire database includ
  8. Hi all - does anyone know how to delete all players from the .dat files? i.e. To delete them all in the text files in a File Manager before starting editing?
  9. Hi all, I would like to create a retro mobile database. The latest editor for FMM I can find is iScout PGE for 2017. I am willing to create all the players required to play the First Division in England in 1990/1991. I reckon this would be about 400 players, for about 16 per team plus enough overseas players to add some interest. However, the englandsolo database for FMM2017 contains over 7,000 players. Editing them all to 1990 identities would be just too much work. So I would like to delete them all and start again. I have tried clearing the relevant .dat files, but that
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