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  1. It happens on all my saves on both my Samsung Galaxy S9 and my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
  2. Thanks for adding the option to Terminate Affiliate however I have noticed that when I now view the squad of one of my affiliate clubs it has 3 buttons at the bottom Terminate Afiliation, View, and Action however the action button appears to be bugged because when I click on it the action menu dosnt appear it just ends the affiliation.
  3. This is probably because of the size of City's squad, there is a limit on how many players each squad can have. Also I believe youth players are only included in the game if they turn 16 before the release date.
  4. If its the same as it used to be then the file should be named 23071961.png. Club logos should be placed in documents\sports interactive\football manager 2021 mobile\normal\graphics\logos\clubs You will probably need to update the config.xml in this folder to include this file as well, just copy one of the existing lines and amend the numbers so it reads:- <record from="23071971" to="graphics/pictures/club/23071971/logo"/>
  5. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I always use the OME, I never really got the hang of the EME.
  6. I believe the developers already have a fix for this one.
  7. Is there anyway the colour of the font on the in game match timer can be changed, this year it is yellow by default which makes it completely invisible when the home team is playing in yellow and i am unable to see how many munites have been played.
  8. Will the new tactical and set peace features only be in the EME or will they be available to use the OME as well. Also can you hand control of arranging pre-season friendlies over to your assistant if you dont wish to be prompted to set them up at the start of each season.
  9. Some nice new features, I like the addition of feeder and parent clubs, this is something I have been hoping to see added.
  10. All coaching styles are unlocked from the start of the game but the badges and reputation levels have to be unlocked or purchased
  11. The easiest way to play without the player pictures is to remove and re-install the game (ensuring you have your saves backed up) then dont choose the option to download the player pictures when you launch the app for the first time. On Android you could also remove the pictures by manually deleting or renaming the relevant folders in /storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.sega.soccer/files/installed/graphics/pictures/players/normal. If you want to restore the pictures afterwars this can be done from the in game settings menu by clicking on the Download Player Pictures button which is
  12. In real life managers dont change their coaching specialisation during their carears so I think allowing this to be done in game would be unrealistic.
  13. Are there any updates as to when feature info will be released as we are now only 8 days from release.
  14. There is no way to move clubs using changes.txt in FMM20, it only works in the older games.
  15. This is a mobile game so should be as simple as possible so it works on as many devices as possible.
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