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  1. This is a mobile game so should be as simple as possible so it works on as many devices as possible.
  2. I think the place on the board unlockable may be broken in FMM20, I have unlocked it but it dosnt appear in my unlockables list.
  3. Juventus 2nd team play in Serie C which isnt loaded by default so you will need to enable Serie C when creating a new save in order for them to have fixtures.
  4. This is a glitch thst csn occur if you promote a player to a coaching position when you already have 4 coaches.
  5. Changes made through the editor only apply to the save you have loaded when you make the change. It isnt possible to change the boards expectations through the editor, you can only chsnge them when prompted at the start of each season.
  6. They are working on FMM 21 now so there will be no more updates for FMM20.
  7. FM Mobile works on s Chromebook but isnt supported by the developers as far as I am aware.
  8. This is normal, it just means that you included a sell on clause when you sold him and then activated it by buying him back.
  9. One annoying thing in FM Mobile is the length of the names that are given to players who are generated with Brazilian nationality. Would it be possible to add an option to assign a nickname to these players so it just shows that instead of the full name?
  10. Somebody asked about this on another thread and Marc Vaughan confirmed that its not possible to add it at present "Not possible in FMM at present I'm afraid - there are a LOT of things which could go wrong with this on a mobile device - battery death (doing this process would take quite a while), running out of memory (such a process would heavily strength memory on some devices etc.)."
  11. Which engine and tactics do you use? Im using the OME and am not finding it to easy at all especially since the last update which seems to have stopped all my tactics from working.
  12. Have you checked in settings that the Remove Loan Restrictions unlockable is turned on.
  13. You can see the best players in your division by going to the average ratings screen. Go to your division then press the menu button and choose player stats, from there click on filter and choose average rating. The players with the highest average rating are generally the best ones in that league.
  14. You can influence the tactics that are used for your reserve team but not which players are used. I believe the issue with players playing under 21 internationals at the same time as they are in the senior squad is a known issue that SI are investigating.
  15. I believe a players potential is a random number between 2 values depending on what his potential is set as in the database so if the player is set as -1 in the database then his potential will be a random number between say 0 and 20 where as if his potential is set to -10 in the database then his potential will probably be a value between 170-200.
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