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  1. Thanks for the suggestion man. i tested it but it wasn't compatable with fm touch 21
  2. I want to hide the attribute of the players with colors that based on the range of number ( Ex: Red 1-4, black 5-9, yellow 10-15, green 16-20) in football manager Touch 21. Is it possible? or it just exclusive only on FM 21?
  3. This is just for discussion on how realistic my idea is. I know that the dev will not just suddenly put their man power into this idea simply i know the dev have wide variety of limitation (budgets, engine, work force, other more important feature...) so here we go. The idea Sometimes, I just want to pair my management skill with other people around the globe. Fantasy draft seems to be the closest thing but it taking too long for me and it seems that unless me and my friends are free, there is no way to match with a person near me to make the match run smoothly. This is my atte
  4. After the match in Analytical Data -> Players (view :passes), Yellow: Passes assist do not show despite in the match, Ozil did 2 assist, Red: Pass complete when tick on shown very weird on the map chart, I think not only me it seem many people are having variety of Analytical Data problem (might be due to skins but i use the default one and still have these analytical data problem, btw love that you guys bring match timeline back) Arsenal v Southampton.pkm
  5. I don't know what's wrong with people save but mine work extremely fine.
  6. I loving your post so far, keep providing them with evidence please. It so frustrated to check the data analysis and it missing something
  7. You are correct. That's what i also afraid that i am and some of those are the "loud minority". If your theory is true ( people enjoying the game mostly playing the game now and not care about what happen in the forum so that's why the result of my survey seem to be on my side) maybe i will comeback with a bigger sample size.
  8. People voice their opinion here for a reason and that is they want the game to be better (even thou some just bashing the dev with pointless statement like "ME suck" instead of providing the evidence and elaborately explain why that things bad). I glad some enjoy the current one but some are not and that's not the reason to ignore the people who have problem with certain aspect of the game.
  9. Sorry if i sound salty, i mean how much people on average go to forum to check and see for these posts? I know that a little over 100 is not a sample size at all. I just want to give out the little survey that i got in this forum and contribute the feedback of those 100 people to the dev here in this post that's all.
  10. Yeah i have the same problem as you, it so hard to look and navigate with the new match UI so that i just straight up not playing it and wait for fix or hopefully someone to convince me it's good lol.
  11. I would love you to share your point of view on the post there then. Some of my friends and community have the same opinion as my post but because of languague barrier, they did not or couldn't bother to raise their voice here so i am just a middle man
  12. According to my 2 posts, it seems that over 100 people agree that they prefer the old match UI so i hope the dev will bring it back and in addition fix or check the analysis during and after a match in the game because most statistics like dribble, movement, passes, ... do not seem to work/recorded properly.
  13. Every version from 18-20 move like tortoise compare to FM 21 lol. SI has my praise when it come to optimize the game this year, run much faster between days is such a blessing
  14. My argument is a healthy competition will do us no harm, i felt that they get "intimidated" by the work of the fan in term of ME that year (FM20). So they work extra hard on this one and the beta ME version is a proof that they can do way better in previous years (FM 18,19,20) as those year they only put minimal effort on the ME. Just ignore me, this is a feedback thread after all
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