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  1. Thanks for the suggestion man. i tested it but it wasn't compatable with fm touch 21
  2. I want to hide the attribute of the players with colors that based on the range of number ( Ex: Red 1-4, black 5-9, yellow 10-15, green 16-20) in football manager Touch 21. Is it possible? or it just exclusive only on FM 21?
  3. This is just for discussion on how realistic my idea is. I know that the dev will not just suddenly put their man power into this idea simply i know the dev have wide variety of limitation (budgets, engine, work force, other more important feature...) so here we go. The idea Sometimes, I just want to pair my management skill with other people around the globe. Fantasy draft seems to be the closest thing but it taking too long for me and it seems that unless me and my friends are free, there is no way to match with a person near me to make the match run smoothly. This is my attempt to work on a ranked football manager online mode or casual vs online mode. Pros: + Have a large data of matches to see which tactic is overpowered, not punished enough (Ex: Gegenpress vs Direct that can exploit space that gegenpress tactics left open) or which tactics/ roles are underperformance (EX: CAM in FM20, Cactenacio). This help immensely in improving match engine. + Competitive players happy? ( i guess... because i want to play online and compete with other players) + The next step for football manager? + Monetization opportunity ? ( i talk about this in the last part ) Cons: + Create a lot of bugs. + Running the server cost money and needing more people to maintain the new mode may be expensive. + Take away the time to develop offline mode. The network All the processing will all stored on an online database or the players database ( according to how viable which choice is) and the server will match players according to the region they are near to. The “get squad” procedure (Type 1) (Preferable, ideal one) · Step 1: Have a massive pool of players around certain CA on the online database ( Example : 120-140, 90-120,….) · Step 2: The manager get a fixed budget to get their players. · Step 3: The manager has a batch of 80 players (the batch of players must have 20 players for each roles) Example: 20 random gks, 20 random dfs, 20 random mfs, 20 random fws (or more if the dev think the game is optimized well for online) · Step 4: the manager pick 22 players from the pool ( unpicked player will get back to the pool waiting to be drawn by other player again) · Step 5: save the manager squad on the online database The match finding procedure · Step 1: Put 4 teams that have approximately total CA of their whole team including subs. (Must be according to region or closest) If possible divide regions accordingly (Example: Europe, Asia, South/North America, Africa) · Step 2: Those 4 managers will be put in a league and each manager need to battle other 3 manager. The priority of match making will be (Total CA -> Ranked points-> Regions) Tldr: It will be the same as fantasy draft but with match making and only 4 managers in 1 league. The scoring system will be like fantasy draft The match preparation · Step 1: In this mode each matches will have 7 days for training preparation. There will be different types of training for each day and the effect of those types of training will be strong. ( This is due to let player choose either to get maximum cohesion/ remove language barrier or get the tactical familiarity or just to have players that can stand 90 minutes on the pitch) · Types 1: Tactical familiarity training ( 4 days to max) · Types 2: Team cohesion ( 4 days to max) · Types 3: Language learning [3 days to max all players to fluent in English (because it is the most popular and easy to code)] · Types 4: Stamina training (7 days to get 1 point apply for all players) Step 2: After those 7 days, managers will play 3 matches with 1 day rest (normal effect) in between During the match The highlight will be hard coded to extensive highlight so that they can adjust accordingly to the match ( the assistant manager of all human managers will be the one that have 10 points across all attribute to make it fair.) After the result of the league Players will get money to draft new players base on their result The 1st person get 8M ( + 5-8 rank points according to opponent ) The 2nd person get 6M (+ 3-5 rank points according to opponent) The 3rd person get 5M ( + 1-3 rank points according to opponent) The 4th person get 3M ( - 3-0 rank points according to opponent) By using the odd system already in the game we can see the differences and give players point according to that. (If your performance the same as the odd you will lose less points but if you defy the odd you will be rewarded more points) Put those points for player on rank leader board or for match making. The manager will have the choices to continue to back to the match finding procedure or draft players to replace other players in their team. Edit : Dev can reward manager for continue using again players by increasing an attribute points by 1 for that 1 attribute that player used most in match after each 12 matches that player played (2 match), but if the PA reached the maximum, the increase will stop. After 1 week (real life) the server will clear all manager database (players that manager got during the last week) except manager points rank so that the server don’t have to store millions “retired” manager ( this help get rid of manager that “create a squad and only play 1-2 matches and never play again” . All managers have to do the “get squad” procedure again. The “get squad” procedure (Type 2) (This seems maybe more realistic) CARD PACKS That’s right card packs. The server doesn’t run by itself so monetization isn’t much of a problem as long as the match finding system match teams accordingly. - People will have 22 packs with player from low CA (30-60) (1 pack 5 random players) Card packs can range from bronze (80-100), silver (110-140), gold (150-190) The tricky part is this will force the database to have “duplicate players” as not much players have that ranged of CA.
  4. After the match in Analytical Data -> Players (view :passes), Yellow: Passes assist do not show despite in the match, Ozil did 2 assist, Red: Pass complete when tick on shown very weird on the map chart, I think not only me it seem many people are having variety of Analytical Data problem (might be due to skins but i use the default one and still have these analytical data problem, btw love that you guys bring match timeline back) Arsenal v Southampton.pkm
  5. I don't know what's wrong with people save but mine work extremely fine.
  6. I loving your post so far, keep providing them with evidence please. It so frustrated to check the data analysis and it missing something
  7. You are correct. That's what i also afraid that i am and some of those are the "loud minority". If your theory is true ( people enjoying the game mostly playing the game now and not care about what happen in the forum so that's why the result of my survey seem to be on my side) maybe i will comeback with a bigger sample size.
  8. People voice their opinion here for a reason and that is they want the game to be better (even thou some just bashing the dev with pointless statement like "ME suck" instead of providing the evidence and elaborately explain why that things bad). I glad some enjoy the current one but some are not and that's not the reason to ignore the people who have problem with certain aspect of the game.
  9. Sorry if i sound salty, i mean how much people on average go to forum to check and see for these posts? I know that a little over 100 is not a sample size at all. I just want to give out the little survey that i got in this forum and contribute the feedback of those 100 people to the dev here in this post that's all.
  10. Yeah i have the same problem as you, it so hard to look and navigate with the new match UI so that i just straight up not playing it and wait for fix or hopefully someone to convince me it's good lol.
  11. I would love you to share your point of view on the post there then. Some of my friends and community have the same opinion as my post but because of languague barrier, they did not or couldn't bother to raise their voice here so i am just a middle man
  12. According to my 2 posts, it seems that over 100 people agree that they prefer the old match UI so i hope the dev will bring it back and in addition fix or check the analysis during and after a match in the game because most statistics like dribble, movement, passes, ... do not seem to work/recorded properly.
  13. Every version from 18-20 move like tortoise compare to FM 21 lol. SI has my praise when it come to optimize the game this year, run much faster between days is such a blessing
  14. My argument is a healthy competition will do us no harm, i felt that they get "intimidated" by the work of the fan in term of ME that year (FM20). So they work extra hard on this one and the beta ME version is a proof that they can do way better in previous years (FM 18,19,20) as those year they only put minimal effort on the ME. Just ignore me, this is a feedback thread after all
  15. I mean they didn't even bother to fix and upgrade match engine of FM 19, FM 20 till they got a conpetitor which is their own community lol because the community some how make the match engine seems better. Now they do in fact make a big improvement in term of match engine, if it not because of the community they didn't even bother to fix it as they "claimed" the ME is as realistic as it can be and have no issue at all in term of central play and finishing ( till they make it more realistic with FM21 lol)
  16. I also agree with this. My play maker assist 2 times and still do not show in analysis. Can you also report this for UI bug too ? I think this also related to UI bug
  17. Yeah alot of people have the same problem as you too. I think they are working to fix it I fully agree, especially the widget to customize the panel was great
  18. Haha yeah i feel you , i wish someone from the dev come to this thread and discuss why they remove it lol. Like many people said the best option is to have fm 21 match engine with fm 20 UI
  19. I agree that when game changed, player should adapt to it and i agree that i and some people exaggerate about this because people who do exaggerate love the feature and felt disappointed when they remove it. The thing is i don't know if it is just only me who make the big deal of these little things so i make this post to check if people like the change or not. Some like you doesn't care, some like me who really want it back and some just get used to it over time. As far as i see, over 100 people want it back so some people do care about it. I just want SI to take the feedback and improve their game on certain aspect. If they decide to remove it, i hope they state their reasoning well (ex: remove it help the game processing faster). So far their only reason to remove it for "realism" is just very weird to me as there are multiple unrealistic things still in the game.
  20. I completely agree with you. Have it removed will just make the reviewing more daunting. Last year, one dude who gather tons of pkm for the "central play problem" of the game. It help the match engine now way better. I just think the removing of the time bar gonna make him stop doing it or other people from doing it again so that we can get better version of the game each years
  21. It actually not that unconvincing thou. A game need to be fun but with boundary and it also need to be intuitive or at least make the player feel easy to do what they want to do. Take the UI as example. Instead of having list of player from up to down like before in the changing room, now we have people spread across the corner of your screen. This make identify player harder and toreture your eyes because now it have to move across the corners to see which is which ( this doesn't feel easy for my eyes lol). In this case, i just want to review chances that my team or other team made throughout the game, instead of make it convenient for the reviewer, now i have to skip to next hightlight when reviewing and pray that i remember the events correctly ( this make review play extremely clunky). If they some how put those in the "notable events" panel, I would be glad as of now i have to go to analysis and check box that fit criteria and i have to remember which passes that create that chance ( sometime key passes just not enough for some reason).
  22. It is just a guess thou. Thanks you i will try to see it as a replacement for match timeline
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