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  1. Hello everyone, i dont know whats wrong with my Sporting CP, on first season, i cant win 3 games in a row... using 4231 Par1s p104 need a consistent tactic ;/
  2. @knap or @Par1s good tactic for Sporting CP on first season? offensive i prefer ! thank you and keep good work.
  3. @knap upload your new 451 tactic, 19-0-0 with liverpool, thank you.
  4. hello guys, i need a high press tactic, lot CCC ... can someone give 2 or 3 something like that ? ty
  5. i cant find on docs, that tacic, can u or someone upload this?
  6. @knap i losing so many points with man utd... already used 4231 p109, 442 p107, 451 p106 ... i dont know whats wrong... what do you recommend? im in 1st season, what tactic recommend ? thankyou
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