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  1. nah its does say next season is one game for some reason, mine was like that aswell. but it does change back to normal on the 2nd season and that section also gets updated
  2. next game by the 5th minute im leading 2-0, 5 minutes later its 2-2 25th minute im losing 3-2, in the second half i equalise. to make it 3-3. then in the 89th minute i take the lead 4-3, 2 minutes later i get a penalty 5-3 !!!! what a match !! 9 games to go. lets see if we can do this
  3. its not happening decided to go with the 4-1-3-1-1 echoe in the end instead of disraeli 4-1-3-2-0 but still lost 3-0 ! they scored 2 penalties and a direct free kick going to stick with it for the next game as well lets see. Still waiting for my first goal as well
  4. I started with echoe 4231 then i tried time and run like hell 4231 but i wasn't playing good still. i tried kashmir 4-1-4-1 and pilgrimage 4-1-3-1-1 but still not playing good. hasn't helped that I've change tactic so much now. I think I'm gonna get relegated. im gonna stick with disreali p99 tonight as we only lost because my right back took the corner and i only had 1 defender back which i need to change, and we got countered and my keeper spilt the ball hit the post and went in lost 1-0. ps in them 6 games i still haven't scored a goal as well ! still got 12 games left on the plus side
  5. which Disraeli gears 41320 knap ? there's 2 ? i took over a Russian division 2 team in relegation zone and I've lost my first 5 games need something to save me i did change to the p102 version in the last match and my keeper decided to spill the ball in the last 10 mins and i lost that 1-0 as well
  6. hello guys in the swedish 4th division do you only play each other once ?
  7. did this get sorted out i have a similar issue on my game where one club have kept the caretaker as manager as a caretaker for nearly a year and another club haven't hired at all. both clubs in turkey which are playable and a couple of others. ill try and upload a save later.
  8. You ok knap Are the 4-1-3-1-1 or 4-1-4-1s still working ? I haven't updated my game yet, players are about to return from holiday. Nows a good time to update i think
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