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  1. hi guys my games crashes when im trying to manage my social feed and im looking at the cups and try to select all it looks like it happens on leagues too FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.15 15.23.20).dmp
  2. whats the differences with the new fire 4-1-3-1-1's used the p107 for 2 games so far. worked nice in them 2 games
  3. on the fire version 1 winger has crosses less often is that correct ?
  4. the latest fire you just put seems good, 12 goals conceded, what about TEA FOR ONE VOL 2 41311 P102 ALL CUPS aswell. them 2 have better goal differences
  5. has anyone had success using this one ? TEA FOR ONE 4321 OXFORD TH P101 Euro LP P106 ALL CUPS
  6. is there any differences with these 2 FIRE AND WATER VOL 2 OXFORD 4321 P105 EC FIRE AND WATER VOL 2 4321 OXFORD P103 EC
  7. love this game also playing bottom of the league. they score a jammy early goal and a set piece to go 2-0 up. i have 5 clear cut chances and 8 half chances. go into the last mins 2-1 down. i get a corner in the 97th minute poor delivery, they clear the ball to there guy at the edge of the box who clears it onto my striker and the ball rolls all the way back into there goal and i manage a 2-2 draw. some of the chances i missed though ridiculous ! never mind at least i drew
  8. do you ever go half intensity ? i got a couple players my physio is recommending they do half intensity. ive usually left this part to the assistant but im gonna give it i go this season
  9. with the individual training do you just keep intensity level at normal through out the season ?
  10. how do you guys scout when attributes are masked ? it takes to long when you need to scout a big group of players for a week
  11. i used oi's on my save i feel like they compliment the tactic nicely with the high pressing
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