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  1. Didn't test yet on a top league but this tactic works really good for lower leagues. My second term with Boston Utd. for the lower leagues, you just need to find some decent free transfers.
  2. My Vanarama North results with Boston Utd. Media prediction was 8th. I didn't use any OI or man marking, but watched the matches and used shouts properly. "Demand More, Praise and Show Some Passion" are the key shouts. Start using them after like 15 mins of every match. Not much transfers, added 2 free agents to squad and they did very well. even I lost my decent right back to a Scottish Ladbrokes League 1 side Thanks Knap. you are doing really well. I guess most of the people, who follows this thread, asking about "which tactic is the best". The answer is "there isn't only 1 o
  3. Did some tests on my "every new season, try a new team and a new tactic" journey at FC Porto in 2022-2023 season. didn't make big transfers. Plug and Play mode. Even if the Portugal League is not a good test environment, results are a bit funny. PS: I cut the results when I tried something different at the start of season + during 2022 world cup friendlies. The things I noticed: - Nice attacking tactic but have problems in defence. - Left striker scoring too much even if his stats are ****, being good option to sell him on decent amount of $. Testin
  4. tactic file ps: I'm following your comments about fire and water 4321 but it's hard to find the exact changes that you did on it
  5. Tested your tactic in Turkish Super League with Fenerbahce. Media prediction was 2nd for us. - I almost never went on holiday. - Never used OI. Tried all team talks as your suggestions + match shouts. - The key players were inside forwards. Coz of the financial status, I couldn't make big transfers. Loaning Vinicius Junior for 2nd half of the stage did a bit help. Thanks for sharing this "realistic and good football" tactic o/
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