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  1. No signings, and holidaying most games (so player condition etc wasn't great). Lots conceded, but again if I hadn't gone on holiday I would have changed tactics for tough away games. Currently doing well in the Prem after a few signings...
  2. Knap, might be worth you running a test on "!!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF433WMKnapP103ECFA" from last year. I'm having excellent results with it. Its obviously not recommended for tough away games, but for everything else its doing amazingly well for me! Last years 424 is also working very well.
  3. However, if you look at the SubTop AWAY results Knap, ASH performs very well. So that's pretty much been what i've used away from home and it works well. If i need a goal, or a dont feel the team is performing well, i switch to PILGRIMAGE 2323.
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