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  1. We have a hub and we are all connected to play together. We don't play through internet, let's call it local lan.
  2. Anybody??? Where are the administrators???
  3. We play through a hub 3 players. After 18.2.1 and when we are to the screen: and if anyone press the View button, I get the following screens: And then when I press the Leave Match button, I go back to this: When everybody else is done, and we all press Continue, I got this: I have Inter and I run the game. During real game I lost, and after this I won. The same thing happens if somebody else tries to do the same to his team. If I press someone's else team View button, it's OK. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  4. Happy new year to everybody. I would like to see in the next update, the option to change to easy, the tackling instructions to a single player, by just clicking to the yellow card icon lest of his name, during the match.
  5. I never buy lot of players. Only youth. The only challenge the first year, I took over in February, was to go as longer to the Uefa Cup. I did it!!!
  6. Hello from Greece. This tactic was created when I got a proposition from Southampton, after my 2,5 years trip with (full of depts.) Panathinaikos. The main shape is 3-2-2-1-2. The Team instructions As you can see both WB's and MCR are in automatic role. This is because it helps very much when I make changes to the tactic, during the game. Example. If during the game you win 1-0 and you just want to secure it, set mentality to Counter or defensive, low tempo, Team Shape Structured, defense line deeper, More direct passing and turn on Pass into space. Automatically both WB's and MCR are on defense duties. That's it the game is over. Opposite, if you are back to the score, set defense line Slightly Higher, turn on Offiside Trap, Higher tempo and Attacking Team Instructions. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5xlxhnjjr6nwj2x/Southampton_3-5-2.fmf Waiting for feedback.
  7. Egypt is just an example... I feel exactly the same, when I'm waiting for the result of Greece or Italy
  8. Once a week me and 2 friends, we play lan game and when it's time for international games we loose a lot of time waiting for Egypt to play with Tanzania and Barbados vs Cayman islands. We simply don't care about Egypt and all national teams. I think you should add a choice to bypass all this boring periods. Thanks
  9. They do now. On October 10th there was just one option, and never mentioned about VNP or RUSSIA.... If it was my mistake, they would never refund.
  10. I won’t tell you where to buy the Football Manager 2015… I will tell you, the place to avoid. And this is G2PLAY.NET. Stay away from these amateurs. Here is my experience… I pre-ordered the game on October 10th, and got the same day an e-mail with the “gifts”, to be activated through STEAM. On friday 24th, when beta was on-line I tried to activate. Nothing, They had provided me codes to be activated in Ukraine, Russia,….. Of course this was not mentioned to their site on October 10th. After the communication I had with them, and after 4 replies, the solution they proposed (sat 11:36 PM) was, “activate it with VNP or Cyber Ghost, and I will be able to use it normally”. In that point I was sure they are not a serious company. Of course I refused to do any “trip” to Ukraine or Russia, and asked full refund of my money (Sun 7:57AM). After 28 total replies with 7 different persons they refunded the full amount on Sun 10/26/14 8:55 PM. Before that they offered me a discount 10% coupon for my future buys (which of course I won’t use), for the inconvenience they caused. The moment I promised them that I will make them an “excellent” review, was when they told me that they will refund, BUT IN 5 WORKING DAYS. After that, they told my that they couldn’t refund yesterday, as it was sunday, and their accounting department, was of. It seems that they found the accountant to refund. I always keep my promises, and thats way I’m writing this review. STAY AWAY
  11. http://i.imgur.com/BA3C1en.png I did it it works for me perfectly!!!
  12. http://i.imgur.com/cfiMuJt.png Derbyshire's profile http://i.imgur.com/rFUAOxm.png league table http://i.imgur.com/hboomAH.png budget's table
  13. This is the tactic I created for my Preston low budget team. http://i.imgur.com/hboomAH.png I'm now playing the 3rd year of my career. After I was fired from Portsmouth and Huesca (second Spain division), Preston offered me an contract and I took the challenge. As I there where no money for transfers, I had to find real cheap free players. I wanted to have a strong defense in order to avoid relegation, but as you can see I'm ready to fight for the title. http://i.imgur.com/rFUAOxm.png So I created this 2 versions of my tactic. If the opposition plays with 1 striker I use this http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?710s5niv1j5s82o if with 2, this http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?to8occikk2oo9rf The main shape is GK-3DC-DML-DMR-3MC-2SC DC's are limited stoppers and central covering defenders (who is what changes), if the opposition plays with 1 striker the middle DC is limited stopper with man mark and the other two are cover defender, and the opposite when I have to face 2 strikers. DML and DMR are in attacking duty MC's are, one deep lying playmaker support, the other ball winning defend and the last an normal central midfielder with attacking duty the secret is to the attackers, each player has an preferred role he likes to play. Just leave him to do what he knows best. E.g. my striker Matt Derbyshire he likes to play as poacher, http://http://i.imgur.com/cfiMuJt.png waiting for feedback
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