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  1. I think "Probeert voetballend uit te verdedigen" or something in that line would be better.
  2. When we are talking about affiliations, can the Ajax - Sparta link be removed? It is more an agreement and it involves young youth players, if i remember correctly for the ages of 15 and under, so it involves players which are not even allowed to be in the game.
  3. Heylen is def. the worst option of the 3 DC's (Vriends, Beugelsdijk), his recent form is terrible. Auassar is on the decline so a little drop might be justified, but he is still essential to this team, there isn't a good replacement available for him. Abels has not impressed me much this season. When Pinto is back from suspension I think Jans should get his shot at DR. I have very mixed feeling on Smeets. Sometimes he's good, but often enough he is sooooo sloooow like he doesn't give a .... And then he scores a good goal again... Pinto could have a little bump, but in return Meijers should be a little lower. Mijnans already has MR / AMR ratings (10 - 12), I think that is fine. his natural position is MC/AMC and before joining the first team he played more on the left hand side then on the right hand side. Engels has 17 for the AML position Thy 13 for AMC Abels 16 for DL Joshua Emegha has left and now is a player for Quick (U23) in Den Haag.
  4. To expand on the training grounds: PEC Zwolle Reserve stadium & Youth stadium: Sportpark Ceintuurbaan (Be Quick '28) I assume training ground is here as well. VVV Youth stadium: Sportpark Merelweg (Venlosche Boys) I assume training ground is here as well. FC Den Bosch: Reserve stadium & Youth stadium: Sportpark De Vliert (BVV Den Bosch)* I assume training ground is here as well. * = BVV Den Bosch now has their stadium set to Stadion De Vliert, where FC Den Bosch plays their matches. Sportpark De Vliert is right next to Stadion De Vliert. Helmond Sport: Youth stadium & Training ground: Sportpark De Braak (SV De Braak) Not sure what the status is on a Helmond reserve team, but I think this can be set to Sportpark de Braak as wel. Telstar: Training ground: Sportpark Schoonenberg (VV IJmuiden) I assume Reserve stadium as well. Telstar doesn't have a youth academy, so Youth stadium does not apply. If it has to be in the game, I would set this to Schoonenberg. NEC: Reserve stadium & Youth stadium: Sportcomplex De Eendracht Training ground is already set to Sportcomplex De Eendracht.
  5. hahaha, I am looking for a club to manage when the full game releases. I like to take teams with potential to the top flight (in FM20 I had a great game with Palermo ) so for FM21 I found Santander. Then I like to read up on the club I am going to manage so that way I found out on Wikipedia that they finished 2nd in that season. Then looking at the history of the club in FM, I noticed that 3th place was their best finish in FM
  6. In their domestic league history, R. Santander is noted as finishing 3th in the 1930/31 season, how ever in the La Liga past winners they are 2nd in that season. According to what I have read on Wikipedia, finishing 2nd that season is correct.
  7. This is actually correct Van Nistelrooij was first employed as a reserve team coach until the end of the 2018 season and now has a different role (U19 manager), so that is a new entry. If you would look at Phillip Cocu for example, you would notice that he has multiple entries at PSV following each other. He started as assistent manager at the U19 and he eventually became the first team manager. Each role should have a separate entry. Van Persie actually did leave his coaching role at Feyenoord at the end of last season, only to return a short while later in a slightly different capacity.
  8. The Cambuur stadium gave me an idea to check on the build and renovation dates of the Dutch professional teams. I have made a small list of the what should be added or changed: Ajax Last renovation: 2017 AZ Roof reconstruction should be finished in 2021 Emmen Last renovation: 2001 Groningen Last Renovation: 2008 Twente Last renovation: 2011 Utrecht Last renovation: 2001 Feyenoord Last renovation: 2004 PEC Zwolle Last renovation: 2018 PSV Last renovation: 2002 RKC Last renovation: 2018 Heerenveen Last renovation: 2016 VVV Last renovation: 2007 Willem II Last renovation: 2000 Almere City Last renovation: 2020 De Graafschap Last renovation: 2007 Excelsior Build: 1902, last renovation: 2016 Den Bosch Last renovation: 2018 Dordrecht Last renovation: 1999 Eindhoven Last renovation: 1997 Volendam Build: 1975, last renovation: 2016 Helmond Sport Last renovation: 2007 MVV Last renovation: 2017 NEC Last renovation: 2000 Cambuur Last renovation: 1995. New stadium being built. TOP Oss Last renovation: 2016
  9. - Fabrie is 4th GK (behind Okoye, Van Leer and Coremans), both IRL as in CA in game. I think the game places him in Jong because of that, 4 GK's in the first squad is a bit much. - Drake and Fonseca are listed on the site as part of the first team, but play all their matches in Jong. Neither has had minutes yet in the Eredivisie this season if I remember correctly. - I noticed one of the SI big men mention that FM has its own mechanism to determine transfervalues. - If you look at CA, you will see that Vianello is one of the top players of Jong (IRL he has started every game so far in the Tweede Divisie) but still not at the level of the first team. I think what happens here that the game believes there aren't enough players for his position in the first team and therefor promote him as he's the best of Jong on that position. To be fair, since the new Corona break in the Tweede Divisie he has been a regular on the bench in the Eredivisie. - Jalink: I was under the impression that only one assistant was allowed so I made him a coach. - Janse is at the moment 6th in line as GK (behind the mentioned top 4 and Gomes) and has played multiple games for the U18 this season. Not sure what Paez his status is, but I think he is reserve behind Janse (?) - Bernard: See my awnser at Vianello, his CA is on U18 level. - Nagtegaal: He is also physio at the first team of ASWH. People can't have jobs at two different clubs in the game, so this was a toss up of a coin and he ended up at ASWH. - I mentioned in a mail to Reddiablo that De Heij, Garden, Grabazis and Rosario are missing. I believe this is due to the fact that their date of births are unknown and their year of births are set to 2004. I don't know if this is by design or if this is a bug.
  10. Dit is héél kort door de bocht. Sparta en Ajax hebben een agreement dat Ajax maximaal 3 jeugdspelers per jaar van Sparta over mag nemen, gecompenseerd door deze financiële vergoeding. Dit geldt voor spelers tot en met de leeftijd van 15 jaar. Dat is dus onder de minimum leeftijd die spelers moeten hebben om überhaupt in Football Manager toegevoegd te mogen worden (dat is 16 jaar in september). Sowieso kan eerste optie op specifiek jeugdspelers volgens mij niet aangegeven worden bij affiliations in FM. M.i. moet deze affiliation dus juist verwijderd worden uit het spel. Het kan alleen maar op een onjuiste manier toegevoegd worden. ---- English translation: I do not agree with the Ajax-Sparta affiliation in game. IRL it is an agreement in which Ajax pays Sparta money and provides local scouting knowledge, in exchange Ajax can sign 3 youth players each year from Sparta. These players are age 15 and younger, so younger than the minimum age needed for someone to be in FM. First option on youth players only is as far as I know not available in FM as a affiliation option. Therefor I believe this affiliation should be removed from the game entirely.
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