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  1. here the dutch database till 2de klasse amateur Nederland Compleet.fmf
  2. As you can see I've to play the day afther an Interland match. In the editor i didn't tick the box play during interland break, so why do i have these issues. I even set some dates that the competition coudn't use and afther a season it still uses them Almerika.fmf
  3. I ran to another problem, in the database I set min 3 players in national team to delay a match and then I see that I have to still play a matches when i miss more players. Can somebody see wich setting I did wrong? Almerika.fmf
  4. Background is sortitoutsi Google Maps Backgrounds Megapack. Inter Miami and Newyork background personally added them. It gives more feeling to the game to see the city you play for. I added more custom database files. I have more american league files I just change only the schedule dates and give the database a new name and afther that It was Messed up so Maybe giving it a name that starts with A so it get loaded first? Because i loaded 29 additional things and before I made some chanes with schedule it was fine
  5. In the Editor the ID ends at 38 and in the game suddenly at 39? Now mo logos are messed up. Does somebody knows why it happens?
  6. I already fixed it, it was the format type problem.
  7. I Fixed the problem with Inter Miami, but now I ran to another problem I don't get youth players at the youth intake month does somebody know what I did wrong? amerika advanced test1.fmf
  8. I just deleted FM and installed again, I can confirm that the database can't verify a competition with Inter Miami in it with advanced rules, so I'm creating a duplicate Inter Miami team
  9. Thankyou, I have the same problem with the championship teams there was Austin missing and I replaced it for a team in the same league as Weston and the problem still occurs
  10. I dont know how to delete that logo and I see the other Teams has the logos there aswell so why is Inter Miami in conflict with editor? I dont know where to find the logos and pictures because when i look at the directory i see there on the picture I don't have the logo there
  11. I think so I saw it was Inter Miami but when i swap the team the problem still occur
  12. Am I the only one that have this problem?
  13. I'm new to advanced Rules in the database but I'm getting the problem about the amount of teams in stage 0. I created a new Major Soccer League and it has 20 teams in it but the Stage 0 load only 19. I tried to change the numbers of the teams but it seems like the stage o is bugged because it doesn't matter if I use 20 or 18 it will miss 1 team and some also happens 1 league lower. So i was thinking about a bug but maybe somebody can help or find a way to work around this issue usamaart.fmf
  14. Hello, I'm playing in the MLS I have a pyramid of 7 divisions. The clubs don't get Awards for winning the league but they promote wich is very strange. The award case of Inter Miami stays empty even if I won some leagues and cups. Does somebody know how it works or is it a bug? BTW I think its time to have a more User-friendly FM Editor. Sometimes when I want to make a change in DB with Basic Rules than everything is allright. I just klick once on advanced Rules and try to verify without making any changes and I get errors about lacking teams in competition. Also Very very strange and annoying. Here you can see they won the League but in the second picture middle down 'erelijst' you dont see any thropy
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