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  1. In our generation you see alot of Inside forward players but when I look at the tactic of most coaches they don't play with inside forward but as a regular winger. Its weird because in the game wingers don't score as much in that kind of system and it doesn't reflect real football as a simulator. I think it would be nice to have to possibility to change tactical roles with the in-game editor instead of only with the pre game editor.
  2. Oh I missesd that, whats the reason?
  3. This is FM 22 in the previous game I can scroll up and down the list of formations. In FM 23 there is no list to scroll to and only a few formations. ]
  4. in fm 22 I could pick 4231 with the 2 cm instead of 2 cvm's.
  5. Hey Wold_pd can you maybe look at the problem that I Have with the formations with the in game editor I only have a few options to pick from when I want to edit the formations of some trainers in the game.
  6. nice idea but I don't think its possible unless you make it like a normal cup and add the specific leagues. I don't think it would work with club continental cup settings.
  7. I just found out that there is a lack of options with the In game editor for the formations of the coaches. There are only a few options from the menu Those are the only options that I can choose, normally there where alot more options. Also it would be nice to tweak the wingers to be inverted wingers.
  8. you can work around this issue. When you create a database just export im xml file, then open it and replace the top with this <list id="verf"> <string value="22.1.0"/> <string value="22.3.0"/> <string value="22.4.0"/> <string value="23.0.0"/> </list> Afther this you need to import the xml back in the editor and then just a normal save. In the game when error message appear just press ok twice and it will load.
  9. Hello everybody I wonder if this topic is still alive. Afther seeing this topic i understead now better how things work, I also tried for months with my USA database. I have a slightly different issue. I removed MLS and make a own competition but in the league my continental cup seems not to be interacting well. I get to see the 4 qualification spots on the league table but i can't click on it to see the competition. Also during the game only afther the season I will receive a message that my club qualified for continental cup during last season. But there is during the whole season no mention about continental cup if the team has yet to qualify for it. I tried everything but maybe one of you can see my problem. On the picture above I cannot click on Noord-Amerikaanse Champions League Also no mention to qualify for that spot before game starts.
  10. It seems whatever I try in the database with Coefficient points this page will not show up in my own continental cup database Why is this page and qualification places not visible in my own continental cup? also the competition reputation will not change at all
  11. baasblack


    Hello managers, I like to chase the records in my long term career in FM. Afther 5 seasons with arsenal I had a striker who broke the most competition goals for Arsenal but i feel so little reward from those records. It still not clear if I made most goals for Arsenal because the total goals that players made for clubs is not in the database. It would be nice to have a top 5 goalscorers per club so you can chase their amount of total goals included cups. It would be also nice to see the top 10 all time goal scorers that way you can have a goal to work up to. look down below, image having your fm world talk about a player who belongs to the all time greats. There should also be a bit more attention in the game about it with the journalist. Even afther winning some CL you still get the stupid question do you think that this team can grow to a top tier team? Than I'm thinking I already won CL 5 times and I have the clubs all time topscorer in my squad so why those stupid questions? That means that even if you have some players from your squad as legend for the club, you're team and players still not being viewed like that afther winning a cup is strange. Due to the question the game stays stagnant afther a while, if there would be more attention about the records to beat than the game would be nicer. Like a list like this 1 Josef Bican[1] 950 624 1,53 1931–1957 2 Cristiano Ronaldo 822 1144 0,72 2001-heden 3 Ferenc Puskás[2] 806 793 1,02 1943–1966 4 Ferenc Deák[3] 795 511 1,57 1940–1959 5 Lionel Messi 786 1016 0,77 2003-heden 6 Romário[4] 784 1002 0,78 1994–2009 7 Pelé[5] 778 846 0,92 1957–1977 8 Gerd Müller[6] 735 793 0,93 1962–1981 9 Robert Lewandowski 600 862 0,69 2005 - heden 10 Fernando Peyroteo 598 369 1,62 1937–1949 11 Zlatan Ibrahimovic 579 985 It would be cool that there would be question in the game about becoming a top 10 all time goal scorer instead of watching how many goals someone makes in 1 season. Its quite strange that you can only see how many someone makes in a competition only or just one season. In the CL there isn't even a tab to see how many goals someone makes in their career in CL only, again just that one season? At the current state if I want to see how many goals my striker has than I have to write down how many goals he scored in CL each season instead of having a tab that shows me that. It would also be nice to see a top 10 tab for league goalscorers instead of having to look at the record of every individual club to see who's their topscorer and how many they made in the league. Just a top 10 tab would be much more easier and nicer to chase I think its just logic to know that someone would rather chase to be the best of all time instead of just a season? I think this is a great Idea to implement in the game It would mean more debt for the long time players, I am now starting in season 2032-2033
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