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  1. Carrera makes a very good suggestion, but I've actually been doing what the OP proposes with a staggered 4411 myself. So one CAM in the left or right slot and the striker in the other slot with 2 banks of 4 behind them. You can select a naturally aggressive role for the CAM like shadow striker or set him to press more. You can also use opposition instructions to create the effect you want. The great thing about this formation is that it's very flexible. Whether you want to play inverted wingers or regular ones out wide, it's possible. You get to decide whether you want a goalscoring CAM or a creative one. You can play your striker on his more dominant foot and the midfield duo can easily be adjusted as well if necessary. Right now this is my line-up after some years of progress and natural development (based on our strengths and weaknesses): Balanced mentality -------------PF(A)------------- -----AP(A)--------------------- IW(A)--CM(D)-BBM-WP(A) WB(S)--CD--CD--WB(S)
  2. lol, fully agreed. Fantastic article that really made me think. I've since implemented the 5-5 rule where my team occupies all 5 lanes and we even try to work on one rotation. Not only have the results been fantastic, but it's great to see the little changes you make have such an impact, as you have already pointed out. Thank you OP for posting this. The tactical side is the most fun part for me.
  3. Very interesting thread Rashidi! Last year was the first one where I really tried to get the controlled block going with a counterattacking approach and while it was certainly possible to get results with it, the football left a lot to be desired. This year I've taken the job at Aris Thessaloniki and I've decided to try again. I always used the compressed lines that you use and forced them outside while regrouping, but offensively it never really clicked the way I wanted it. Your instructions of playing it narrow and focusing through the middle have really helped in that regard. I play a different formation than you do, with the RW and LW in the midfield strata and a roaming playmaker ahead of a DM and SV. But it's bringing me the results I want and more importantly, I'm enjoying the style of play. Here you can see stats from 2 recent big games with the average positions below.
  4. Nice examples XaW. I've been very critical of the ME in the past, but this is without doubt the best one I've seen so far. Other issues, such as the newgen problem should be SI's priority at this point.
  5. If they release a hotfix for this major problem in late January, then with all due respect, I will no longer be buying this game in the future. I understand it might be complex, but this is something that has worked in all previous versions of the game and a staff member actually commented on the issue, saying the fix would actually improve the game as we know it, suggesting they were quite far in their development of the hotfix. I fully expect a patch to drop before Christmas, not during Christmas, Samdiatmh. They owe us that much as loyal customers. It's like this forum can be somewhat of a parallel universe, suggesting we should be happy they released the game at all, even if it has major bugs..
  6. It's quite alarming that we have a game breaking bug that's not been addressed properly almost 20 days after the full release of the game. I realize the pre-Christmas patch will drop soon, but surely a hotfix could have been rolled out to fix this very important issue. Talking about the newgen problem of course.
  7. Big fan of the game. Played since I was just a kid in 97/98, but there are so many issues with the current game that I almost feel sorry I bought the game. Not because of the money, as the prices are more than reasonable IMO, but because I actually looked forward to playing and can't. Bugs like the newgen issues are in fact game breaking if you don't own a super pc. Now I learn there's stat tracking issues as well and that's a killer for me personally, as I always love to keep track of the important data. The UI has been another big factor in killing immersion and although I understand a lot of things are different during this pandemic, the overwhelming negative response should warrant some kind of change surely? Who is the person blocking this? Is it a company decision and something that cannot be altered or could subtle changes be introduced to make things easier and more accessible for the players?
  8. It may be related to the free agents at the start, but after that something else seems to be going wrong. In my latest test, loading 14 leagues and a large database with many extra players loaded (all internationals etc.), I went from 67.000 players at the start to 42.000 in 2033. That is most definitely game breaking and it's keeping me from starting a save. I never play just one or two seasons.
  9. English since day one and I can't take the game seriously otherwise. I do use the euro though, as it just makes more sense to me.
  10. 8,000 players in 4 years time really is alarming. Can someone from SI please respond to this? Cause they do mention in the bug thread that the issue is still around for longer games, specifically 10+, but to lose 9% of the game population in just 4 years is certainly game breaking. A real shame, cause I've been holding off my start until the hotfix arrived and thought today would've been the day..
  11. Excited to test it mate and thank you for the good work! Let us know when the file becomes available.
  12. Enter %appdata% in your search bar, go to local and then sports interactive. Delete the Editor 21 file.
  13. Misunderstood which files to delete, works now. Thanks Freddie!
  14. Same here. Just came in to make a topic about it. Reinstalled the editor and still the same issue..
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