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  1. Summer of 2022 With our promotion to the highest level in Serbia, we had met our own objective of going up within 2 seasons. Now it was time to establish ourselves as a Superliga outfit and prove that we're here to stay. Even though we got promoted, there was still no money to spend. No money meant that we'd have to continue with our transfer policy of loans and free transfers and that our facilities - that are in dire need of an upgrade - still remain untouched. *** Incoming transfers This year however, we did finally manage to get some players in on proper contract
  2. Season review 21/22 We had exceeded all expectations. The board was delighted, the fans were ecstatic and the players and I got a nice reputation boost. While we got close last season, this year we are certain that we know what's necessary to succeed in the Superliga and we'll be working hard towards those goals over the summer: improving our squad, staff and the club in general. A season to be proud of! *** Player stats As usual you'll find the detailed player stats below, but first my key observations: Zeljko Gavric built on last season's success and e
  3. Prva Liga 21/22: the final phase Last year we had squeezed into that top 4 after a long and hard battle, but this season we had conquered that first spot about 10 games in and never looked back. It was time to finish off in style, winning that title and gaining promotion to the Superliga. Like last year though, the start was terrible. First we lost to Kolubara and then again to Graficar. The last loss could be explained through all of the missing players because of the loan clause, but still, it wasn't meant to go like this. The main advantage of this final phase is that
  4. Prva Liga 21/22: games 21-30 With the final run of games before the championship phase, our goal was simply to keep this lead going. The long Serbian winter break can be tough to manage as your form from before the break is wiped out completely. And we were on fire during that period, winning 8 games in a row before Graficar (Red Star's real B-squad) ended our amazing run. The one big mistake I made was not putting in loan clauses that stated players could play against their real team. And since Graficar were Red Star's B-side, that meant we had to face them without nearly all of ou
  5. Prva Liga 21/22: games 11-20 Our slump sadly continued for a while as we only managed to win a measly 2 out of 8 games during this run. We didn't give in though. Once again we made some tactical adjustments, with Pantovic becoming a raumdeuter on the right and that's when things started changing for the better. Our offence started producing goals and our defence became even more solid as we got into a fine run of wins. Not conceding a single goal in 6 straight games. We were definitely on our way up now. Pantovic had become our main scorer, with Gavric following closely.
  6. Prva Liga 21/22: the first 10 games A new season and a fresh start. By now my reputation had gone up, most of the players knew what was expected of them and we had developed our own style of play. However, come opening day it seemed like we weren't quite ready. We lost to Novi Pazar and started out the season in the worst way possible. It was vital that we react positively and luckily we did, as we won the next 5 games in a row, playing some great football at that. Our new defensive duo of Drezgic and Knezevic had given us a sense of renewed confidence at the back. Someth
  7. The summer of 2021 With severe scouting restrictions and of course the 2 foreign player limit in the league, we obviously put all our energy and focus into Serbian players. There were many interesting ones, who would run out of contract this summer, but the question was whether they considered us to be good enough for them. Another big question mark would be whether or not we'd be able to prolong some of these loans. The first piece of bad news was that Partizan were going to give Colic a chance in the first team. Gavric (IF(L)), Nikolic (CM), Stankovic (DLP) and Cucin (R
  8. The decisive game Our entire season had been building up to this. We fought ourselves back into a great position, only to crumble under the weight of expectations at the end. But destiny gave us another shot at those play-offs and with them: promotion. We'd have to beat Zarkovo first though.. We started the way we usually do, with lots of possession and attacking intentions. Zarkovo were a tough nut to crack however and as the game went on, it was looking more and more like one of those games where a first goal could end up being decisive. When the crowd started getting restles
  9. Prva liga: the final phase We entered the final phase on a high after an amazing run of games. A potential problem now was over-confidence. Our first 2 games would be local derbies against Zemun and Rad. Despite a healthy 5 point lead on the 5th placed side, our aim was always to finish higher and secure direct promotion to avoid all the hassle. The Zemun game turned out to be a deception however. We didn't just get beaten, we got outplayed and that was something we weren't used to, being a side that saw the ball for an average of 60% per game and was topping the scoring char
  10. Yeah, we just needed a good run to get back into it. Nice, what's the other league or are you keeping it a surprise for now?
  11. Kup Srbije (Serbian Cup) The Serbian cup has 2 qualifying rounds and 5 more rounds after that, including the final. All rounds are played over a single game, with the lower rated side playing at home. The 2 qualifying rounds were a mixed bag. We got matched up with 2 lower league sides, even if Borac Cacak - just like us - were only recently a Superliga outfit. We almost let a healthy 0-3 lead slip Vs Borac. The second round was a lot easier, a routine win over Bratstvo. The first proper test was the first round game Vs Superliga side Spartak Subotica. Despite missing our best
  12. Prva Liga: games 21-30 The last couple of games had given us a positive impulse. We had found our first team and our tactics were getting more fine tuned with each passing month. We adjusted where necessary, especially on defence and got into a flow before the long Serbian winter break. We even took revenge on FK Zemun for that 3-6 loss earlier with 0-3 win. A game which showed our full potential as you can see below. Total domination Vs Zemun A nice flow before the winter break After the nearly 3 month winter break had ended, we thankfully continued where we had
  13. Prva Liga: games 11-20 September was a terrible month for us. The Buducnost game wasn't just disappointing result wise, we also lost our best player for quite a while.. 11 games, 7 goals and 4 assists. To say he was the heartbeat of our side would be an understatement. And it wasn't as if things were going swell with him in the side. *** October sadly turned to be just as bad. Another 5 games and once again just 5 points. Promotion seemed nothing but a pipe dream at this point. That win against Indjija came just in time for the small Belgrade derby against Ra
  14. The tactical setup There were a couple of set principles in the side, like the DLP becoming the heart of the side with many runners in front of him. The idea was to have to free 8 roles that were fully customizable. The rest can change on a game to game basis. Our general tactical set-up at the start was this: *** Prva Liga: the first 10 games After all the preparations, countless transfers and a solid pre-season, it was time for the league to kick off. And as if it were destiny, my first official game would be against our rivals: Rad Belgrade. Another Belg
  15. Serbian league structure As I wrote above, the Serbian league structure is very specific. It's a 16 team league where all sides play each other twice. But after that the top 8 enter the final phase, while the bottom 8 enter the relegation zone. In these respective league phases, all teams play each other one more time, resulting in a 37 game season. At the end of the season the top two teams get promoted, while the third and fourth placed sides enter a play-off against the #'s 13 and 14 from the Superliga. On the other end the bottom 4 sides get relegated. *** Prva
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