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  1. Uhhh, Im sorry, I didnt catch that. I understand that injuries are complex issue. But for the sake of argument and for dummy like me if we put this discussion to black and white. If there's , lets say 1000 injuries per year in Premier league, does that mean that in FM there is 800 injuries or not?
  2. Cheers for that! Just out of curiosity, How does it work? Only for human controlled teams and for AI aswell? Will there be more random injuries or is it rather systematic? Most importantly ... Can it be done without messing the game up completely? Will there be any side effects?
  3. Long long long time ago, Roma had fullbacks Candela and Cafu. Since I was Juve I had to deal with them every year and they were un*******believable. Their attributes, assists and avarage rating just killed me. It was ridiculous ... I still have nightmares I should add that Montella finishing was 99 (out of 1-20)
  4. Im asking for SI to acknowledge that right thing to do and most realistic would be if we players have atleast an option to play with 100% injuries. Im not talking about players dying or getting horrible injuries (altough getting career ending injuries is part of football unfortunately ). Rather adding thoes little injuries. I dont mind if my team is injury rigged. Then I have to find less injury prone players, reduce training, rotate more ets. I just dont understand if some players complain about injuries then the decision is to reduce it and thats the answer. Especially when they have real life statistics on the table. Real life football simulation game + real life statistic = Real life statistic in the real life football simulation game. Easy 1+1=2! BUT life goes on and FM20 is coming soon
  5. Im sure its been discussed here before, but since Im not a regular forum guy and didn´t get any reply from bugs/medical forum - Im asking again I have played FM over 20 years and I recently read somewhere that FM game uses only 80% of real life injuries. They have comprehensive statistic about injury reports season by season and have tweaked this over the years. So I came here to check and saw, that its true. SI has confirmed it. Andrew James - Injury numbers are set at about 80% of real life, and we use a lot of data to ensure this figure is maintained. That confuses me alot!! Why? As far as I know FM has been the greatest football simulation game of all time. And thats because it most realistic and similar to the real life... which of course is and should be the case. Everything they implant in the game comes from real life. And thats the sort of experience we - the players - would like to have. I know that there are players who rant and moan about injuries which have destroyed there save, but thats what happens in real life all the time. Half the squad is injured, clubs are underperforming, Managers get sacked - thats football life. Thats what I wanna experience in the game! Knowing that about 80% of real life injuries are in the game means, that if 4 of my players are injured then theoretically it should be 5. I would be happy, knowing that I have to make decisions - decide who to play, use younster or give injections etc. It would be much more intresting and realistic. Overall, knowing this information kind of ruins the game a little bit!? .... maybe (not ranting ) I know its too late now and maybe even too difficult to code (Im not a IT guy), but I reckon it would be awesome if in the future there could be atleast an option how to play your game. Example In preferences - injury frequency for arcade players 1. none 2. 50% - for full on players 3. default 4. realistic. Like theres an option to use fake players. OR maybe there is an option for this, Im just too noob?
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