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  1. There is no way I know how to do that. Is there a link for this to try out? Anyway guys my update is that I've tried several skins since making this post (including those suggested here), and nothing really seems to have made a difference. I went to the ophthalmologist recently and got prescribed new glasses. I'm hoping they'll do the trick when they arrive.
  2. I didn't know that was a thing. I actually thought the opposite was true. It's definitely worth a try. I'm gonna give it a try but I remember from way back that I found white skins to be too bright.
  3. If this isn't the right subforum I apologize and request that a mod move the topic. Well guys it happened. I finally reached the age at which playing my favourite game has become a strain on my eyes. Getting old jokes aside, I realized lately that playing FM for more than an hour makes my eyes sting and dry. Now, I could of course reduce my playing time but that is a ridiculous proposition. Thus, I am looking for a skin. For years I have been using the brilliant TCS skin without any issue, but this year it feels like everything is too small. I know I can use the preferences to increas
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