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  1. This is my primary Munich line-up. A flat 4-1-4-1 (on positive mentality) with the wide mitfielders pushing forward when in possession. The players starting lower down the pitch and can use space more efficient in my opinion. Müller is a odd case for me. Most of the time I use him as Lewandowski back-up and he is scoring for fun as DLF but he struggles to blent in when he fill in a wide mitfield role.
  2. Mainz 05 sacked manager Sandro Schwarz
  3. Marek Mintal is the new caretaker manager of 1.FC Nürnberg and will succeed to Damir Canadi and Erik Orie.
  4. Some would say, the HR is part of the community. Without being able to evaluate the situation of the German DB it seems reasonable to add new researches if the team is not well staffed and this factor is leading to mistakes in the DB.
  5. You can find the tactic on page 3 in this thread. Cleon also quoted it on the first post on page 4. Here is a screen of my usual lineup. In the first transfer window I brought in Depay and De Ligt and sell Darmian (Lyon) and Rojo (Watford). Pogba scored already 21 goals, Rashford (injured cruciate ligament ruputre) scored 14 and Rom 9. Martial with 11 assists.
  6. I'm playing around with themadsheep2001 's great tactic. Pure joie de vivre.
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