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  1. I also never throw away games. In European Cup competitions I tend to rotate my side heavily during group stage though. Still I want to win every game and would never throw away a game deliberately.
  2. Love your approach madsheep. In particular the wider IF and IW to create width. Also the short pass/pass into space combo sounds quite worthwhile. Need to check it out. With extremely urgent pressing, do you see your United side loosing shape? Or is it kind of a risk reward situation? I always shy ayway from "extremely urgent" in terms of pressing so I'm quite curious.
  3. So, your team creates roughly 20 to 25 shots on target per game and you scored 2,5 per game in September. What did the average xG look like or how do you rate the quality of the created chances. Very curious.
  4. I do and it's a podcast well worth listening to. It quickly become my go-to FM podcast.
  5. So, basically my laptop is dying before my eyes and even my girlfriend wants me to buy a new one. I guess I've a budget of €500 and I also have utterly no clue of laptops. I basically use my current laptop to play FM (always with dots I'm a dots guy) and Fire Pro (minimum system requirements Intel(R) Core(TM) i5, 4 GB RAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with minimum 512MB of VRAM) and watch some YT. Nothing special. Never really cared about my laptops tbh but this time I would like to ask you guys, simply because you know a lot more than I do. With the information provided on the first
  6. madsheep postet his tactic here on page 3 and I postet a screenshot of it on page 4. I toyed with the tactic on FM21 and like I said, it works like a charme.
  7. At the end, it's probaly escapism. You could even argue that playing as Man United is something like a fallen giant challenge. Anyway, no matter the level of my team I still follow a couple of the old Llama guidelines, because it is more fun for me. And I'm totally on board with @twattyatkins in terms of own tactics.
  8. Madsheeps tactic still works like a charm. Maybe even to good ...
  9. Something I do myself. I watch every game in its entirety. Full 90min. Sometimes it is a dreadful experience and sometimes it is pure joy. Obviously I takes a while to finish a season but for me it is worth it (every year I'm also toying with an real time save). I also play the no attribute way. I tend to moneyball but this is kind of another story.
  10. This is my primary Munich line-up. A flat 4-1-4-1 (on positive mentality) with the wide mitfielders pushing forward when in possession. The players starting lower down the pitch and can use space more efficient in my opinion. Müller is a odd case for me. Most of the time I use him as Lewandowski back-up and he is scoring for fun as DLF but he struggles to blent in when he fill in a wide mitfield role.
  11. You can find the tactic on page 3 in this thread. Cleon also quoted it on the first post on page 4. Here is a screen of my usual lineup. In the first transfer window I brought in Depay and De Ligt and sell Darmian (Lyon) and Rojo (Watford). Pogba scored already 21 goals, Rashford (injured cruciate ligament ruputre) scored 14 and Rom 9. Martial with 11 assists.
  12. I'm playing around with themadsheep2001 's great tactic. Pure joie de vivre.
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