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  1. Done, but instead of looking like in training (with the colors) they are all white. 

    Maybe it's easier to place the boxes on the training screen?

    The boxes don't bother me per se, it's just that when I put some colors to look good with boxes, I'm not comfortable without them, and vice versa. 

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Gaz :brock:

    is it possible to remove the attribute boxes? I find it strange that in the profile they have and then in training they don't, and I can't put a color palette that I like. Thanks and sorry for being so annoying! :rolleyes:

  3. Amazing work, as usual! 

    I would like to know what xml I have to touch to remove the blue dividing bars in the player report (if possible).

    I would also like to know if it is possible and easy to put a selector outside the tabs with the report (which xml I would have to adjust).

    Thank you very much for your dedication and for taking the time to help us in every way possible and impossible. 

    borrar 2.png


  4. My request is about quality of life: 
    If you are in the Rest tab of your senior team and you click on u19, appear directly on the same tab but on u19. For all young teams and for all tabs that are in both teams. 

    It is very important in the rest tab because it is something we should look at almost daily, so there would be less complaints about injuries. It's a two for one!

  5. Hello, I think there's a mistake because the fatigue (also injury risk) is increasing, which means it's getting worse (it's bad), and the translation says just the opposite: "mejora".

    I think there is a misinterpretation of the concept of RISE/INCREASE (crecer) and IMPROVE (mejorar).

    Anyway, condition seems to mean what it should (empeora = it gets worse).


    PS: It's a mistake that was also on FM19.




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