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    I support Chelsea FC and have been playing Football Manager since the 2019 version.

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    Blue is the colour, football is the game


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  1. Same for me it's always the same decisions being made for every situation.
  2. The VAR decisions are always the same, I've never seen any variation. For example, if there's a suspected foul in the box it is ALWAYS a penalty or if a player goes down on the edge of the box it's always given as a free-kick.
  3. It feels like 90% of the goals I score/concede are from set pieces, it's getting really repetitive. Central play also seems lacking.
  4. Yeah it seems like the same scenarios always play out.
  5. Alright I tried it but it still ended up crashing. The file name is: Chelsea - Season Three (v02).fm The date is the 13th December 2022, it freezes before the Italy game.
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