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  1. The season after I was in a relegation battle the whole season. Wtf is it with this game? The hardest FM game I ever played!
  2. When u build a tactic - start from your goalkeeper. Is he useless with distribution? then try to roll it out to defenders. If you have a good BPD in CB - roll it to CB's. Do u have a good DLP? then try to build up attack from there, etc. If all your players is quite bad with the ball but you have a killer striker with good pace? then try to bang it straigth over opponents team into space and hope for the best, etc... Always have a plan how to get the ball from your goalkeeper into the net of the opposition.
  3. So I started this thread because I was struggeling making a valid tactic while playing with Sheffield United. I wanted to play an aggressive direct style of play with high defensive line. Now I started a new save and play with Norwich instead and after half a season I'm at 5th place, so I guess the tactics works quite good. (I was starting to work on the tactic in my Sheffield save but just couldn't get it to work. with that team) In the Sheffield save I valued team work, stamina, work rate and aggression very high, trying to reatin possession a lot and attack directly. In this Norwich file there is more focus on technique, passning and vision, and it has worked out quite well so far. The only player I bought is Lewis ferguson for1.7m euro from Aberdeen, playing as a BTB-midfielder. Edit; I start every game with balanced mentality but I''m switching all the time depending on opposition, away or home etc... Buendia and Lewis have "stay wider" to stretch he team a little and Amadou have "take fewer risks". Stiepermanns instruction is to shot more often due to having 16 in long shots, but I haven't seen that having any effect so far.
  4. One thing I've seen is that having an extremely good crosser is a good way to go. Should have at least 17 in crossing (vision and decision is a bonus) and make sure that this guy comes into crossing positions a lot. It could be a wingback or a winger, doesn't matter, just make sure to cover up for him if he's useless in everything else than crossing. He doesn't need to be pacey or have dribbling skills even hough that of course is preferred (17 in crossing and slow and bad dribbler is preferred over a 15 in crosses with pace and skills - the crosses has the be top quality, that's the most important). Then make sure that on the other flank, u have an wide midfielder that cuts inside and getting forward. So if you have a winger on one side, u have a wide midfielder (that goes inside) on the other side. Then you have a quality crosses into a overloaded penalty area. I've getting a lot of goals from this and my crosser is a 17 year old guy that is useless in everything else. But he does his job and have like a 7.20 rating every game. Just something I've seen works quite good.
  5. Yup it is very true. When I tried to take "the next step" from a middle team to a europa league team, I'm trying to deploy a more offensive tactic to get more goals and win more games (before, when my team sucked, I was happy to win only every now and then). But this step has been very hard and when I deployed a more attacking tactic then I instead lose more easy games because teams are exploiting me at the back. My best season I ended at 9th, and by then I basically had the "perfect" tactic for my Sheffield utd that just wanted to avoid relegation battle, and when tryin to attack more, to push for europe, I instead ended ended up at 10th place. This is very frustrating because I consider my players to be good enough. In earlier FM-games, I have been reaching semi finals in CL with players at the same levels as I have now, and would probably just had to make small changes (one or two 35m-ish signings) to start challanging for the CL-title basically every season. Currently at 13th place but this season is basically just trying to rebuild tactic. Im trying thousands of different things. Is it good to have mezzelas with good crossing? Do they often come into crossing positions?
  6. I did reinstall today and still tryin to build a valid tactic
  7. Thanks but I just rage quit and deleted FM from my computer! This was just to frustrating! But thank you VERY MUCH for all your help!
  8. I rage quitted today and uninstalled everything.
  9. With counterattack I don't mean conventional counter attack (lure opposition) I mean that you start to attack as soon as you retain possession, so that you can exploit oppositions vulnarable state of transition. Basically gegenpress, try to "counter" high up the pitch. So I don't mean normal counterplay when I say counterplay.... maybe a little unclear hehe... Thanks for the inputs, I will try to make the flanks a little more various. But how would you play in attacking with this tactics? Direct? Fast? Slow? And what team instructions etc... I think this is my biggest problem, I haven't really figured that out. I've tried to play direct, fast, wide and with overlaps, but it haven't really worked. I don't mind at all if you analyze how you'd set up the tactis... that's why I asked in the forum thnks!
  10. Lol #metoo. And then I have amazing ideas, trying them, winning the first games easily and thinking "finally". And then everything goes back to normal, loosing against Burnley, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth and then the season is ruined again.
  11. My tactic looks like this in the moment hence I can't make any tactic work, so that's why it looks a little weird. My style of football I want to play is an aggressive counterattack style based on a high defensive line that is very fast to pick the ball when opponent try to play long balls that I try to force them to do with my aggressive style, stressing them to play long. The plan is that my CB's won't get outsped when the long ball comes, pick up the ball, and from there I will recover possesion. Thats why I play an aggressive defensive style. This has worked very well in previous games. Why I have three BPD is due to their individual stats, yes. I like left CB and right CB to be BPD to be able to set up the game from both sides. The middle CB is only BPD due to he's stats. How can I make it more dimensional on the wings? Please give me some suggestions. The midfielder that is not DLP have instruction "less risky" just so that they won't do mistakes as you implied; my playstyle is vurnable to mistakes. But I am quite unclear how to use him. When it comes to attacking style (while I retained possession) I don't really know how to play. When I took over the team I just play fast and direct "play ball into space" to Mousset, a very fast forward I had at the start. This made me survive in the PL, but it didn't took me further than surviving. I have tried a lot of different things but nothing works to perfection. I guess this is what i need help for. Waste time sometimes is something I implemented when I was a relegation candidate and it helped me a lot. I kept it since then so that my players will get some rest due to the aggressive style of playing and not be fatigued during the match. I don't know if that's the right thing to do though. I tried a lot of attacking instructions before, I just try to keep it simple for now to make my tactic work. Thank you for the answer!
  12. Having three at the back with high pace/acc and play with a high defensive line has alway been a key for success for me but I just can't get it to work this time. I've been winning Champoins League with Berlin Köpenick-Dammfield in previous games with tactics close to this and players with the same ability. The tactic above is not exactly what I've been using all the time but the last thing I am trying right now... I think my team is good enough for europa league, but I just can't break in to the top 7....Please help me. This is my striking force: My three at the back: Herbie Kane as DLP: The rest of the outfield players is rotating/squad players. What Im I doing wrong? thanks Edit; I barely have any instructions because I want to keep it simple since I just can't get it to work, that's why play out of defense is my only in possession instruction (right now).
  13. Is it harder to make a valiable tactic in theese series of the game?? I'm on my 6th season with Sheffield and have built a good squad but I haven't reached europa league yet! It has never took me so long to establish my team in the top of the league! Im still struggling in the places between 8-12. Im getting crazy! I have very fast central defenders and trying to switch between a 433 and 343 (3-2-2-2-1) but whatever i try it never works out. In some games it does and I completely demolish my opposition, and I can win games against the best teams in the league, but I just never get to the point where I win and win and win.... I can play five games in a row against **** teams where I should win 4 out of 5 easily, and after those five games I haven't even get one single victory and then dropped from being a europa contender to 14th place or so and then the rest of the season is just fighting for places in the area of 8-12. It happens every ****ing single season. I'm fed up!!!!!!!! Im getting crazy!!!!!!!!!
  14. I just found it weird that Satan works as a players liaison officer at Sheffield United. I wonder how that reqruitment process was like.
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