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  1. Ugh my youth intake was disappointing. Two strikers and a CM I'm retraining as a rightback because I don't have any apart from my main two. One of the strikers looks fairly promising to be fair to him.
  2. Igor is being courted... enquiry Response *Does anyone else do this? Just signed a new contract as more clubs are getting interested... 20m release fee to foreign clubs.. I'm getting nervous.. CLose the window! He's gone from 2-4 stars in 7 appearances. He's a lump of a CB, a throwback. Just called up for Poland u19s as well. First international player!
  3. Well done @Padders! I feel like morale really makes a difference. When you hit the run or slump you really go on bad runs. In denmark I frequently lost 10 in a row before winning 4 or 5 in a row. Poland is strange so far. There seems to be little change in quality between the divisions apart from foreign players, and clubs are top 4 one season then bottom 4 the next.. I'm tempted to try my tactic in Denmark to see if I can turn it round there. Maybe it was because of my ineptitude as it was my first file on FM20... At mid season my players see some reward for their obscene effort! Rogala - Won player of the year Stats Szwedzik - Won most improved player of the year : He came in when my best striker broke his leg last winter and has been unreal. His stats are not even that good compared to other strikers in the league but he scores so many goals. Might be the decent mentals?
  4. 4-4-2, vertical ticitaka (sp?), aggressive tackling.. Many red and yellow cards
  5. Maybe the slogan propelled me to promotion in my first season. Second season is even crazier.. I've hit some kind of FM sweet spot. 10 games in and I'm top 3 About of a third of the way through the season. I have no idea what is happening.
  6. Railwayman - 2020/21- GKS Katowice - Polish First Division 2nd (promoted) Year Division Position FA Cup Europe Top Scorer Top assists Top Ave Rating Training Facilities Youth Facilities Academy Training Youth Recruitment 2021 Polish First Division 2nd Semi final - Rogalski - 13 Blad - 8 Swedzik 7.20 Adequate Below Average Average Average Transfers Polish First Division Homepage Youth Prospects Profile I don't know. This has never happened to me! If anyone was paying attention to my 5 seasons of stagnation on Denmark you will know I am not some kind of FM wizard. And yet the team were incredible this season, knocking out several bigger clubs in the FA cup and being pretty unshakeable in the league. We even survived our top scorer until Christmas breaking his leg, Rogalski stepped up and filled the void amazingly well. I even got my first coaching badge which is nice! Youth prospects were ok, got a few defenders which is nice as I am struggling for depth at the back. Could do with a rightback pretty quickly.
  7. Ouch @Padders! I'm sure you won't give up! I've gone 13 unbeaten at my new club.. Something strange is happening on this file: I'm overachieving massively! I loaded all players from Poland so maybe that is why? Board have even agreed to improve youth facilities already! I'm second at winter break. Into the quarter finals of the FA Cup... I'm suspicious!
  8. Railwayman - GKS Katowice I'm going to turn the miners football club into the minors football club! They were pretty decent in the 90's, close to winning the league a few times before they dropped pretty rapidly. Here we go
  9. Wasn't feeling Romania at all last night. Might have to roll the dice again and let fate decide
  10. Romanian reset date is June 29th! @darren1983 I've taken over at Aerostar (what a name!) We have a decent squad, terrible between the sticks, which should be interesting. Many AMR's as well for some odd reason.
  11. Decided to restart in Romania. Home of Daniel George Niculae who was one of my favourite players on one of the older FMs!
  12. Any reason Bulgaria isn't in the list of nations, I kinda started over there!
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