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  1. maybe their market prices should be done with same correlation? I mean just take the counts from other nations and implement them for Nigeria, Nepal ore elsewhere? Or the counts significantly change from country to country (within these 30ty complited)?
  2. not only Germany, as I know: Russia - every 4th yellow card for => 1 league match Spain - every 5th yellow card for => 1 league match Germany - every 5th yellow card => for 1 league match France - every 3rd yellow card within 10 appearances => for 1 league match Holland - every 5th yellow card => for 1 league match Portugal - every 5th yellow card => for 1 league match Turkey - every 4th yellow card for => 1 league match maybe I've missed something... Please correct me
  3. My dear god, it looks like a gem! Does it change ONLY 30 nations? All other values in other leagues with be same as before? P.S. what a pity I'm already married
  4. I don't think so (( @Timo61 Does this problem appear by Marc?
  5. @Timo61 for example this one And one more - any news about Germany check? I have one more bug found - Regionalliga West (ID 35010927) has no match shedule till 20 july 2019
  6. @Timo61 nice updates as usually P.S. don't know why, but I don't see any screenshots from you)
  7. first bosnian had second nationality (german) or he was grown up in the country (germany), and the second one wasn't example - Lok Leipzig, they have Robert Berger, a player from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan isn't EU, but Robert has a second nationality (german) so he can play but situation with transfers is a little bit confusing in my safe too. Players who were willing to play for my (player selection) and can to me for a view somehow doen't wont to sign contract with cause "inambitious club"...
  8. who is the author of your db? As an example - I'm playing for Veles Moscow, and the club has a B-Team, a C-Team, an U21 Team and U18 Team... And only the u18 has a proper league with regular matchdays
  9. I'm using this russian DB, but there are weird B- and C-team even for amature clubs added, so it's somehow unrealistic. And by the way, this teams doesn't play anywere, so as to me they are complitely useless
  10. Hey, @Timo61! Thanks for the great work (and first of all - for Germany leagues) Are planing to upgrade Russian leagues down to lvl 5 or maybe even further? If you'll nead any assistance with translating rules and so on - just pm me
  11. so, every person is starting the game with 20 years? why not younger (just to see them grow up)?
  12. I don't think, I would use it myself (only because Lev Yashin is a little bit overpowered, for real life too ) but it is still a great, formidable work!!!
  13. Translation is done Waiting only for majesticeternity - she'll load it to the 1st post
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