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  1. A tale as old as time itself. I'm playing as Livorno and lately we're finding it hard to score. In 3 of our last 4 games it was Di Gennaro, our CB, the only one who could score. And it was throught set pieces. You can see he has 8 goals already (Only one behind our main striker) This is the main tactic we've been using. It's my first time really giving 3 atb a try, so any advice would be really helpful
  2. Hello, I think this is the first time I visit this part of the forum for FM21 So as it says in the title, my tactic is good. It works well, very well even, but I've noticed something going on that I'd like some help with. This would be my best or at least most common XI, and something sticks out. The two players who play in the RPM role mainly, being Evjen and Pourtau, have much lower rating compared to the rest of the team. Even in games where we've dominated they end the game with only 6.7 or 6.8 despite the rest of the team being on 7.1 or above. During games their rating is usuall
  3. So this year I've tried to get my hands on training, but I've noticed something in my U19s staff. The workload can get to Heavy or Very heavy I use the same schedules from my main team for the B and youth team, yet the B team has no problem with this The schedules aren't really that heavy, but should I make them simpler for the youth team?
  4. This is something I'm a bit surprised isn't in the game. When offering out a player almost all times the offers the AI makes are non negotiable, and that gives you no chance to settle when you want a transfer to happen. Many times I've tried to sell players mid season but to agree for the transfer to happen at the end of the season since they're still useful For example here. I'm trying to sell Boadu but because I offered him out all offers but one (Which obviously is below his value) is non negotiable and I can't set that I want the transfer to happen at the end of the season since he's s
  5. This is a bit of a long read. I could probably make it shorter but that wouldn't be fun. So I'm in my third season of my AZ save and I noticed something interesting. Liechtenstein's key player is a regen. While it isn't fully surprising since Liechtenstein isn't exactly the best country in the world, I decided to check who this guy is and I was pleasantly surprised This guy looks like a talent and curiosity got the best of me so I deciced to check him with the editor. 178 PA. But what caught my eye it's his info Born in Vaduz, only of Liechtensteiner nationality. So this got me
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll look to do some changes to the tactic and see how we how forward
  7. Yeah, the low crosses I just kinda add it as default on my tactics because of FM20. Never had towering strikers Ibra might be 73 but he still has great technicals, that's why I was thinking about the CF role, to try squeeze his ability as much as possible knowing he can't have much more time left in the game. Next in the pecking order of strikers is Leão, who isn't really suited to that but I'll give a try to the different roles
  8. So I'm starting my 2nd season with Milan, and with Calhanoglu gone we don't have a good attacking mid, so I decided to change to the classic 433.. However, in our friendlies nothing happened. We basically didn't create anything from open play, and almost all the goals we scored (and there weren't many of those) came from set pieces or penalties My first thought was maybe moving things around a little. Give Kessie a defensive role and changing Tonali's role to a Support one or maybe a Regista, but I'm not sure. Nobody has individual instructions except Tonali with take more risks What cou
  9. I just finished my first official match as manager and the post game interview is empty. The bubbles for the journalist and what they'd say is there but they are empty, and I have no answers available to give except the options of no comments or storming out
  10. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I lose nothing After a 2-1 victory against Manchester City, I noticed both my strikers were now on a 5 games barren spell. Of course, you can't really expect players to perform at their peak every single game, every single week But that made me wonder something. Both are listed as consistent players. One is Really Consistent, while the other is Consistent. Does this Consistency attribute affect for long a player will carry a bad run of form? Does it mean they have more chances of being consistent but in a negative
  11. Thanks for the advice. Before reading it I played one final game with the old tactic, ending in a 2-1 loss to Man City. So, perfect time for tweaking No player has individual instructions, except for the CB who still has the Take More Risks. He's composed and a good passer, and my backup options are also good on the ball, so I decided to keep that Pseudo BPD I decided to go for the CF on Support because I'd still like both my strikers to be involved in the scoring charts. Neither are particulary domiant in the air, Young having a mighty 4 on jumping reach but Evans has a decent 13 + being
  12. Thank you for the insight. In your opinion, what are some changes I should make to make the tactic more balanced?
  13. Here it's the tactic. The only difference to what I've used this first few games of the season was is the PF. It was a DLF but I was going to experiment for a few games to see how it went Some individual instructions are: - Both Strikers: Shoot more often. Last season I noticed they tended to have a low ammount of shots, so I've been testing giving them both this instruction. It hasn't changed things much. Both also have the Mark Tighter instruction - Attacking Mid: Take more risks, Dribble More, Roam from Position, Move into Channels and Mark Tighter. I want the AM to function almost l
  14. As I'm writing this, I'm only a couple weeks away from finishing my 12th season with Arsenal. With a Community Shield at the start of the season and the Carabao Cup recently won, we're in for a Quintuple But, it doesn't feel right. For most of the season, all the way to Febraury, we've struggled. The tactic that saw us score 126 goals the previous season just wasn't working, and the players seemed to have lost their drive to play. We were out of the races for the Premier League most of the season, but a sudden drop of form by Manchester United meant we were able to clinch it with few games
  15. So I decided to check the Scouting Priorities to see what my scouts were doing, and I found that they aren't really following my instructions, or at least it seems like it Liam Sweeting has the assignment of scouting the UK & Ireland, yet when I checked what players he's scouting I found this All those highlighted players are clearly not in the UK & Ireland region. Eredivise, Bundesliga, even the Moldovan league! Is there something I'm missing? It's like this with all my scouts. They are all not following the assingment they have, scouting players from other regions. Even s
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