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  1. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I lose nothing After a 2-1 victory against Manchester City, I noticed both my strikers were now on a 5 games barren spell. Of course, you can't really expect players to perform at their peak every single game, every single week But that made me wonder something. Both are listed as consistent players. One is Really Consistent, while the other is Consistent. Does this Consistency attribute affect for long a player will carry a bad run of form? Does it mean they have more chances of being consistent but in a negative
  2. Thanks for the advice. Before reading it I played one final game with the old tactic, ending in a 2-1 loss to Man City. So, perfect time for tweaking No player has individual instructions, except for the CB who still has the Take More Risks. He's composed and a good passer, and my backup options are also good on the ball, so I decided to keep that Pseudo BPD I decided to go for the CF on Support because I'd still like both my strikers to be involved in the scoring charts. Neither are particulary domiant in the air, Young having a mighty 4 on jumping reach but Evans has a decent 13 + being
  3. Thank you for the insight. In your opinion, what are some changes I should make to make the tactic more balanced?
  4. Here it's the tactic. The only difference to what I've used this first few games of the season was is the PF. It was a DLF but I was going to experiment for a few games to see how it went Some individual instructions are: - Both Strikers: Shoot more often. Last season I noticed they tended to have a low ammount of shots, so I've been testing giving them both this instruction. It hasn't changed things much. Both also have the Mark Tighter instruction - Attacking Mid: Take more risks, Dribble More, Roam from Position, Move into Channels and Mark Tighter. I want the AM to function almost l
  5. As I'm writing this, I'm only a couple weeks away from finishing my 12th season with Arsenal. With a Community Shield at the start of the season and the Carabao Cup recently won, we're in for a Quintuple But, it doesn't feel right. For most of the season, all the way to Febraury, we've struggled. The tactic that saw us score 126 goals the previous season just wasn't working, and the players seemed to have lost their drive to play. We were out of the races for the Premier League most of the season, but a sudden drop of form by Manchester United meant we were able to clinch it with few games
  6. So I decided to check the Scouting Priorities to see what my scouts were doing, and I found that they aren't really following my instructions, or at least it seems like it Liam Sweeting has the assignment of scouting the UK & Ireland, yet when I checked what players he's scouting I found this All those highlighted players are clearly not in the UK & Ireland region. Eredivise, Bundesliga, even the Moldovan league! Is there something I'm missing? It's like this with all my scouts. They are all not following the assingment they have, scouting players from other regions. Even s
  7. This whole situation of Mourinho as Spain manager is more and more hilarious the more you think about it He left his job as Portugal manager, even when in the past I'm sure he said he'd love to coach Portugal and win a World Cup with them, to be the manager of Spain. Spain, a country that in recent history has been known for adopting the Tiki Taka, and then they go for Mourinho with his extremely direct brand of football, the complete opposite And this is even funnier when you see who he replaced Spain went from Mr. Tiki Taka himself to Jose Mourinho
  8. Ah, thank you anyways I did make my own thread before commenting here but sadly it got no attention lol
  9. I have recently re-made a tactic of mine using 3 strikers. It has brought very good results in the games I've used it This is how the team lines up. All the results selected were thanks to the tactic without using insta result or holidaying My main problem is that AF. He's barely involved in the games. For comparison, in the Community Shield game against Liverpool my PF on the right got a total of 82 touches of the ball, completing 20 passes and receiving 35. My CF on the left got 96 touches of the ball, and although he only made 8 passes, he received the ball 22 times. Finally, m
  10. As the title says. Not an exaggeration, not a metaphore or a saying. My defender literally got teleported away from the ball so the striker could score. I understand the Match Engine isn't perfect, but come on. This is ridiculous. My player was clearly going to slide to the ball and win it, and my goalkeeper could've cleared it, but he gets pushed away magically Teleport.mp4
  11. Huh, I had never seen this being mentioned. And now that you say it, it makes sense I'd have to check in my save if that's happening. What I understand from Youth Ranking is that this 'attribute' affects the quality of the regens produced, but I didn't know it also means that it all gets balanced Thanks for the explanation although I still feel I've been quite unlucky lol Oh well, I'll have to wait more for some quality to come through the academy
  12. December of 2026 has arrived, and it's time for Santa to bring me my presents. Obviously, I don't mean Christmas presents. No, no. I mean a much better gift that you can receive in Football Manager. The Youth Intake Preview And what has Santa brought to me this year? Well. A lump of coal For the sixth year in a row Now, you may the see the badge of the team I'm currently managing. Obvioulsy, it means top... everything. Best Training Facilities in the world. Best Youth Facilities. Best Junior Coaching, as well as Youth Recruitment And all this is paired with a top, top Head of Youth
  13. So, I'm playing as Arsenal. Currently in October of 2023 and it came up in the news that a 397 million pounds takeover of Everton just happened, and the owner is looking to 'Float the club on the stock Exchange' What does that mean and how good is it compared to a Tycoon takeover? (which I understand is the best kind of takeover possible in the game) Am I witnessing the birth of Manchester City 2: Electric Boogaloo? Or are they not going to be so free to spend the money?
  14. In the different saves I've had I've had the 'luck' of having players with good heading and jumping reach, meaning they'd be a threat in the air, right? Wrong Heading is just genuinely useless. I don't trust headers anymore, scoring one for me it's more cause of celebration, because I know they just don't happen Oh, my player has 15 jumping reach, 14 heading and it's 190 cm? He's gonna head the ball up like he's a 3 year old all the time, regardless of the opposition I swear it feels they were never thought that to head the ball dangerously you have to head it
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