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  1. Hi mate - I always play the full game, I don't think Touch really compares to the full version!
  2. New series here - youth only save based in Holland. I'm having a lot of fun with this one! Jumping through the seasons quickly = 2-3 eps per season to focus on how youngsters develop in the game with lots of first team football. Some interesting results too.. Episode one below:
  3. Lol I couldn't help but laugh when I was editing it. What a joke..... Same with the United game tbh... Haha big transfer special coming up. Link below
  4. Welcome Haha cheers, yeah I'm stoked with the group stages - season's looking good far.
  5. Loving the buy low, sell high transfer approach here. Good stuff. Just need that European push now!
  6. Cheers man, very happy with the cup wins this year. Yeah tbh I didn't want to sell either of the youngsters but I was getting desperate to meet FFP, don't think I need to have worried in the end Transfer window was fun! Some surprising ins I reckon. I know you've already seen it but link below for anyone interested
  7. @Ronaldo Beckham I was just taking a look at your tactics - I reckon you could split this into two different approaches cos there might be a bit of mixed messaging with those instructions. 1) More possession based: with play out of defence, distribute to defenders and balanced. Maybe WBITB. Remove run at defence 2) More direct: with run at defence, add counter, default passing. Remove play out of defence or distribute to defenders (so keeper goes long sometimes). Could play the possession one when you feel you are favourites and more direct when you aren't.
  8. Haha, great minds.... Just had a read about your Monaco save - interesting that you didn't have to bother about FFP, maybe I'll just ignore it next season and see what happens. I also noticed you signed a lot of players from Africa for Strasbourg, made me curious about why then I read the rules and realised they count as EU players in France. Huge revelation haha - scouting the whole continent now
  9. @Ewan0404 Glad to hear it . Let us know how you get on! I'm using a skin called FM20 Rensie Skin Dark v2.5
  10. Legend, thanks so much. Good luck with your Strasbourg save, I'll keep my eye out for it . If anyone knows about the Monaco FFP situation pls let me know!
  11. I've just had a flick through this thread - just wanted to say that this is incredible stuff @Jimbokav1971 . I'm gonna go have to go back to the start and make my way through it
  12. Hey guys! My name is Jake and I'm from Australia, been playing this game every year as long as I can remember. I've finally decided to turn playing 1000s of hours of FM each year into something a little more creative . I'm pretty decent at the game and like one-club saves to try and build up a bit of story, if it sounds like your kind of thing come and check it out . I made a pretty lengthy series with Wigan Athletic first up to get a handle on making FM videos - a lot of little technical things made it a lot harder than I realised! My second series is just beginning: it's with A.S. Monaco and so far has been a massive struggle as (I think) I need to sell all of my players to abide by FFP? It's all a little confusing... I think this series is a big jump in quality and at the level that I'm happy to share it now to try and get a few more people watching. Give it a watch if you've got a sec, and I'm very open to feedback as I'm still finding my feet! Cheers!
  13. Hi all! I've also just started a save with Monaco - loving it so far but have one big concern.... Can anyone tell me what their experience with FFP and Monaco is? From the beginning of the save we've been in the red for the three year period and I keep getting reminders to sell players. I've done my best to get it under control - sold Fabregas, Subasic, Jemerson, Jovetic, Maripan and about 10 youngsters but I CANNOT get it to drop far enough. Does the board step in at the end of the season and make everything okay? It seems like others in this thread have spent big money in the first season? I'd hate to finish top 3 and not get Europe... (It wasn't why I posted here I promise, but it's actually a Youtube series: feel free to check out ep 1here if you want )
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking to stream FM 20 with approx 10 leagues loaded and also edit/render videos. I have posted before but circumstances changed - now ideally looking for a built PC to order. I was recommended this one by the store - https://www.pccasegear.com/bundle/56/36620,36765,36781,48994,49330,53652,56121,56131,58729,59133,59329. It comes in at a little cheaper than I was expecting tbh - anything here that needs upgrading?
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