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  1. Started a Youtube save in Spain with Deportivo La Coruna, who to my surprise are down in the Third division. It's been great fun so far, please do follow along if you're interested
  2. I didn't know this! Great shout, won't make that mistake again. Episode 6 below:
  3. Coming tomorrow, it's a good one . How you finding FM21? Doing a Dafuge's Challenge?
  4. Legend, thanks mate. Things are looking a touch better now, finally!
  5. Getting towards the end of my first season at Needham Market and sitting rock bottom in 24th place . Not too many points to make it impossible, but not looking great either. I have brought in some new players though and I'm feeling optimistic. Episode 5 below!
  6. Episode 4 now up. I'm really struggling with this save in a way that I haven't for a while! Can't buy a win at the moment, and without using the pre-set tactics I'm sinking far quicker than I would've hoped. This save might end up being on the shorter side
  7. Thanks mate! Glad you enjoyed it. Episode 3 below in which our new 37 year old Goalkeeper becomes an assist king.
  8. I've just started a Youtube Dafuge's Challenge, planning to release an update every other day for now. Looks like there's a couple of people doing Needham saves so far
  9. Arsenal. Their squad is all over the place in terms of quality. Will be interesting to see how players like Saka, Holding and Nketiah are rated in the game.... I'm guessing not highly.
  10. I've just started making content on Youtube, but I don't think having it on here is a good idea for the reasons mentioned before. I like this as a place to come to read a long form approach with more detail. There's SO much on Youtube already that if creators started posting it here and getting viewers from it, it would honestly get flooded pretty quickly. After looking through your Irchester thread I had similar thoughts to you about a series and ended up having a go. I did a pretty experimental series with Roda and the challenge was definitely what not to include. I wan
  11. Hi mate - I always play the full game, I don't think Touch really compares to the full version!
  12. New series here - youth only save based in Holland. I'm having a lot of fun with this one! Jumping through the seasons quickly = 2-3 eps per season to focus on how youngsters develop in the game with lots of first team football. Some interesting results too.. Episode one below:
  13. Lol I couldn't help but laugh when I was editing it. What a joke..... Same with the United game tbh... Haha big transfer special coming up. Link below
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