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  1. Name a better dribbler in the league? For pace and acceleration, watch what he did to Bellerin of all players last weekend. Look at his numbers from last season and the start of this season. We’re hardly trying to make out that he’s a lethal finisher because he’s shown again already this season that he isn’t. I respect why the researcher may not make changes at this stage but I don’t think this kind of sarcastic comment is constructive.
  2. To be fair from memory Jack has quite a poor sportsmanship attribute which if on the basis of his supposed diving I would say is harsh as I’ve only ever seen him actually dive once, against Palace late last season, although he does argue almost every decision so overall it is probably justified. if you’re under the impression that he is a chronic diver then I’m hardly surprised that you don’t rate him more highly than his current attributes as it probably colours your perception, as it seems to with a lot of people although that number seems to be dropping as they actually watch him pl
  3. As posted towards the end of last year's thread, Marvellous Nakamba of Aston Villa is definitely left footed: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/marvelous-nakamba/profil/spieler/324882
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