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  1. Great post. This pretty much sums up my feelings on FM20 its so massively frustrating, I havnt really enjoyed the 200+ hours i've spent on it, despite some decent success. I do fear that a lot of people will have picked this up in lockdown or now free on epic and feel the same.
  2. Couldn't agree more, think this needs a major revamp and a huge amount of depth added. Especially when on a long term save taking a small team to the top, board expectations can become quite unreasonable and they'll express disappointment a losing tight champions league games to established teams like Barcelona. I know the game probably can't take this into consideration but in one save I added a league about 8 seasons in. Most of the teams and the players shown in the player search that were added were 30 years old and above. One vision the board had was to sign players for the first team under 23 years old. We'll this was almost impossible for the first 2 seasons as the scouting range was tiny and the players visible in player search were all well over 23 apart from the odd few that were nowhere near first team standard. It's a small gripe and probably an uncommon scenario but it just shows how board vision and expectations work well at the start of saves but after multiple seasons start to become unreasonable.
  3. I never buy day 1 anyway becasue theres always bugs so i'll do what i usually do, wait for a couple of patches and see what the feedback is like on the ME. I bought FM20 but i think its one of the most unenjoyable for a few years and constantly find myself going back to previous versions.
  4. 50 shots to 6 in a 1-1 draw you know when you've been FM'ed. I'd love to see a detailed breakdown of the shots, long shots, CCC's, HC's etc. Were they playing in a 5 a-side goal?
  5. I put 11 all the player roles in a hat and pick them out to decide my formation.
  6. I know this is no help but in my cheltenham town save I'm 6 seasons in, don't have great facilities, I'm an average mid table premier league team and I've been lucky enough to have 2 players in 2 years that could easily become first team players and are rated over 4 star. I do have very good staff and good personality on the HoYD. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never encountered an issue with youth players. On FM 18 on my Clyde save 2nd season I had a guy come through that ended up playing for Chelsea and Liverpool and went on to be Scotlands best player for a few years.
  7. What a great idea for a thread, will have to take a better look at this once I get home and give an answer.
  8. Background I'm been managing Clyde in Scotland for 10 seasons, worked my way up the leagues and just done the domestic treble. Had 4 seasons of champions league football with the last being the first I managed to get out the group stages but was soundly beaten in the first knockout round. Celtic did exactly the same. Luckily we have 3 Champions league places next season. Coefficient Whilst the Coefficient is going up with the league reputation I really just want to win things, I have almost no hope of winning the champions league so my question is, is it better for Coefficient and league reputation to go deeper in the Europa league from finishing 3rd in champs league group or getting knocked out in first knockout round of the champions league? I think with a good draw and some luck I could have a good shot at winning the Europa league but if the Reputation takes a hit then its not worth it. Many thanks
  9. I feel your pain. I'm currently managing Clyde is the SPL season 2025/26 been in the spl about 5 years and finished 2nd 1st and 2nd in the last few seasons so got a decent balence from the champions league. The last 2 seasons iv had the mantra of buy young and cheap, flog for profit. The stadium was increased last season to around 10k and this season they said they'd build a new one which is great although we're still in the searching for a location part. Trouble is this new stadium capacity will only be 16k , I'm going to struggle to complete with rangers and celtic with that. It's a minor gripe and probably realistic but this has been a long term save iv been doing over months and I'm never going to get a huge amount of seasons done. I think next fm when I start my save the best thing to do is up the max expansion capacity in the editor.
  10. Jesus I'm managing Clyde but a few seasons behind this is something to keep an eye out for
  11. Quick question I'm Clyde just about to start 18/19 season and been promoted to Scottish league 1 the club has been professional from the start of the game (I think) I can sign players on professional contracts but don't seem to have the option to sign coaching staff on full time contracts. Any ideas why? Surely this has to impact on training. Thanks in advance
  12. Only a tactic by MinimalFuss would have created nearly a page of chat without the tactic actually being available
  13. Just won the Football league Championship with Nottingham Forrest (104 points) and into the FA cup final with the normal tactic but putting the CM to a CAM (T) 4-4-1-1 so its working a treat for me still. With the right players playing in the right positions this tactic is still top drawer in my opinion
  14. Thought id share my small experience with this tactic. Started as wolves made only a couple of signings using the normal tactic but with the CM as a CAM (T). Slow start but by xmas I was 2nd in the Championship then got sacked due to board takeover Ended up retiring and adding myself back in with Forest who were about 18th and managerless played the same tactic that i did with Wolves but didnt really have the right players and with an already low moral im really struggling. Hopefully I can stay up and rebuild for next season. One thing i did notice is that a good prefered move to have for the wide midfielders was "gets into opponents area" I had jed Wallace at Wolves who scored a lot from ghosting in around the back for easy tap-ins. I think its like any tactic you need the right players to execute it and you cant expect every team to have the players you need from day 1
  15. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/football-manager-2016-pc-19-94-5-discount-code-cdkeys-2278792
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