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  1. I'm not completely sure about this, but I think FIFA changed the rules regarding transfers of minors only in 2005, so Messi wouldn't have been affected. As far as I know he already had family in Catalonia, and only his father stayed with him. I think he would also fall under exception 1 because of the HGH treatment.
  2. I think that this two bits from the regulations (section III.9) apply: Players registered at one association may only be registered at a new association once the latter has received an International Transfer Certificate (hereinafter: ITC) from the former association. The new association shall inform the association(s) of the club(s) that trained and educated the player between the ages of 12 and 23 (cf. article 7) in writing of the registration of the player as a professional after receipt of the ITC I'm not a lawyer, however I'd interpret that as once you're registered with an FA, then even an out of contract move is still a transfer, and that would fall under the U18 transfer ban. Ah, sorry, I thought you were speaking generally because you wrote that it's not difficult to get an EU passport, not specifically Italian. All this now makes me wonder why did Messi opt for a Spanish passport over an Italian one. The start to his 05/06 season was delayed because he was yet to obtain an EU passport. He played in 04/05, but at that time he was covered by the La Liga rule that didn't require U18's to be registered for the first team.
  3. There's no issue if a South American with an EU passport and without a club moves to the EU and joins a club there. However there is an issue if a player is already registered with a club in Brazil. Then his transfer falls under FIFAs jurisdiction. I haven't read the regulations thoroughly, but I wouldn't be surprised that even a player without a club, but at some point registered with the Brazilian FA, would not be allowed to be registered with a different FA before age 18. Pogba's transfer falls under Exception 2 (obviously at the time Man Utd and Le Havre were both within the EU and he was 16 years and 3 months old). Whatever they gave to his parents was an incentive for them to choose Man Utd over staying in Le Havre, and not to circumvent the rules. It wasn't difficult for you because you had a number of beneficial circumstances. 1) You're American, so you're not required to renounce your US nationality when obtaining a passport of a different country, not all countries allow that. 2) You have Italian heritage, and Italy allows anyone with an Italian ancestor from 1861 (unification of Italy) to present day to have a claim for Italian citizenship - not all EU countries are so generous, some allow only 2 generations back and Germany doesn't allow even that, if your grandparents are German but parents are not, you don't have a claim. The UK in some cases is even more strict than that and in some cases doesn't allow foreign-born children of British parents to claim citizenship. 3) The US immigration records are elaborate and well preserved, so you likely have a lot of supporting documents for when your Italian ancestors arrived to the USA and can trace a direct line of heritage from them to yourself.
  4. That 10 year old thread is very outdated (if it was ever completely correct). FIFA has changed the rules regarding transfers of minors. International transfers of players under the age of 18 are not allowed, except for the following exceptions: The player's parents move to the country in which the new club is located for reasons not linked to football. The transfer takes place within the territory of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and the player is aged between 16 and 18. The player lives no further than 50km from a national border and the club with which the player wishes to be registered in the neighbouring association is also within 50km of that border. The maximum distance between the player’s domicile and the club’s headquarters shall be 100km.In such cases, the player must continue to live at home and the two associations concerned must give their explicit consent. Source is FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, page 22. So a Brazil to EU transfer of a minor is possible only under exception 1, which I'm certain is not implemented in the game.
  5. In my experience the initial star ratings can be variable, meaning that someone who's a 3 star at the day of intake might get reported as a 4+ star in a year, and someone who's a 5 star can get downgraded to a 3 star. However I do find the intake a bit too conservative for top clubs, and a bit too happy to place a future world beater in a random lower league club. It's all down to chance really.
  6. Slowing down tempo and reducing the mentality will result in a higher possession and from what I've experienced not a significant drop in shots (low tempo, balanced mentality). It's also a match engine quirk where the opposition just keeps the possession and does nothing with the ball, and there's not much you can do about that.
  7. Here is my current 4141 with my best selection. Only the CM(A) has special instructions, you can see them in the screenshot. Here are Possession, Transition, and Out of Possession screens. When Tonali is rotated for De Jong, his role is DP(D) with Tackle Harder. As soon as he gets a yellow I turn it off. This season I'm experimenting with More Creative Freedom. So far there are mixed results, I wasn't scoring much (slightly over 2 goals per game) but then in 4 League games in a row I won 5-0, 5-0, 8-0 and 8-0. For the past 2 seasons I was experimenting with Work Ball Into Box. I'm still not sure if I want it or not, I'll likely remove it because I'm scoring less. By far my best goalscoring season was without it - 123 league + 42 UCL goals. In the last two seasons with WBIB I scored 106+32 and 114+31. But for now I'm keeping it to see how it works together with More Creative Freedom. This is the first season where I'm playing with CWB's on both sides because the newgen on the left is just exceptional. Alexander-Arnold gets injured a lot so it's CWB on left and WB on right a lot of the time. I'll do the 4231 a bit later, I have to dig up that save from a different computer.
  8. Don't worry about it, I wasn't insulted Porto winning the EC in 87 is actually quite well known in my country, since the manager who took over at the end of 86/87 season and won the Super and Intercontinental cups with them was my compatroit. No, it's not the same. There's a difference between a historically great side and a currently great side (current with respect to a particular year). Porto in 2004 was a historically great side, but no one pegged them for UCL winners. They were considered mediocre. Pretty much the same team failed to even qualify for the UCL the season before. The difference between Porto in 2004 and Man Utd today is Porto's previous success in Europe was 17 years before 2004, while Man Utd's was 3 years ago. Same goes for Chelsea, Dortmund, City, PSG, Inter and Liverpool who all had sustained success in Europe over the past 10 years. These teams get into the UCL knockout stages regularly. Porto in 2003 wasn't even playing in the UCL. Milan today I definitely consider a mediocre side as they've been struggling to even get into the Europa League for the past couple of years. Historically they're giants, but today they're a mid-table Italian team. Well I disagree here. I think mediocre is the perfect word to describe them - the Merriam-Webster definition is "of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance". Teams from former Yugoslavia, Romania or Bulgaria are usually punching bags in the group stage, if they even manage to qualify. Teams like Galatasaray, Benfica or Ajax may have a great season in Europe once in a while, but rarely sustain it. If they're not mediocre, what are they then? They're certainly not elite. Again, no, that's you putting words in my mouth. Liverpool is literally the current UCL, PL, CWC, and USC champion, with one of the most dominating displays in a PL campaign. There's nothing mediocre about that. Again, context is key.
  9. It's possible, I've had that several times in previous versions. You have to ask the board to build a new stadium - it might be difficult to get them to agree to that, especially if the current stadium is in good condition and not very old. Once they agree, they might name it after you. I've had it named after me every time a new stadium got built, but I've also seen the AI clubs with new stadiums named after players, or just something like New Anfield.
  10. You get named a club favourite, icon or a legend, depending on your success. You can see all club favourites, icons and legends in the Club Information/General tab. In the media you will then sometimes see yourself referred to by the press as a club favourite, icon or a legend.
  11. You're right, my mistake. It's the default on the Tiki-Taka preset. Anyway, it's Fairly Narrow. On the right: Messi as IF(A). Mbappe, who replaced him, as W(A). On the left: Dembele or Fati as IW(A); Griezmann or Sane as W(A).
  12. Ah, sorry, I forgot about width. I use the default width that comes with the positive mentality, which is Fairly Narrow. I always found the naming of width a bit misleading, since with a pitch of maximum dimension (as mine is), a Fairly Narrow team width will still place players reasonably wide of each other. No running at defence or passing into space. I want to keep the ball, so with that in mind these instructions, at least as I understand them, would increase the risk of losing the ball. Also, the wide forwards on an attack duty will often by themselves run at the defence, especially if they have Runs With Ball Often PPM, so increasing the rate at which they do that doesn't appeal to me. Similarly with playmakers and a CM that has Take More Risks - they will by themselves attempt to pass into space, especially if they have PPMs like Tries Killer Balls Often. As you can see, I generally keep things default in terms of roles, and specific behaviour I train with PPMs; if a player already has a certain set of PPMs, I try to match them with an appropriate role. Stay narrow was only for Messi. An IW will cut inside, and I want that a W goes wide sometimes, especially since in this version W(A) seem to tend to go more into the box. Although, to be honest, I only saw a small change in Messi's average position with Sit Narrow. I could probably have gone without it. Maybe with a team width larger than Fairly Narrow it makes more sense to have that instruction.
  13. This is the *only* PM I sent: "I reported your post for toxic behaviour, whatever that means on this forum, since I don't want to publicly engage with your trolling attempt. What ever happened to "staying on topic"? Not only are you not able to take criticism, you're also not able to follow through on your own words. Bad troll, bad. " Stop harassing me by quoting my posts when you have nothing on-topic to add and lying about me sending multiple abusive PMs. I reported you again.
  14. Yes, pretty much, except: I don't have Counter on, and I play with low to standard tempo, however higher tempo + counter should go well together. The only reason why Messi has Roam From Position is because he's Messi. Otherwise no other forward in my team has it. Sometimes I give De Jong/Pogba that permission in CM, otherwise no, not even for Puig or Ilaix (who develop into some of the best midfielders in game). I don't like Complete Forwards because the description implies that they're the main focus of the team, both for creativity and execution, so everything will go through them. I don't know if that's true or not, but I got far better performances from AF than CF (even though the finishing is still frustrating). My DM is a Regista only because De Jong is perfect for it. Otherwise I use Tonali as DP(D) and he's also very good in that role. Milan will probably be my next save once I get bored of Barca.
  15. It's still very rude to assume that someone is ignorant, with or without a disclaimer in front. Why didn't you instead ask me what I meant by Porto being a mediocre European side? Clearly, context is key. Porto last had European success in the 1980s, no one considered them a favourite in 2004 next to Man Utd, RM, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern, Juventus, Inter or Milan. Them winning the UCL was an upset. They were considered underdogs in every stage of the tournament. Similarly, Steaua or Red Star today are even a below-mediocre European side, despite having historical success in the European Cup in the late 80s and early 90s.
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