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  1. Hi guys, i have seen some mistakes. For instance, Milan Pavkov's stronger foot is not left, as shown in the game, it'r logically his right. Also, i can see a very large number of questionable attributes sets for really reasonable number of players that i know. For instance, i think that this set of attributes portrays Jovičić in a wrong way, gives a wrong perception of his playing style. He's not the only one. I am not gonna make a huge hate post with thousands of screenshots, mostly because that's the thing of opinion and perspective, but i think i can really proove and give arguments about some players and certain attributes of them. If you're interested to hear, you can PM me, if not, not a big deal. I'd like to help in researching. I
  2. And btw, Jović played for Eintracht last season
  3. No mate, i know Jović for years. I am from Serbia.
  4. And btw, when someone writes an attribute suggestion and don't post anything, it's cool, but when i do and even provide some video material, you go with the famous "we don't do anything based on videos" ok then watch some games, or understand that a highlight video includes a real life material. Jović really had those great crosses, you know? It's not something that they shot for the purpose of his highlights video.
  5. It's not based on video suggestion, i saw many games of Eintracht this season, and i know Jović for years. Starting the FM 19 with such awful Jović attribute set is your huge mistake, and not something to be proud of, he is not great in what i wrote from august. It's a huge minus for German researching team, awful set.
  6. Luka Jović is arguably underrated in terms of crossing, passing, vision and teamwork. He's portrayed as an out and out goal poacher, but he's not. He's far beyond average for passing, vision and teamwork for a centre forward. Goalscoring still is, and always will be, his main asset, but he's not a poacher, he's a player with fantastic positioning in the box, brilliant shooting, but also very quality in terms of link up play and passing. When Eintracht tends to play a counter attack, they regularly use Jović to offer himself with his back to goal, hold the ball up and bring other teammates into play. Also, for a striker, Jović is quite unselfish, and tends to play really quality passes and crosses in the final third. EDIT: He jost got refused by Barca for doubting his link up play, which is dumb IMO, because Eintracht play in a very structured style positionaly and his movement is really stricted by the coach. I'd suggest 13 for passing , 14 crossing, and id go for 13 Teamwork and 12 vision His left foot shouldn't be considered as "fairly strong". He shoots and uses his both feet regularly (i even think that he scored at least the same amount of goals with his left, especially in Serbia) Here are the examples (i am posting youtube videos with exact moments, by seconds) Crossing Passing Passing Crossing Crossing Something between? Passing (link up style) Passing Crossing
  7. Hey guys, i am currently enjoying the regular, PC version of FM, but i'm also quite a fan of the FMM, in certain occassions. It's cheap and it's a good fun for couple of days, but the topic i'd like to discuss is the level of hardness, the last two versions, the only 2 i ever played, were way way too easy. Anything changed ?
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