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  1. I've been also following Jovic since his 1st team debut and I agree with Basara's suggestions. You know, we are talking about some of his main attributes and his playstyle, he's always been that kind of player - not a pure poacher but also a very quality link up player, especially for an extremely young guy. You can not make an evolution from an extremely aggressive goal poacher without any kind of link up and teamwork qualities into the very quality link up forward.... Just due THE PRACTICE and THE HARD WORK. Can you? He has never been a typical poacher. Yes, his goal scoring instict is something but his sense for the link up play, a right pass and teamwork qualities have always been his brighter sides. Besides that, he's upgraded his game on the higher level and now he is showing his qualities in a top notch leagues. I mean, everyone who knows a bit about football and everyone who has been following Jovic know what type of player he is. We don't need to write an essays about it, so that's why Basara's posted just a couple of examples. If we need to write an essays, tell us. Here you have a couple of other short videos which are portraying solely his passing and link up qualities. I know that your methodology of making stats is a way more complexed than watching a short videos but if you don't know Jovic good enough, I think that this could be a bit helpful for you to change an opinion about his player profile and start watching him on a different way, I guess. Thing is that an overall profile of this player has been fallaciously interpretated for some time. Whose fault is it? I don't know and I don't care. It might be due Serbian or Portuguese moderation and you guys perhaps got this partially or essentially wrong set to fix by yourself. Nobody should care who's made a mistake as long as you are doing your job decently with the larger number of players, so it's just unethical from us to accuse German or Portuguese mods for making a one tiny mistake, as you guys are doing a very decent job. All in all, **** happens and everybody can make a mistake, especially the guys like you, who have an entire league to fix by yourself. Other members should respect your work, no questions about that, but you should also respect other members' opinions. You know, this game is made for us and this is also our problem. Basara's first comment was totally on the place and there wasn't any need for being that rigorose towards him. And yes, his other comments were way too aggressive, that's for sure, but I kinda understand him. I mean, guy has posted a couple of video examples and even cut a couple of situations from these videos but seems like you didn't care to check what he actually did, so you thought that he's just randomly posted some ****** compilations without any actual context. All in all, we are here for the same purpose and I can understand both of you. I personally respect an effort made by German mods but I also have the right to express my opinion about a small amount of your sets which I personally don't find to be perfectly fine... Do I? Same thing with Basara, I guess. I hope that you are gonna keep up with a good work. Cheers!
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