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  1. Had to take a 20 days break for home works but it was going strong when I stopped (end of January in the save). Can't wait to get back to it!
  2. Hey Demus, Almost none, that's the beauty of it ! Only three here : - less risky passes on the left CB, because Hutch passing/vision are not good (11/8) - shoot less often on the IFa, because o'Dowda finishing/composure are mediocre (10) (both these PI are specific to these players. A more technical CB and a more letal IF would have no PI.) - cross from deep on the Left FB, so Bryan does not go all the way to the byline and cover a bit more his side (considering there is a CMa+Ws on his side). I've also made him unlearn "get further forward" or any other risk taking traits so we d
  3. Soooooo....seems like tweak after tweak, the tactic really came together. @summatsupeer your last suggestion was really spot on and worked like a charm with my two CMs bravery/workrate levels. I added PI "Close down More" on the two CMs, "Close down less" on the two CB and DM (+mark tighter for the DM) Really chuffed with the results and most of all by the fluidity of the system! Even defensive-wise, we are objectively very solid. Over 13 games, we conceded 5 goals : 2 direct freekick, 1 corner, 1 penalty ! (cheeky bastards ) There will be some minor tweaks (obviously) pre or during
  4. From what I've seen, it's rather the case of opposition having time to pick their passes, despite the D-line being higher. One option could be to press more but I fear to disrupt my organisation/open new gaps to the opposition by doing so. Typical example below. Luckily for me, Dunne makes a huge tackle AND the opposition forward speed is mediocre (12/13)...
  5. Hi all, Thank you again for the help. @summatsupeer and @Rashidi, both your insights (+Ed previous help) really pushed thing into the right direction. Despite the results not being great, players not always taking the right obvious decision, the attacking flow is improving. My CF even got one goal per game (playing PFa, PFa, then PFs) However, aside from conceding two direct freekicks (), goals and opportunities for the opposition came more often than not from balls over our defense. My defense may not be fast enough to play with the high DL while the higher DL help the offensive workf
  6. A quick glimpse at the tactic makes me think I really don't have the players to pull that out unfortunately, sorry ! 😅
  7. Here the CB passes the ball to BWM, which pass it to the IF, which ends...drum roll...running into opposition one more time Another one. CMa gets the ball, pass to the the WB. Which runs with no good option. Loses the ball. Other team break and get a penalty from the counter. *sigh*
  8. A few example on how plays goes... IF gets the ball, pass it to CMa which send it to the LW...which runs until getting tackled IF gets the ball, pass it to LW which runs alone into oblivion
  9. Well, one issue with this team is that I feel they are neither excellent or terrible at anything. Not fast enough to be a constant threat on break/direct play, not technical/smart enough for over control play...hence I'm not sure of the style of play I want for them...Would "Balanced" be a style of play ? I've gone for a lower LOE in order for the team to be more compact while defending. I've could have gone with with higher LOE but I fear that my slow CBs get skinned too often. From what I can see from the games, the team offensively lack option which end up with often : - a player en
  10. Hi all, First of, thank you for the help on this topic. Had a chance to play a couple of games with this formation and still struggle to get quality chances. I can believe this to be down to a lack of quality in my players, however suspect I may have a lack of speed overall (most of the players acc/speed attributes being around 12-13). Maybe the tactic is wrong for the player ? I am even thinking of diching the 4141dW for a simpler 442 (though I have little experience of 442 😕) Thank you for the help ! I am really uneasy playing with 3 CB. It may be an optimal solution b
  11. Having him straight away as a DM (+More Risky Passes) with a BBM and a BWM would be coherent then ? Should I always have a Playmaker in the tactic ? (I sometimes don't but it seems like 90% of the tactics on the forum have one )
  12. Makes lot of sense...Almost makes me regret to get the player in the first place now! 😅 Aside from playing him in the DM strata, any other tweak to make him better ? That 8 at OTB suddenly worries me a lot more !
  13. Makes sense! for some reason, I've always thought of OTB as moving left/center/right but always "GOING FORWARD" (silly me)
  14. Never thought OTB would be critical for a DLP on CM position (considering he would just stay back holding the fort while the RB and the RW would go up the field). Can you develop why this can cause a big problem? I'm intrigued.
  15. That is really SIMPLE but I'm willing to give it a try ! The team as 10 days off (international break), will have to friendlies to give it a try.
  16. Despite having played the game for some times now, I really struggle to adapt my tactics to players. It is the case this time with my current save I've arrived at Fulham with the club faceing financial difficulties. That + bad dressing room admosphere forced the board to make me sell most of the player the summer just when I've been hired. Most top players wanted to leave anyway, but I had to end up buying out of contract and transfer listed players to remplace them. I thought my recruitement was decent (even though only 15-16 players are "average good" in the side) but after 6 league ga
  17. So, tactic is working quite fine. We create opportunities and our defensive record is really good! However, we rarely score more than 2 goals a game and my strikers ratings are appalling : I don't aim to destroy the whole tactic in order for them to play better, but I would like to see them scoring more regularly or at least getting average rating/being more of a threat. What can I change in the tactic to give them more chances to be letal?  any help is welcomed !
  18. Hey man, thank you for the follow-up ! Well...the little tweaks had some really nice effect indeed : For some reason (maybe because the center of the midfield worked better?) my defense seemed much tighter while at the same time the good game play came back ! We are not letal offensively but at least I've seen a real improvement in the way we build up/hush up the attacks. I would like to have a bit more efficiency upfront thought, and also to see my striker score some goals. My main man performance (speedy nibble striker) are really not amazing. Would love to see him getting bet
  19. Thank you for the tips, will try this (yes, my main keeper has a strong throwing)
  20. Hi guys, Sophomore manager looking for some more advice on tactics (yes, again...) I'm on FM19 and I've been coaching Bristol City for 5 seasons now, having a lot of fun while not having the best team. Issue is : I feel like my tactics, which have been doing suprisingly well for 4 years now, are no longer working. My idea was to keep on a 4141 DM tactic predominantly looking for rather quick attacks while beeing solid at the back, we strong solidarity throught the team. In order to do so, I've build over the season a team with : - hardworking CM/DM - consistent CB - quick/focuse
  21. Thought about it but my whole First Team has Determination and WorkRate as essential DNA (nobody lower than 13, most of player above 15) so that surprise me. Althought, may it be players of the Under 18s influencing each others ? Also, could it be the Under 18s staff influencing them badly? they are not the best when it comes to determination, but that would be really far fetched from SI to drastically drop youngsters Determination because of some 18s coach average attribute...
  22. Hi guys, Quick training/attribute question here. In every/any save I have, my regens (even the best ones) tend to suffer massive drops in determination while the rest of the attributes grow nicely. I have no clue where this comes from has I get rid of any player with bad to mediocre personnality, both in my first and Under 18s teams. How to stop that ?
  23. Hi all ! Needing some tactic insight here ! I am about to start my third season with Bristol City, over achieving and feeling pretty good (7th position in the league previous year : very happy !) I have some doubt over one specific topic though. I have a pretty good DLP regen I want to take advantage of. He has good vision, good pass, good first touch, decent composure. Very promising and I want to using at his best and make him improve fast. However, my philosophie and tactic so far revolve around counter-attacking football. , very logical considering the team DNA I have come tog
  24. When playing counterattacking tactics, is using a DLP a bad idea? I have a pretty good DLP I want to take advantage of (good vision, good pass) but I worry it would go against the principal of the tactic. Thought, with the "counter" option ticked maybe the match engine will dismiss the DLP=ball magnet logic?
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