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  1. The issue with the number of tactical exploits, cheats and advantages the human have over the A.I is because of how unnecessarily complex this game is. And the fact A.I is expected to challenge humans without any advantages or less responsibility over 20+ year seasons. There needs to be less CLUTTER and complexity in tactics, squad management etc and the A.I should be given more advantages. I think we need to reduce the number of tactical options as there is too many clutter and options. for example you don't need sliders or "pass into space". reduce the amount of responsib
  2. thank you devs for this amazing game but it does have issues. I think issues with the large amount of bugs, and the terrible A.I managers and their management for short term and long term saves are because of this game being unnecessaly complex for example having sliders for passing should just be 3 options... Short, mixed and Long instead of sliders. In real life managers don't show their players a slider on how they should pass during the match so i think having 3 options won't be the end of the world People may disagree with me but oh well i believe no game is perfect and t
  3. why do no A.I manager use inverted fullbacks? Lack of creativity from A.I managers is annoying
  4. Yes you can watch a match and understand how good or bad a player was, but stats are still important Stats are important for football fans like me because it illustrates a story for me. I want to know which player tackles the most, who makes the most dribbles and who has the lowest passing accuracy. For me stats adds more complexity and depth towards football. it makes it more interesting. During a real life match I look at text commentary on daily mail and highlights on youtube and when the match finishes I look at team stats such as xg and possession on a football stats website becau
  5. I don't think people realize how bad the incorrect player stats bug is e.g incorrect key tackles stats This is making match ratings incorrect or too harshly low. This means that we can not fully understand how good or bad a player is doing relative to other players therefore we cannot make good managerial decisions. Player Stats and match ratings are fundamental to football manager and both are currently bugged. Please people go and post examples to the bug forums so we can help the devs
  6. Does incorrect stats make a players average rating wrong? because now i can only analyse players using average rating as stats are incorrect due to this bug
  7. Has A.I illogical registration bug been fixed? For example clubs not registering their good players
  8. It is how fast your team attacks in transition AFTER taking the ball from the opponent Counter is when you push most of your players (wingbacks, midfield and forwards) forward very quickly and move the ball into the oppositions box quickly in order to exploit space left by opposition. You do this when you have a team (FOWARDS) with quick pace, or when you are a weaker side, 2015 Leicester City and 2020 Tottenham are good examples of teams that counter The weakness of this is that you leave yourself vulnerable against counters. Hold Shape is when your pl
  9. The Youth Intake bug is very disappointing , not currently playing FM unfortunately because of it
  10. People are allowed to voice their opinion. No matter how much you love this game, people are allowed to give feedback. If S.I don't want people to give feedback or report bugs then remove this forum and cut out contact with the consumers. idk why you are getting upset with people reporting game breaking bugs.. I have even had to quit playing FM because of this issue and resort to FIFA on my spare time away from work.
  11. hi devs We need more reaction from staff reaction to team news so the staff doesn't feel lifeless or robotic, they should have more opinons
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