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  1. Thats my point tbh, "improve the midfield" is too vague in a game that is a simulation The User should be given a better more specific measure when dealing with player promises like "buy 2 CDM" to solve player issue When a player has an issue of low playing time the promise should be "give this player 20 more matches to solve issue"
  2. I promised I would strengthen the Midfield I sold a CAM and CDM (kevin de bruyne & Fernandino) I brought in Paulo Dybala (CAM) , casemiro (CDM) who have strong CA That should've solved the Problem.
  3. FM is a good good game, But i think lack of competition is allowing SI not to really fix these long-term issues. Promises should've been fixed by now
  4. I ignore them, and they will get upset, the upset player influences the squad happiness , and match performances. I just feel sorry for Lower League Mangers that invest in a team but fail due to the flawed "dynamic system" FM19 is a very very good game, and i accept no game is perfect or bug free. however, I'm just tired of complaining about issues and getting a response of "Your wrong" "this is not an issue" "nothing is wrong with this game" "nothing can improve"
  5. Player Promises have been broken for years.... I sell a midfielder player complains about lack of depth in the midfield I buy 2 "4 star rated" midfielders player wants to leave because promise is broken. I cannot offer him a new contract, and i'm forced to lose him. i give up, not playing this game anymore Promises should have a Numerical Measure, such as "buy 2 players to complete promise".. its a simulation game, games that are RPG or Simulation should have numerical measures when completing tasks/missions or issues so the PLAYER understands what to do
  6. Liverpool in real life are overpowered.. another Champions League Final for them
  7. My feedback to FM19 is to fix the "Continue Game Timeout" Feature Everyone, we need to convince SI to fix the Continue Game Timeout feature It still doesn't work properly. Please comment on these 2 threads.
  8. This feature has been bugged for months.. even years It doesn't work properly The feature does not work properly Sometimes it doesn't automatically continue when you choose the feature Sometimes you can't even stop it when continuing Sometimes it stops automatically continuing at random weird times.
  9. Continue Game-Timeout needs a complete improvement, we need more settings, options... More Options We need MORE options when using the feature. such as different options of WHEN the user wants the game to stop automatically continuing (e.g. when players have an issue and want a conversation or when a press conference occurs etc) and different options of how we want it to stop continuing etc (e.g. click of a button or movement of a mouse)
  10. Complicated because some people are still struggling to understand how to create a good possession-style tactic Your tactics are good though, what i would modify is having at least 1 CM (that goes into the box) (attack I'm Cardiff, and i use the same tactic instructions as i posted above.
  11. The tactic still applies to lesser teams, if you use "possession short passing football" but still lose matches, because you team is weaker... theres nothing you can do tbh i dont think you should then use "parking the bus, direct passing, high tempo counter attacking" football or if you do use possession style football against stronger teams... then just make sure you defence is on point because they will exploit the spaces you create
  12. Use lots of time-wasting, that helps to increase possession numbers i think... and also use the standard mentality
  13. I've only managed to achieve around 55-60 possession and win the match with good chances I believe that if you play high possession football without a combination of 1 cm (attack), 1 winger, (attack), 1 fullback (attack) its extremely difficult to break through defences with teams that park the bus You struggle to win against teams if all the players are on support or defence
  14. Yeah To help contain more possession and Dominate the Game use these setting Hold Space - to avoid losing the ball often Goalkeeper should Pass to your full-backs and centre-backs - to maintain possession and not lose the ball To break down weaker teams that park the bus always remember This only works against weaker teams that park the bus. Make sure the team is actually playing defensively and parking the bus (they normally use 2 CDM or use a 4-4-2) 2 Players that stay up the field. You need attacking 2 players to always stay up... to receive the crosses (use 2 strikers, or 1 ST and 1 CAM) Good Attacking Wing-Backs. You NEED your wingbacks to ATTACK and create Width to cross to your strikers High Tempo & Standard or slightly Direct passing directness. You need to play attacking football that is high tempo with a standard or slightly direct passing style You can also try this formation to break down weaker teams .. THAT PARK THE BUS.
  15. You need to use your Wing-Backs to open Space. You need your CAM, ST AND AML on (attack) You need to go wide and rely on crosses because you cant exploit them through the middle
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