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  1. Hello, so I have been playing for 1 and a half in game seasons, and don't think i have changed personal to much, yet I am yet to see any partnerships develop between any of my players, is there something i am doing wrong, any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Not sure if mentioned but yuri Alberto is an absolute gem, especially for series a team because of the work permit
  3. these two look very promising in my fulham save, both available for 'approach to sign', however ryan doesnt seem interested in a move away from ajax. also rick looks a solid defender to develop.
  4. season 21/22 If you hold out long enough, you can start to see tottenham struggling! Possibly the best thing I have ever seen in the game if they go down!
  5. Vagnomon is the go to man for rb depth, under 10mil and develops well and fast
  6. Sorry if this question has already been asked, Any good young back up goalies, as cech is retiring in my arsenal game,
  7. Mois kean is great if you are looking for a long term investment, same for Edouard, but he is more of a Lacazette player
  8. Who would you replace him with,I am ideally looking for a youngster to replace him, at the moment am looking to mois kean
  9. I personally love genderson fernandes (although he is around 20mil) also, mios Kean is a GOD (in 2-3 years he grows up to be fast, strong, good at finishing and heading, same he is 20mil)
  10. I was thinking about this, do you think it would matter about the players hierarchy and age to effect his determination. At the moment I have him in a group of 3 with high determind people in my u23 team, but wonder if it would be more effective to get him in a senior tutoring group.
  11. So I am in my second season, and my recruiting team picked up this gem, only he is always one of the lowest in training performance, and he doesn't appear to be growing! Is this purely down to his low determination? If so, is there a fast way to upgrade the attribute, as in past fm's I would have had him tutored, but can't this year.
  12. what formation and role is he playing in, I am unable to get him to perform so far.
  13. Does anyone have any tips on how to set your team up to attack and defend corners this fm? Or what traits are best to try and give the youth players?
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