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  1. So you have a custom USA database and you can get the NACL by default? I'm trying one as well and NACL doesn't work for me. Curious as to what you have done with yours to make that work.
  2. So I just saw latest release and see this bug wasn't fixed. Are you all done with the patching of FM23 and I should just expect this one to not be fixed?
  3. I don't think so. I tried my main file and it still was missing the NACL. Disappointing.
  4. Hey @nielsoncp I decided to test my happiness and wanted to see if the August 22nd crash still applies. I needed to update your NACL and US advanced files but had to make this fix to get around some weird Icelandic issue. It verified with that update but alas, it still crashes on August 22nd. I'm bummed that SI hasn't fixed this and my motivation to play this game is on life support.
  5. I'll add my save as well. It's up on SI Cloud under the name of "East Valley FC.fm"
  6. Ugh. I thought I did something with Daveincid's stuff added as well when it crashed for me. I just did a test and August 22nd it crashes for me as well. I was debating starting another save without that stuff. But odd as it worked when I holidayed into the future to test. Only failed when I was actually playing it. It's always gotta be something.
  7. This looks sick. And I just got my US DB working with your NACL file as well. I am really liking what you did here and am going to give it a spin now. Well done
  8. So unfortunately doing the MLS trick doesn't seem to work with Advanced rules. This is a bummer as my DB is "working" but has no NACL included in the game. I have tried a few things as far as adding the MLS into my league setup and still not seeing it. Again, the list of hardcoded items would really help out here as us DB editors are working blind trying to try random things to see if they work.
  9. You might want to check to see if you still have North American Champions League. I created this bug to track it:
  10. Thank you Zachary. I appreciate the info on this issue. What I don't want to do is keep the MLS as it's also hardcoded with draft and so many other things. I want to make an English-like system in the US. But it does help me figure out where to make updates and I'll report back here when I do. I know it's a hard ask but is there a way to get a list of what is hard coded in regards to the MLS? I think it will save considerable time for us US DB editors to be able to work around things like that and better enjoy the game.
  11. Yeah I had seen STL was hardcoded in some previous tests. Here are my two files. But with MLS inactive and one with it not extinct as named in the files FM23_FirstImport_MLSInactiveNotExtinct.fmf FM23_FirstImport_MLSInactive.fmf
  12. Ugh. I made MLS inactive but it's still not showing the NACL in my main DB. I even tried playing around with the extinct flag but both ways it won't show. I need to see if there's something else.
  13. We might be going somewhere. I loaded that file up as well and also verifying my main DB with that change and hopefully it's good. With the DB you updated of mine, I see NACL and doing a holiday now while I wait for other to verify. But this might be it
  14. I'd be willing to bet it has something to do with MLS hardcoding as I made it extinct in my DB.
  15. I certainly hope that day comes but I think it won't be for a long time, unfortunately.
  16. Yeah it's upsetting for sure. I want to play my US DB and everytime I get past a hurdle, something random like this shows up. I think I'm done with this game unless they can show that they care about things outside of Europe. I've offered to help since I'm a developer myself in whatever way they want and my request has fallen on silent ears. I legit think that they don't care about the CONCACAF region as there aren't many FM players who care about it. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it but so far it's one thing after another.
  17. Yeah I was so happy that I had my DB working but then I noticed none of the teams in USA went to NACL. I wanted to see who went to NACL then and searched for it and nothing came up. I even put in the ID for it in game and still nothing. It's like it is gone. So then I thought it was my DB so I created a new DB with one league in US and filled it with 20 teams and made all other leagues excinct and same issue. It isn't in the game. Somehow it's tied to MLS. I'm getting real tired of trying to develop in US when so many things are screwy about it.
  18. I am working on my custom USA database and got it to verify and it works fine in the game. But I noticed that the NACL has disappeared entirely from my game. If I search for it, it won't show no matter the search. Because of this, there is no NACL at all and no continental competition in North America. I thought that it might be something in my DB so I created a new DB from scratch with just one newly created USA league with 20 teams and nothing else, I see the same issue. I have attached my test database "USADB_WinterUpdateTest.fmf". I have also attached 2 images. One shows the Europe club competitions with its Champions League and other comps and then the same thing with North America and there's nothing in that space. Those comps do not show up in search in-game at all. Steps to reproduce: Start a new game with my database file attached. Select USA at least as a country (I have tested with Mexico and Canada added as well with same results). Start your game and once you get past the game save, navigate to the globe at the top. Go to North America and in the right section for "CLUB" no continental competitions show up as they do for other continents. USADB_WinterUpdateTest.fmf
  19. So I didn't get this error when I was testing my DB today so I went to see what you did compared to me and when I attempt to verify either of these files, I get different results than you do. The "Test League.fmf" verified fine for me but the "USA - 10 Tiers - CEUD mess around.fmf" gives me a different error. Not sure if that helps at all but thought I'd let you know.
  20. I think it's because this DB keeps the MLS. In my examples and others I have seen, the MLS is removed and new leagues take its place.
  21. Not much of a help but some info. This was reported the day the game launched and still awaiting a fix sadly. Seems to only be for Canada, USA and a few other countries. They are working on it but have been pretty quiet about it lately. Sorry not much of a help but I'm in the same boat with my USA database and hoping that the winter update fixes it.
  22. That is the best way of describing this. Heavy on the frustrations.
  23. Yeah it's a tough one as with Basic Rules, it will "work" but I'm not confident in knowing if there are issues down the line. I know a few US DB's have been already released with it in there and while they look great, I just don't know how the issue stands up. Hopefully it's fixed soon so we can get on with our gameplay.
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