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  1. Thank you for correcting my statement herne,But after applying much Team Cohesion training my team have superb togetherness on and off the pitch and kept their performance above 7. This stat keep going in important matches and I rly love their profesionalism on the pitch.Does this come from elsewhere or the Cohesion training is helping them?
  2. Last,desperate way would be Team Cohesion training.It'll help him to absorb some of professionalism and other good stats. However you shall not worry about the number,Those Stat could change throughout a footballer life triggered by certain situations.The drop could be temporary too caused by his massive rise of his career,as long as he keeps banging those goals I don't see why you should sell him.
  3. I noticed the CB pressing.Aand I forgot that Attacking mentality highens the tempo XD my bad The heaviest metal is the best Heavy Metal :V
  4. It's not Heavy metal without those Close down more and High-tempo team instruction :V Klopp is the master of Stamina killer
  5. Tight mark helps,set your best marking players to mark players(set it in set piece instructor)
  6. Perhaps the problem is that: -The player haven't adapted to the team,even the most influential core group takes time to influence new players.The quickest is around 6 months,that's if you have Team Cohesion training -Too large of skill gap makes Tutoring fail(I recommend that the skill gap must not exceed 2 stars) -I don't think Media handling style affects tutoring,Media handling is a wayan individual interacts in front of public/squad(I think so) I'll suggest you to wait it out at least 1½ season before starting to tutor.Play him frequently to maximize Squad personality exposure so he will easily blend in.Cheers! Ah,don't forget Team Cohesion training.It helps alot and also Improves squad Teamwork
  7. Three strikers needs a plenty of Playmakers and an additional support from a Striker( False nine,Target man-S,CF-S) The effective 3 strikers will Close down opposition's defenders so it will prevent enemy from building up from their defence.It could also provide width for the team with its number also shall the team played narrow,it could outnumber the defenders and hopefully,finds spaces to score goals. In your case,I'll suggest you to switch between 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 3-1-4-2.Make the best out of those Formations.With 4 to 5 midfielder intact,your Striker will be getting alot of feeds from midfielders.Dont forget its crucial to use the "supportive" Striker role as I mentioned earlier. And an additional note,stop using selfish role like IF,Raumdeuter,Etc.They tend to play by themselves and rarely pass to the strikers which is a problem for 3 strikers formation Have a good day my fellow manager! Peace out ✌️
  8. Could be it,don't believe too much of hidden attributes.Its the uncertainty of Scouts/Coaches judgement.It could be true or false.Dont risk your player's leg on something that's uncertain.
  9. Mark tighter and hold position will limit him from unnecessary Roaming.And I didn't say that he protect the defensive solely,he works with CB to help steal the possesion.Ofc the aggressive traits is unchangeable. Shall be set defensively,BWM will lay deeper Anchorman-like and provide a passing option for the GK.Given the aggressiveness and typical good physical trait,BWM wouldn't lose the ball easily.This is what I saw from my BWM plays from 8 years playing for my club.Adios.
  10. M4nager1a

    Dybala vs icardi - Who's the Best!?

    Unfortunately,I have never EVER used both of them in my saves(as I tend to use New gens) But,I'll share my extended Knowledge about these two: 1.Paulo Dybala Most Suited role:CF,F9,Raum,IF Style of play: Dybala dribbles through opponents to disrupt defence and brings others to play with link passing although When allowed the space he is eager to score. 2.Mauro Icardi Most Suited role:AF,T-man,Poacher. Style of play: Icardi keeps seeking for channels to move in and tries to score shall the opportunity arise.He could also play simple passing game to bring others into the game.His physical superiority will also help him in a physical fuel with defenders. My personal opinion: In a sense for a goalscoring machine,Icardi would be a better choice since he got more a natural instinct to score goals + the determination to seek channels to move in But if your team plays tiki taka or you need someone to be a playmaker in the final third,Dybala would be a better choice.And the AM versatility will save you big times.
  11. M4nager1a

    The Egyptian king

    I got you man,that happens in an Underdog team XD
  12. No man,it rly makes a difference if there's a single BWM in midfield.The BWM just not need to suck at pressing and good teamwork with CB,after that the defence shall not have serious problem defending Mark tighter & Hold position should solve it up.And BWM didn't chase all over the field,it's only near his area or abit far out. Although it's not a creative power,it adds up an extra man which works effectively to counter opponents with strikers closing down CB's.Then BWM will lay it down to a playmaker and hell breaks loose
  13. I would replace your Defensive DLP with a BWM,it'll provide defensive stability and an extra man in build up phase(if you play build up style)