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  1. I'm by no means an expert, but this is my take on training: 1. Too much rests, you can replace all those rests with a session of recovery every 3 days (1 out if 9 sessions in that 3 days is recovery). You can fill the rest of the sessions with training. For me rests are only required after they have gone through a match and i'll give them 1/2 days full of rest sessions to recover their condition 2. it's not, but remember physical training is very intense and it might heavily affect their conditioning. If you want to include it make sure to keep the training intensity green OR if you want them to work hard (intensity color orange) then make sure you give them a recovery session afterwards. I don't recommend setting up a training day with red intensity though, the injury risk is too high 3. I would only apply individual technical training if they are severely lacking on a crucial technical attribute, if not then i would stick to mental / physical training because although they can improve naturally the progress is much slower compared to technical attributes and also players in general have a good technical ability anyway so..yeah. 4. If you want to purely improve their abilities, then i'll stick to the 2nd option (combination of 4 blablabla). If you want to also improve their tactical abilites then go with the first option. 4.5. Overall and Outfield sessions are a good way to improve tactical familiarity all at once, unless the youth is using the same tactic as the first team, use them only once in a while 5. Although match preparations are mainly to improve player's tactical familiarity, i would recommend you to keep using it since it'll get the players more prepared thus increasing their chance to win the match, if they win often then their morale will be sky high and the outcome is they'll train better 6. Whether it's technical/mental/physical, target their weakest highlighted attribute, 6.5 I would get the workload as high as possible because i tend to have a low intensity general training, i'll keep train that attribute until it stopped improving then switch to others
  2. Lower the tactic intensity by playing with lower tempo and press less urgent, also regularly add recovery sessions to reduce risk injuries
  3. After a long time playing other games,i came back to FM and really,i have completely lost touch of the game,my tactic is a mess and the most i can enjoy is a short-term success and resigned in the following season. So i decided to learn everything from a scratch with a few guides accompanying me through the gameplay i decided to start over with Barcelona since i haven't managed big clubs before and i love to build my Squad around with MSN in my team. This is my first couple games with Barca: MSN stats(All competition) L.Messi : 16 starts(4sub) 29 goals(8 pen) 10 assists 7 PoM AvR 8.30 Neymar : 15 starts(1sub) 11 goals(1pen) 4 assists 3 PoM AvR 7.96 L.Suarez: 10 starts(0sub) 10 goals(0pen) 8 assists 2 PoM AvR 8.21 I think it's a good start since i haven't bought anyone yet and my tactics are experimental.what do you guys think :)?
  4. Playing a DM doesn't make your Defensive line Deeper,the DM will always stay ahead of your CB regardless of role. The DM only go deeper than CB usually to help build-up/switch plays to or between flanks. After he did that,he will get back to his DM position.Especially Regista who likes to dictate tempo and less defensive compared to most DM duties.
  5. Abit of a background,I'm currently playing FM15 with 1290hrs experience currently managing Sheffield Utd.High defensive line with solid and pacy defender is one my main Philosophy.It have gone great and I've enjoyed good times. But it has always been frustrating when i can't get an agile defender as the sluggish Backs got left trailing by Opposition Wingers and strikers.This happened in my Club and we're on losing streak now,It has been half of the season and looking like we're destined to be relegated to Sky Bet League 1 😨😭. So the main question here:How does one build a solid defence with snail defenders?I'm listening to any guides as i gave up on my tactic tinkerings.
  6. I noticed the CB pressing.Aand I forgot that Attacking mentality highens the tempo XD my bad The heaviest metal is the best Heavy Metal :V
  7. It's not Heavy metal without those Close down more and High-tempo team instruction :V Klopp is the master of Stamina killer
  8. Tight mark helps,set your best marking players to mark players(set it in set piece instructor)
  9. Perhaps the problem is that: -The player haven't adapted to the team,even the most influential core group takes time to influence new players.The quickest is around 6 months,that's if you have Team Cohesion training -Too large of skill gap makes Tutoring fail(I recommend that the skill gap must not exceed 2 stars) -I don't think Media handling style affects tutoring,Media handling is a wayan individual interacts in front of public/squad(I think so) I'll suggest you to wait it out at least 1½ season before starting to tutor.Play him frequently to maximize Squad personality exposure so he will easily blend in.Cheers! Ah,don't forget Team Cohesion training.It helps alot and also Improves squad Teamwork
  10. Three strikers needs a plenty of Playmakers and an additional support from a Striker( False nine,Target man-S,CF-S) The effective 3 strikers will Close down opposition's defenders so it will prevent enemy from building up from their defence.It could also provide width for the team with its number also shall the team played narrow,it could outnumber the defenders and hopefully,finds spaces to score goals. In your case,I'll suggest you to switch between 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 3-1-4-2.Make the best out of those Formations.With 4 to 5 midfielder intact,your Striker will be getting alot of feeds from midfielders.Dont forget its crucial to use the "supportive" Striker role as I mentioned earlier. And an additional note,stop using selfish role like IF,Raumdeuter,Etc.They tend to play by themselves and rarely pass to the strikers which is a problem for 3 strikers formation Have a good day my fellow manager! Peace out ✌️
  11. Could be it,don't believe too much of hidden attributes.Its the uncertainty of Scouts/Coaches judgement.It could be true or false.Dont risk your player's leg on something that's uncertain.
  12. Mark tighter and hold position will limit him from unnecessary Roaming.And I didn't say that he protect the defensive solely,he works with CB to help steal the possesion.Ofc the aggressive traits is unchangeable. Shall be set defensively,BWM will lay deeper Anchorman-like and provide a passing option for the GK.Given the aggressiveness and typical good physical trait,BWM wouldn't lose the ball easily.This is what I saw from my BWM plays from 8 years playing for my club.Adios.
  13. No man,it rly makes a difference if there's a single BWM in midfield.The BWM just not need to suck at pressing and good teamwork with CB,after that the defence shall not have serious problem defending Mark tighter & Hold position should solve it up.And BWM didn't chase all over the field,it's only near his area or abit far out. Although it's not a creative power,it adds up an extra man which works effectively to counter opponents with strikers closing down CB's.Then BWM will lay it down to a playmaker and hell breaks loose
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