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  1. A few questions: Are IWBs' mentality affected by "Focus through Middle" or "Focus down Flanks"? Also mezzalas/carrilero? If I have an AML already on "Very Attacking" mentality, does "Focus down the Left" still affect how he plays? What happens when a wide player has the trait "Moves into Channel"? Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks! Got a couple more questions! For the TI Overlap and Underlap, they "instruct players on the left/right flank to hold on to the ball". Does flank mean the entire half of the pitch or just the wide midfielder and fullback bit of pitch? For example, will my MCL look for the AML or WBL to overlap if I have Overlap Left switched on? Or, will my MCL look for the MCR to underlap if Underlap Left is on instead? Also, not directly a tactics question but does the Vision attribute affect shooting and dribbling decision making as well? The description in-game mentions "potential openings" which sounds like it could be applied to shooting and dribbling too.
  3. Hi. When creating a tactic, does the base tactical style matter? For example, if I created a gegenpressing tactic with the Gegenpress tactical style as a base and the exact same tactic (TIs, PIs and formation) with Park the Bus tactical style as a base instead, would they play differently? Also, does base tactical style affect training schedules if left to assman? Thank you!
  4. Has anyone got specific marking to properly work? I've tried getting my full backs/wingers to specifically mark opposition wingers, or a DM to specifically guard a dangerous M/AMC but they always ALWAYS end up getting goalside of my players. Extremely easily, I might add. Once I remove specific marking, the problem stops. However, other problems arise (e.g. players marking other "less desirable" targets).
  5. Like you said, you're expected to finish 6th. Meaning you're EXPECTED to lose some games. Of course you get to tell your team to flip the bird at these sham journos!
  6. It's been around since FM15 I think? Except the routines thing, that one is an awesome new addition.
  7. I think a high pressing game only works on less technical teams. Most teams that play in the CL can handle high pressing because of their higher quality players (better Passing, First Touch, Off the Ball, Agility) and a more tactically adept manager. Unless you've got mega work-horses with extreme Pace, Work Rate, and Tackling, chances are they will pass the hell out of you.
  8. Yeah, it's stopped working Maybe because Pogba and Martial are injured *sob*
  9. Ahh, so that's why. Are the affected positions just the DL/DR positions? Or are the WBR/WBL positions affected as well? Also DCR/DCL in a 3-man defence? Or is it just the fullback player role?
  10. How do you tell what you're doing wrong offensively when the game doesn't show your highlights (due to it being a crappy attempt at going forward)?
  11. What do I do when my fullbacks get beaten in 1v1 situations no matter the TI or PI? I've tried all combinations (Mark Tighter, Close Down Much More, Tackle Harder, Ease Off Tackles, Close Down Less, etc.) but they seem to be getting beaten with ease by almost any winger!
  12. Thanks for the review, PhroX! I beat them 6-3 on the return leg with your advice (RPM to DLP(s), BBM to CM(a), FB(d) to FB(s), one stopper to cover). Also helps that Pogba and Martial are absolute beasts Cheers!!
  13. Need some tactical advice. Just got destroyed by Barcelona 3-1. Note: Some changes in the player roles (because the screenshot was taken after the match). IFa was IFs and FBd was FBs in the match (I think). Also, I know people are probably gonna comment on the stopper-stopper pair, but that aggressive closing down from both stoppers really limited their effectiveness down the centre. Here's a link to the .pkm file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2banl73fhi3zgim/FC_Barcelona_v_Man_Utd.pkm
  14. What happens when I set Tight Marking on the TI, but don't set any OI or PI for specific marking?
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