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  1. Really enjoyed these parts, I notice that squad status is a vital part in the organisation of a team. My main issue for myself is philosophy however. I typically want to stay strong defensively, conceding as little as possible, but when I start playing I often ramp up the mentality in order to gain goals. This is due to either going down to wondergoals/flukes that can occur when you defend deep, or I'm only 1-0 up and want to consolidate my lead. It's difficult to maximize the potential of one aspect (defending) without compromising the advantages of another (attacking). How did you go about this? I've also been wondering about the Zidane approach, taking previously imbalanced yet world class footballers and fitting them into a dangerous, record breaking team. Any ideas?
  2. Outnumbering your opponent is midfield can also be useful, as you can pass the ball around them, tire them out and leave them open to a ball over the top.
  3. Can't remember my worst result, but a pretty damaging one was loosing 5 or 6-0 to Mourinho's Manchester United. Not even 3 or 4 clear cut chances, just scoring from any way possible.
  4. Uruguay have a history of tough, mastering the 'Dark Arts' type of football, not sure which formation would work for them though.
  5. He doesn't break behind the d-line as most sides sit deep against us and give him no space, that's more the wide players job. I chose CF (A) as he's supposed to work hard and create chances with his movement while being on the end of cutbacks as you said, and I think an (A) duty would be better than a (S) duty for that job. That being said, his PPM's do certainly lend themselves to a False 9 sort of role. Well said, I'm interested in how you would achieve this? Perhaps using the "Stick to Positions" TI, though that instinctively feels wrong to me. Can't recall that scenario happening too often this season, but I agree Mendy looks to cut inside more when Sane's on the pitch. An IWB (A) imo. It's beautiful the balance Guardiola's brought to our team.
  6. The roles and duties depend a lot on the players really. Sane's usually a Winger (A) on the left, Mahrez is an IF (A) on the right, and Sterling is a W(A) or IF (A) depending on his stronger foot. You could also consider him to be a Raumdeter as well. Aguero is a CF (A) imo. We don't really use IWB's anymore, as with Mahrez and Sterling typically cutting inside Mendy and Walker stay wide to provide width, so I'd use WB (A).
  7. I think Reus is more suited to being a SS (A), he's not as passive as a simple AP is, I believe he's much more inclined to get into goalscoring positions. Also I think a 4-4-1-1 is a better fit than a 4-2-3-1 if you look at the wingers starting positions.
  8. Depends, at the start of my main save I don't have much interest in the players and it usually takes an hour or two at most. Then as I find amazing regens and develop an interest it takes me more time, 3-4 hours usually.
  9. I'm guessing that as your team keeps the ball for 0-10 seconds most of the time, the game thinks your team is playing a primarily counter attacking style that lacks possession, but the game is recognizing that you score most when you have extended periods of possession which it feels is at odds with your primary approach of counter attacking, and perhaps your main style of play isn't scoring as many goals as it should be. I could be wrong as I haven't seen your tactics but I don't think its anything to be worried about as your fantastic results show.
  10. Love the new features, "Play for set pieces' and defensive width will be a fantastic addition when trying to create defensive teams.
  11. Very nice, this will be pretty awesome when training up young players!
  12. @zlatanera I first offered them out on loan with a mandatory fee clause of 120 million (easy way to see how high a team is willing to pay) then accepted the highest offer. After that I transfer listed them and made them 'Not Needed' to increase their chances of signing the contract and guaranteeing they leave. It's a bit of an outlier though because the three players are all world class or a level below which doesn't happen every season, but still some great money to be made.
  13. @zlatanera Yeah the exact same thing happened to me, I had around 2-7 million as a transfer budget every year for the first 5 seasons iirc. I'm far from worrying about that now though just loaned out three players with Mandatory Future Fee clauses of 107, 107, and 72 million respectively, which is a total sales of 286 million next year after buying the players for around 20-30 million in total! Good luck with the CL run, I'd love to see an all-Italian squad though, you could take over as Italy manager and win the WC with your own players.
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