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  1. FlairRA

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    The pictures are no longer working but this can definitely help!
  2. Pretty amazing formation, nice work! Have you tried making the FBs have a WB (A) role and the W(A)'s a IW (A) role? That way you can still have width and attacking presence, at present it feels like the FBs are a little wasted staying back.
  3. Really interesting, look forward to seeing what you will get!
  4. Yeah, it increases it by 1. You can see the individual mentality bar when you go to edit their PIs.
  5. 13 Determination and a Fairly Ambitious personality, would much prefer Zlatan for the reasons listed above. Perfectionist is fantastic.
  6. Bravery doesn't matter too much to me, I've had low Bravery players do very well before. Pace could be a problem but his other mental attributes should make up for it.
  7. Ah my bad, I mixed up the fact that you're using a TQ in the ST position and not the AM position. That being said I don't think he's a particularly hardworking player, with his 13 work rate. 17 teamwork does help though. However he definitely has the attacking and creative ability, look at his PPMs (has Dictates Tempo and Plays Killer Balls Often), mental and technical stats. Almost all of them have 17 and 18 ratings. While he can play the regista role well I can see him playing as a TQ too, though his off the ball is disappointing as you pointed out I believe he can make up for that with his incredible technical skill when he does get the ball.
  8. Started managing Arsenal, first trying to replicate George Graham's Arsenal side and now Don Revie's Leeds. Was going to restart but then I got this guy in my youth intake... not anymore! Finishing 15, Anticipation 14, Off the Ball 12, Composure 13. All at 15 years old. After he's done, he's going to make Henry's goal record look like Francis Jeffers! I think I'll throw him straight into the first team as a Poacher in my cross heavy 4-4-2, and keep him there until he's 40. Anyone have any suggestions? I want to tutor him with Ibrahimovic (Perfectionist + Shoots With Power + 17 Determination) but I really don't want a diva on my hands. I think I'll train him as a poacher but I'm worried he'll become one-dimensional, however I do want him to maximize his attacking attributes.
  9. For Italy, Veratti sounds perfect. Other options are Insigne and Franco Vazquez. For Inter, I've heard Felipe D'Amico turns into a brilliant one.
  10. Looking forward to this, I'll throw some WC teams out due to obvious reasons, interest will be higher. 1986-90 Argentina - The most one-man team to ever win a WC, it was the best of anti-football with Diego Maradona carrying them as they won one WC and got to the next final. You've got Maradona's heir in Messi, maybe you can coax out similar results? Total Football Netherlands - Obvious reasons 'Carre Magifique' 1984 France - https://thesefootballtimes.co/2016/06/10/france-carre-magique-1984-platini-giresse-fernandez-tigana/ Not a WC winning team but still inspired while winning the 1984 European competition, called the 'Magic Square'. 1966 England's Wingless Wonders - Can you bring it home? 1970 or 1982 Brazil - The most beautiful football ever played. Good luck!
  11. As long as your players have the attributes for it, then this tactic should still be working in FM50. It's simply about giving players the freedom to play and high pressing, strategies that have at least been in place since the 1970s and before!
  12. Don't ever, ever play players in roles based on the color. Make a tactic based on how your roles suit the player AND the tactic, picking a team and giving them roles means the players won't work well together as a team, you're looking at them as individuals, not as a unit. Rashidi's 12 step guide is perfect to help you and us all. Choose roles that work well together, for example in your tactic there isn't much variety, I see - attackers on (A) duty, midfielders and fullbacks on (S) duty, defenders and defensive midfielder on (D) duty. Summatsupeer explained well how that won't work, the only way you'll score is throughballs over the top, and you won't get those opportunities versus teams that park the bus. Mix it up, say play Fekir as an AP (S) on the right to use his playmaking skills and have your right fullback as WB (A) overlapping him to provide width. Or ask Firmino to drop deep as a CF (S), opening up space for your CM (A) (assuming you're using one now?) to move into. These are just examples but in this way you can open up different ways of scoring, rather than being one-dimensional as your team is imo. On to Man United, I've always been interested in them, and on my latest Chelsea save (ironically trying to emulate Mou's 2004-6 team) they conceded 11 goals in 38 PL matches, first season. 11! I have success against them sitting deep and letting them try to break me down, then hitting them on the break. Not unlike real life, they typically struggle and as long as your team is strong and compact defensively they will be forced into long range shots. Watch out for set pieces though, but try to maximize your own - I'm sure they have the 'Get Stuck In' option on, they give away lots of free kicks and cards. It stops the flow of the match but if you score from then than you can park the bus in peace!
  13. No wonder you're conceding from crosses, with a Standard-Structured approach your wingers, Mane and Fekir will look to stay up high and you're basically using wide forwards with that approach, so they won't have much interest in tracking back, leaving your fullbacks free on their own. I would either push your wingers into the midfield area - creating a 4-1-4-1 - which creates a much better defensive shape than the 4-3-3, and your fullbacks will be well protected. Alternatively you can set Mane and Fekir to tight mark the AMR/AML positions, this will make them track back easier.
  14. The only difference between playing a player out of their position is a "slight reduction in their decision making", so there's no need to sign a new ML, just retrain them. Any player than can play AML/R will be able to do perfectly fine at MR/ML. Hazard won the Ballon d'Or first season for me playing as a WM with the PI Dribble More, and he's in the red for position familiarity.