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  1. Great start, will be following this! Having an amazing defensive record is one of the best feelings in FM.
  2. FlairRA


    Well it's more about having different routes of attack and not relying on one way of attacking, crossing. Which won't even work in the first place. I've already given advice on that, also check out the brilliant guides by Rashidi and co which will help you quite a lot. Otherwise I'll just be giving advice based on one and one tactic only which is a pretty narrow way for me to approach it, imo. And there's no set way of changing tactics, there are millions of ways for the 4-4-1-1 to work, it depends on your preference which is up to you.
  3. FlairRA


    It looks like you want to utilize crossing with two wingers, but then you utilize two roles that will barely be in the box (AM -S and DF -D) so nobody is going to be meeting those crosses. That looks like the only way you try to score, and it's clearly weak. I would recommend trying to mix it up and perhaps using a AF-A to receive through balls from the AM and a WM (A) that will give you a different sort of threat and variety rather than a two people doing the same job. Giving some more creativity would also help, Structured + More Discipline and then the only two creative roles are in the midfield center will harm you when trying to break down teams.
  4. My concern was more how you said top teams replicate this tactic in the past 10 years, based on real life. I certainly see how your strikers pull wide with the 'Move Into Channels instruction and them being in the STCR and STCL positions, I'm just not sure whether it really replicates Barcelona, where the wingers would hug the touchlines and then cut inside only when they reached the final third, which seems the opposite of what Dolberg and Mbappe do. Along with other things. That being said I would have to see your save and unfortunately I don't have the inclination to do that, so I can't see the beauty of the system as you outlined. It gets you some excellent results however, nice!
  5. Looking specifically at 3 strikers, with all respect I don't believe any team in real life uses three strikers consistently, especially to the point where they are winning multiple champions leagues. Your results are absolutely amazing but I would have to disagree that any team in real life plays with three strikers, all in the ST position providing little to no defensive cover for the fullbacks especially if they are attacking. Not even Real Madrid to take an example, they are successful in a 4-4-2 while in a 4-3-3 Ronaldo and Benzema can be considered strikers, but Bale/Vazquez certainly cannot in my opinion. Any examples of top teams in the CL using 3 strikers in the last 10 years? Barcelona played a 4-3-3 with wingers, so as your formation is your defensive shape they are wingers not strikers. I'd be interested to hear your reply, winning 9-0 vs Bayern is impressive though!
  6. Nice job on getting those clean sheats, and I love the 4141! I think you're not giving your players the creativity they need to break down defenses. You're playing a structured shape which lowers creativity, and I don't see anyone with 'More Risky Passes' or 'Roam From Position' except Icardi, who has 13 passing and 10 vision. I would look to give 2 or 3 players the PIs for roaming and passing as said before, perhaps your wingers and one midfielder so that they can be given the freedom to move around and break teams down. You won't loose your defensive solidity, especially as you're playing a Counter mentality. Good luck!
  7. Nice opening post, I like the way you explained why you chose Structured rather than Fluid which I would think suits Klopp, looking forward to more. Also, the pictures on the first post (not the second or third) aren't visible?
  8. Nice! I would push Mahrez up in the AMR position, he was very attacking and waited up there for the counter, had much less defensive work to do than Albrighton and was allowed to use his talents to influence the final third. Kante and Simpson covered for him, while Okazaki (who should be DF (D) as stated above) does the same and drops deep to give Mahrez more room to work in. Also, it would be nice if you included more tactical analysis in your threads, it would be great to see how it works for you in the game itself Keep it up, tactical replications are the best!
  9. It looks like your team focuses on crossing way too much (Wingers on both sides and Clear Ball Into Flanks), and you only have one man in the box, if your crossing doesn't work out or the opposition centerbacks are aerially dominant then you'll have a hard time scoring. Then you have WBIB and Play Much Narrow, that seems a bit counter-intuitive. In Rashidi's words (12 step guide), Don’t be too one-dimensional with your tactics. You could create a tactic that has one flank delivering crosses while you have another flank crafting short little passes that serve to drag a team around." You could try a WM (S) and WB (A) on one side so you can mix it up and have different routes of attack.
  10. Seconded! The best Keane in the game would be Nainggolan, and for a younger version Milkanovic Savic suits both players and can be moulded any way you wish. Savic suits them both as well - his PPMs replicate the fact that they didn't simply defend, but got forward frequently as well. Radja's Aggression, Work Rate, Determination all point to the fact he is a true modern day Keane, Vidal comes close too.
  11. Yeah I would play Maicon as a WB (A) in CL home games, he got forward plenty vs Barcelona at home even scoring but making a mistake for Pedros goal, then was extremely disciplined and strong defensively away. I wouldn't make him a CWB (A), for the fact that him roaming from position would get out of hand for me.
  12. Beautiful, always love to see tactical replications! I have to agree with Jean's suggestion, the players should be pushed back. I made a replication solely based on the Champions League run - winning Serie A wasn't too impressive, Mancini had done it a couple of times before that, the real conquest was the European Cup. I believe Flexible is for me the best way to replicate Mourinho's system, and if my opposition scout is correct then FM thinks the same way. Inter's 3-1 home win to Barcelona was superb. Zanetti/Cambiasso covers Maicon, and the Eto/Pandev/Chivu roles are difficult, best way for me is to use a WM and play hard working players such as Wllian, Pulisic there who will track back. Sneijder was a true number 10 and I didn't see him being in line with the wide midfielders in the 1-0 vs Barcelona so he's pushed up. Milito is an AF for me, running behind and working the channels. Defensive sets up the low block, Close Down More helps us "Sit deep and press high", letting them come into our half, denying them space and closing them down when they inevitably go for a long-range effort. Much Higher Tempo helps us attack with high speed, and "give the ball away on purpose", More Direct Passing could be an option but they didn't always knock it up to Milito/Sneijder so I avoid that. Keep it up, really enjoy these!
  13. Haven't seen one, but if you wanted to get the best out of them then you're going to need a holder to free them to attack and play a true box-to-box role: Viera was at his best alongside Gilberto Silva and Petit, while Keane said his favorite partner was Paul Ince while his best performance (2-3 vs Juventus in 1999) came alongside Butt, all four of whom are more defensive midfielders.
  14. FlairRA

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This amused me, can you think of a player less suited for Barcelona?
  15. Pressing aside your defense if far too exposed - your SV, WB, nor CWB will be providing sufficient protection for your defense, it's your two CB's against the world and that's going to lead to you leaking a lot of goals. Plus high tempo + attacking mentality will make you play at the speed of light, you will loose the ball more often and have to waste energy getting it back, even with the possession instructions. I'd drop the WB's back and play a DLP, so you can connect the defense and midfield while providing better protection for your CBs. Hope you can replicate these two beautiful playstyles and create amazing football, good luck!