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  1. I'm currently playing a long-term youth development save with Goteborg in Sweden, inspired by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s Benfica thread/save. I'm looking to take my player development skills to the next level after buying/producing some talented young players. Ozil based his training on improving players mental attributes and was insanely successful but with changes to training and mentoring in the newer FMs I'd like some guidance on how to do this now. I've focussed my recruitment on youth players with high potential and a good personality. My coaching/facilities are good without being wor
  2. Your tactic gives me Mourinho Spurs vibes. Hojberg as the midfield anchor/ball-winner, Son and Ndombele as the ball carriers and Kane as the offensive pivot. I'm excited for what is to come in this tactics series. Any chance of a preview? I've always felt that the tactics creator is needlessly complex and counter-intuitive but your clear and considered decisions suggest that you are someone that understands how to transfer their ideas to the game easily
  3. Ty for a great post @engamohd, as someone that admittedly struggles to get their head around team mentality informative writing has been greatly appreciated. I'm gonna quickly summarised some of the key points to check that I've understood correctly Mentality is basically a risk modifier, it affects certain Team Instructions causing more risky behaviour (more urgent closing down) or causing less risky behaviour (shorter passing) As per your recommendation, it's best to decide if you want a risky or less risky attacking style if you want to work out what team mentality to choose for
  4. Just finished watching City v Chelsea and it might be worth putting your wide forwards on the same side as their strong foot like how Foden and Sterling were used. They can still make the inside runs but by utilising the wide forwards in this way they might keep better width
  5. Wouldn't the 'Be More Expressive' TI help create the freedom in the final third? I'm pretty sure that in the Tactics Creator the TI is under the sub-section FInal Third. That sounds like exactly what you are describing
  6. Wouldn't Giroud be more of a DLF. Similar to a TM because they bring teammates into the game but not as direct or physical. I think this makes more sense in a possession style because of the more technical/short passing required Just going off the in-game TM description (I'm playing FM19 so I'm not sure if the description has changed in newer FMs) it makes reference to the player using their 'aerial presence' rather than 'technical ability' to bring teammates into the game. It also mentions winning flick-ons. I don't necessarily think that this means a TM cannot play in a team that plays
  7. I'd love to hear a response to this as well! What kind of success have people had adapting Ozil's training methods (focussing on developing players football intelligence using tactics training, individual training using BPD/CWB/RPM/CF roles, weak foot training like Eljefe pointed out) to the newer FMs?
  8. Have you thought about using Ansu Fatu up front? I think he has some potential to perform well there. I'd also give Werner a try here. He's not really a False 9 (neither is Caputo I guess), but the ST still makes those runs in behind from the half-spaces, his pace and movement might still be an asset. Interesting that you placed the front 2 off centre, I guess that's the only way to get the players occupying different vertical channels. Have they not been performing well? Maybe try using the 'look for underlap' TI to get more forward movement from the FBs. I think there'
  9. @DNZ-8 its great to here that you are experiencing fantastic results utilising De Zerbi's methods, what Sassuolo are doing at the minute has all the hallmarks of a fun and innovative FM tactic I haven't created a De Zerbi tactic that I'm fully happy with so take this opinion with a pinch of salt. My idea for the ST position would be a False 9 with the 'moves into channels' PI. My reason for this is because the other support duty ST roles 'hold up the ball' and what I was looking for was a ST that received in between the lines and attacked quickly instead. The False 9 role also attacks
  10. How would you set up a Strike Partnership that aims to use split strikers (2 STs that attack space in between FB and CB)? How would you set up a Strike Partnership that aims to use strikers working in tandem (STs coming short or long situationally)?
  11. The 4-2-3-1 becomes a 4-2-4 in possession with some strong similarities to Guardiola at City in recent years. The final line utilises wingers that stretch the pitch and players that position themselves in the half spaces looking for underlapping runs in behind. Even the FB positioning is narrow and not "on the same line" as the wingers even if it cannot be considered quite as inverted as Guardiola's City Ty for the recommendation, I'll check it out
  12. So you can think about mentality asking your team to be more aggressive or more passive? Also, do you choose the mentality you want to play with before selecting roles/duties? (Like you said making sure that the team mentality and roles/duties complement one another)
  13. Chelsea Positional Play Have a read of the above link, it's a little bit length but well worth the read. It goes into a lot of depth analysing the depth of options Chelsea have and how versatile the players in the squad are, not just in positions but in the potential roles they can play. The article recommends the 4-1-4-1 DM and 4-2-3-1 formations
  14. Another question for you @Experienced Defender. What was your thought process behind choosing an Attacking Mentality for this playstyle? I've heard people speak about how important a role team mentality plays in tactic building because it affects so many other instructions, but I still personally struggle to understand which mentality to choose and why I'm choosing it when I'm looking to create a tactic
  15. Has anyone had any more progress with this? Sassuolo have started the season well so far and after learning about De Zerbi's play style from this topic (plus the linked tactical analysis articles) I think that there is so many interesting concepts to discuss The CMs playing behind the first line of pressure and looking to use the third man combination to outplay the opponent FBs deep and narrow that are also willing to charge forward for underlaps or overlaps depending on winger positioning Wingers that hold their width AMC and ST playing in the half spaces and looking
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