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  1. So you can think about mentality asking your team to be more aggressive or more passive? Also, do you choose the mentality you want to play with before selecting roles/duties? (Like you said making sure that the team mentality and roles/duties complement one another)
  2. Chelsea Positional Play Have a read of the above link, it's a little bit length but well worth the read. It goes into a lot of depth analysing the depth of options Chelsea have and how versatile the players in the squad are, not just in positions but in the potential roles they can play. The article recommends the 4-1-4-1 DM and 4-2-3-1 formations
  3. Another question for you @Experienced Defender. What was your thought process behind choosing an Attacking Mentality for this playstyle? I've heard people speak about how important a role team mentality plays in tactic building because it affects so many other instructions, but I still personally struggle to understand which mentality to choose and why I'm choosing it when I'm looking to create a tactic
  4. Has anyone had any more progress with this? Sassuolo have started the season well so far and after learning about De Zerbi's play style from this topic (plus the linked tactical analysis articles) I think that there is so many interesting concepts to discuss The CMs playing behind the first line of pressure and looking to use the third man combination to outplay the opponent FBs deep and narrow that are also willing to charge forward for underlaps or overlaps depending on winger positioning Wingers that hold their width AMC and ST playing in the half spaces and looking
  5. What was your idea for balancing out the 442 diamond wide, particularly in the midfield? How does your choice of roles/duties compliment the three principles of the playstyle (fluidity, speed and dynamism)?
  6. Do you mind explaining some of your thought processes when making this tactic? I think a total football tactic building has lots of areas for teaching tactic building in FM in general, this might make the post more beneficial for people not attempting a direct interpretation of total football as well. Just a thought so no worries if this puts too much on your plate
  7. I agree 100% on the fullback dilemna @Malkael. The FBs deep positioning is really important in the build-up play but they do also provide attacking runs (probably more third man runs than overlaps considering a lack of wingers) in the final third. Getting that balance is impossible imo given the current FB roles. They all range between to aggressive in the build-up or not aggressive enough in the final third. The 4-3-1-2 is definitely one of the harder formations to make work in the game. It's nowhere near as naturally balanced as other formations and I always get the feeling that the mi
  8. Great thread @engamohd! I really like the way you set targets for the tactic you planned to build and kept your decisions clear and simple. I have a few questions if you don't mind Do you mind elaborating on your choice of roles/duties? Following the theme of 'everything in the TC being interrelated' it would be nice to here how your choice of role/duties helped you to achieve your pre-determined goals How did you decide what mentality setting to use? I always find this to be the most confusing part of the TC, which is awful because it's often called the most important part. Why di
  9. Great work @Malkael! I'm still keen to see where you can take this, whenever your able to provide an update I'll be more than excited to read it
  10. Cheers for that @Experienced Defender! The tactic makes a lot of logical sense as a template that most teams could utilise, I have a few questions but I'll try to keep this on topic with the AMC theme. I always felt as if the DLFsupport role wouldn't fit well with an AMC. A DLFsupport links the midfield to the attack which is kind of what an AMC does, making a striker that needs to perform this role redundant. That's why I find it especially hard to get the balance of an AMC in a front 3 right. Is my thinking flawed?
  11. How would you set-up a tactic in a 3-4-1-2 then @Experienced Defender? This thread has touched on the AMC in 4-2-3-1 formations but less so in narrow systems or systems with a forward triangle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. I've enjoyed reading this thread and have a few thoughts to add to the discussion. I was recently reading the old mechanising the play articles for the first time and came across this article, "Mechanising the Play - Stretching the Midfield". The article basically comes to the same conclusion that many in this thread have discussed, changing your CMs to DMs gives the AMC more space in midfield which allows them to play better. However, I think the article explained the reason why this tactical change creates space in midfield which I'd like to share. It uses a quote from Michael Cox to ex
  13. Great post @engamohd! The tactic seems very faithful to Klopp's Liverpool although the biggest issue would be finding players that can replicate what Liverpool's players can do. Trent in particular is super unique in his ability to progress the ball with his passing but also create chances from his crosses and set pieces. Can I offer a different take on Firmino's role. Whilst a False 9 role is by no means wrong and definitely describes the dropping off movements he makes I always feel as if the FM interpretation doesn't perfectly capture the type of False 9 he plays. Somebody like Messi i
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