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  1. Hello, they may look like a minute issue but I am sorry to say that in FM 19 player's hairstyle variation is a lot lesser and some player's appearance are wrongly depicted like a Bald player having hair (Fernandinho), the omission of mohawk hairstyle for certain players like Marek Hamsik, Alvaro Morata, Raheem Sterling. Will this be sorted in the final version?
  2. I love FM, been playing it for 5 years now, as usual, bought this year's fm 18, everything is excellent apart from the crowd which makes my game to stutter, even when i keep the crowd low i feel stuttering my gfx card is amd r7 250x 1gb ddr5, kindly make the crowd bit lighter to load to that it causes less stuttering.
  3. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    it is already turned down to low, if I turn it of then it runs smooth, but makes the game look a bit unrealistic, so i am trying my best to keep the crowds on and not face any stuttering, thats why i need your assistance. Kindly solve this issue in case of any new updates that is scheduled to come. Thanks
  4. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    i get steady 60 fps in the middle of the field, but when the players move towards the final 3rd of the opposition box, stuttering starts. While taking freekicks too, when the camera angle is behind the player.
  5. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Really baffled, gfx hungry games like Fifa 18, Crysis 3 running smoothly, but fm 18 is facing this issue. Today i used MSI afterburner to monitor gpu and cpu usage when the stuttering happens, stragely enough i noticed that during stuttering, gpu usage jumps to 99% and fps drops from 60 to 40, another question, like the previous versions how to turn off the weather effects. Thanks.
  6. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Tried all the processes mentioned above, but unfortunately the same result, btw I came across an article, posting the link here, kindly tell me whether it will be relevant in my case.
  7. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Turned it on, but unfortunately, i faced stuttering like before. The bigger the stadium, more crowds and more stuttering.
  8. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Will tell you in few mins thanks
  9. Anindya

    3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    just checked, vertical refresh is off. Should i turn it on ?
  10. Thanks, i thought that i would tell you that when i first played the game( Ist update) it ran fine even with crowds, but after the update 18.1.3, this stuttering is happening.
  11. Yes, tried all of them, whenever I switch on the crowd( even in low), i face terrible stuttering during set pieces and corners. Kindly provide a solution. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. I am attaching my dxdiag file along with the graphics config. log file. DxDiag.txt graphics config.log
  13. Thanks for replying me, I am new on this forum, so I would apologize if I have posted my issue in the wrong thread. I am attaching my dxdiag file along with the config file. Thanks DxDiag.txt graphics config.log
  14. Recently bought FM 18, I am sorry to say that I am facing terrible stuttering in gameplay especially when the crowd is turned on (even when it is set to low). Any way to solve this? My card is amd R7 250x, and 12gb DDR3 RAM. Thanks.