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  1. After the latest update the problem still persists.
  2. Hello sir, I thought I would remind again about this issue as this issue is still happening, I am not using any custom skin just using logo pack and scope facepack.
  3. Thanks, kindly solve this issue if possible, in case you need more files you can tell me.
  4. Facing this strange issue, whenever i am clicking on that specific button, nothing is happening. Will attach a picture for a proper understanding of the matter. Kindly look at the red underlined area
  5. Hello, they may look like a minute issue but I am sorry to say that in FM 19 player's hairstyle variation is a lot lesser and some player's appearance are wrongly depicted like a Bald player having hair (Fernandinho), the omission of mohawk hairstyle for certain players like Marek Hamsik, Alvaro Morata, Raheem Sterling. Will this be sorted in the final version? Attaching a link of youtube video of an fm 18 game, kindly have a look at the hairstyle of the player with jersey no 22 of Man utd.
  6. I love FM, been playing it for 5 years now, as usual, bought this year's fm 18, everything is excellent apart from the crowd which makes my game to stutter, even when i keep the crowd low i feel stuttering my gfx card is amd r7 250x 1gb ddr5, kindly make the crowd bit lighter to load to that it causes less stuttering.
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