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  1. Disproportionate levels of pink and purple too, for which I am largely responsible and do not apologise.
  2. Given Rigside Athletic's dominance, we can assume the national team's squad selection will have quite a Rigside feel to it, so they should probably emulate that style of play, no? Ultra-defensive for me.
  3. I vote yes. And since it's been a while, here's a new club to enter the fray. Sandwick Cosmos; named to be all-encompassing by a founders inspired by the global reach of the game of football during the recent world cup. Cosmos' players and staff are all connected by work or family, by having gone to the same schools, or being regulars at the same pubs but in their number they count fans of all the other Sandwick teams and even some Drumoakers. They're not expecting to make any sort of impression on non-league football but they look forward to playing an attacking style that they hope will leave any spectators impressed. Their home kits will be all purple with an all-black away kit.
  4. After consulting with the chairs of my clubs, I vote for two divisions in the third tier.
  5. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    There are people out there who genuinely believe a lot of that was good, though.
  6. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    Well, maybe. I've never experienced it and don't intend to start now but let's say you're right about the orientation of the blog in question. To the left of "big c" Conservative is Lib Dem and "New" Labour, which are also neoliberal. So being a "left-leaning" Conservative (i.e. still Conservative but on the left side thereof) is still hugely neoliberal. And the "disturbing" part stands because disturbingly neoliberal is a tautology.
  7. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    The devious barstewards! Making the country more prosperous just so they could pursue their policy of ruining the country with welfare handouts.
  8. I'm in
  9. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    yeah, that
  10. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    yes they do but that doesn't fit the agenda
  11. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    No racist element to the leave vote though, right?
  12. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    The most famous person from your school

    No-one. Schools in my town allegedly have alumni including Jason Statham, John Hurt and Ben Miles but my school has turned only world-class losers and arseholes.
  13. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    It's a good joke but Pride and Prejudice is actually the better one.
  14. Firstly, surely most people on this forum are fairly highly likely to buy the next FM anyway? If not this one, then probably one of the next two. Secondly, the point in the quote is more about selling more in the country in question rather than people everywhere claiming that certain leagues would make them more likely to buy.
  15. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Simple questions about editing - just ask in this thread

    The editor seems to be having trouble with multi-stage competitions this year. I can't get any to work either. The only workaround I know of is to get everything to do with your playoffs set in the basic editor and then change as little as possible of the playoff stage when you convert to advanced. Even then it doesn't always work. You could try reporting it on the bugs forum but don't expect them to come up with a fix any time soon: SI doesn't care as much about the editor as they do about the main game (for totally understandable reasons) so it will probably be fixed but not until next year's game.