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  1. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    Newgen faces have been awful the last two years and are as bad this year, The faces a few years ago were hardly photorealistic but honestly they were adequate for the job they were/are meant to be doing and every year before that they'd also been adequate. The natural progression was giving us better each year but honestly I'd be ok now with the same faces from when I first played a modern FM in about 2009. Classic case of if ain't broke, break it.
  2. Firstly, surely most people on this forum are fairly highly likely to buy the next FM anyway? If not this one, then probably one of the next two. Secondly, the point in the quote is more about selling more in the country in question rather than people everywhere claiming that certain leagues would make them more likely to buy.
  3. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Simple questions about editing - just ask in this thread

    The editor seems to be having trouble with multi-stage competitions this year. I can't get any to work either. The only workaround I know of is to get everything to do with your playoffs set in the basic editor and then change as little as possible of the playoff stage when you convert to advanced. Even then it doesn't always work. You could try reporting it on the bugs forum but don't expect them to come up with a fix any time soon: SI doesn't care as much about the editor as they do about the main game (for totally understandable reasons) so it will probably be fixed but not until next year's game.
  4. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Suggestion - Women's Football

    That's what would be needed for SI to do it perfectly. The operative words there being SI and perfectly. I wouldn't need it to be perfect, personally. All it would really need is a bit of improvement work to the editor, which is necessary anyway because the editor is currently buggy as hell, and the work on pronouns mentioned above. Now that's not nothing; it's still a lot of work. But compared to the above litany it's not a massive amount and if the pronouns can be made to work properly and the editor can set up leagues that are only for certain types of players (e.g. females) then the people currently making women's football databases in the editor would be able to do it about ten times better. Would it be up to the standard that SI would want it to be if they were releasing it? No. Would it have all the problems regarding attributes and the ME and animations that you mentioned above? Yes, but those who download those women on FM databases now have those problems already and it doesn't stop them, does it?
  5. Hi, I'm running across a frustrating issue trying to get teams to qualify from one stage or competition to another. When verifying through the editor, the process seems to ignore some teams entirely. This has happened with playoffs in my current build which is the Italian league system so I had to just remove playoffs entirely at some levels on the pyramid. That's an annoying workaround to have to do because I like the way playoffs work in Italy but I can live with it. I'm now on to cup competitions though and in one particular instance, I can't remove stages because the competition has more teams in it than one stage will allow. I'm expanding the Coppa Italia to include more lower-league teams. The maximum teams one stage can take, as I'm sure you know, is 1000, but I was hoping to get every team in Italy (about 4000) in to the cup. I abandoned that idea but I still wanted at every team down to at least Promozione level to enter. I set up three qualifying stages and a "tournament proper" with teams below Serie D competing in regional qualifiers (the regions correlate loosely with those covered by the three groups of Serie C) and teams from Serie D to A entering the tournament proper along with 64 teams from each of the qualifying stages. When trying to set up the build for testing, the editor tells me that only 282 out of the 474 teams for the final stage can be found and this is before it actually tries to sim the comps. 282 is the number of teams you will find in Serie A-D and the remaining 192 is of course the teams from stage 0, 1 and 2. I've set the fate actions in the regional stages to qualify 64 teams from each to stage 3. I've got the "teams" tab of stage 3 set to get qualifiers from stage 0, 1 and 2 + all teams from Serie D to A. I've got the requirements set so that stage 0, 1 and 2 have to be finished before stage 3 will set up. I don't know what I'm missing. Can anybody help? I'm happy to upload the file if someone would like to have a dig around in it. I generally like to try and work these things out myself but I've been banging away at this file for about a week due to various issues and I'm at the point now where I'd just quite like the file to work. So if anyone can offer a helping hand, I'd be much obliged.
  6. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Shouldn't I have qualified?

    No worries.
  7. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Shouldn't I have qualified?

    You're welcome. Good luck in the Europa League
  8. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Shouldn't I have qualified?

    I just happened to have the editor open so I went and got this for you (the same info is in the game though): ^those are the league sorting rules for the Champions League. Head-to-Head record is first (which I thought everyone knew anyway, European competitions have been that way as long as I can remember). The full list: Head-to-Head record Head-to-Head Goal Difference Head-to-Head Goals For Head-to-Head Away Goals Overall Goal Difference Overall Goals For Overall Away Goals Games Won Away Games Won Discipline Record (2 points for a Red Card, 1 for a Yellow, lowest number of points takes the highest spot) UEFA Club Coeffecient So the question is, what were your results against Monaco? Did they beat you in both of your games against them? Did they win one and draw one against you? If you won one and they won one or you drew both, what were the scores? Did Monaco achieve a higher goal difference? Did they score more goals than you? Did they score more goals at Old Trafford than you did at Stade Louis II? If the answer to any of the underlined questions is yes, then Monaco should qualify ahead of you.
  9. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Dynamic league structures

    Obviously, but there's a ceiling to how much time/effort they can spend on any one feature. Would the proposed feature hit that ceiling? I don't know. But that doesn't mean that saying the time/effort required is a factor "isn't a great argument."
  10. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Player interaction

    no. This is about interaction with players on your team who are unhappy at you accepting a bid for a player who wanted to speak to the bidding club.
  11. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    [FM18] Around the World in 80 days. Phileas Fogg Plays Football Manager

    Personally, I see no reason you can't just wait til they come back up and try again.
  12. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Dynamic league structures

    Licensing would probably keep this feature out of the game as a default but an option to set up alternative systems in the editor and give them a percentage chance of being adopted over a given period would make some sense to me. It could include things other than format changes too, such as adding or removing b-teams, changes to transfer rules, league expansion (thinking about the MLS, for example), Old Firm teams joining the English leagues etc.
  13. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Your best/longest career?

    So, a couple of years ago, the Scottish Championship (tier 2) had three of the country's biggest teams in it; Hibs, Hearts and Rangers. Only two teams can get promoted from that division and one of them has to do so via the slightly over-complicated play-off system. That seemed like a good league to try; three relative giants battling it out for one and a half tickets back to the top. I toyed with the idea of trying to spoil the party with a smaller team but I'm not that good at FM so I decided I'd do a Hearts save. It wasn't supposed to be a long career, just a couple of seasons, but it ended up being my rise to the top of the world (well, almost). Some of the details are hazy because of how far back it is and I cant check details because I don't have my laptop on me but here goes. In season 1 we won the League and the League Cup, finishing runner up in the Scottish League Challenge Cup and reaching the semi-final of the Scottish cup. I'd made a few impressive loan signings, if I say so myself, but mostly the squad was youngsters who I hoped to develop into something approaching Premiership players by giving them a lot of Championship football. The board wouldn't give me funds to add to the squad so it's a good job I'd taken time to develop the youth. I also managed another few loan swoops. I won the Premiership in season 2, and I think one of the cups as well. Still no money for signings so I again did some wheeler-dealing in the loan market. We met Lyon in the Champions' league qualifiers; a big test for what was essentially still a Scottish Championship side. Leg 1 was tight and cagey; at Tynecastle we somehow held on for a 0-0 draw, which was beyond my wildest dreams and meant a score draw in France would see us through on away goals. We were 6-1 down by half-time in the return leg but stormed back to draw 6-6 and seal a place in the group stages - an historic game for the competition, never mind little old Hearts. We got destroyed in most of our Champions League games but by now we were established as one of the big teams domestically and my players were coming to the attention of bigger clubs abroad. My chairman was accepting offers left, right and centre, most of which I would have laughed off even back in the Championship days, if given the chance. Luckily, the promise of Champions League football was enough to keep my team together for one more year. We won the League again and performed well in the cups. In July of season 4, I had a little money to spend (still nowhere near enough to build a team capable of staying in Europe after Christmas but enough to add one player who'd tear the league up - if they could be persuaded to come to Scotland. I targeted loans again (if it ain't broke don't fix it) and kept my eyes open for a gem of a player to blow that money on. I had a few players in the pipeline, hoping to line up deals for a few before choosing which of them to sign. However, disaster struck; an offer of £500,000 came in for my captain and the chairman accepted it. I immediately launched a counter-offensive, offering to increase his wages and promising more Champions League football. His agent took against me because I refuse to pay stupid agents' fees, even if I have to break the bank on the players' wages and bonuses to compensate. He turned down the contract and left. I was allocated £50,000 of the fee to spend. The next day, Shakhtar Donetsk offered me their manager's job and - despite having previously turned down offers from bigger clubs to continue the Hearts project - I jumped at it. As revenge I poached my star striker from Hearts for a derisory sum and beat my old employers to a few players that I'd previously had on loan in Scotland. The Edinburgh club had been after some of those players again on my watch but once my new employers entered the race there was no contest. I won the Ukranian League with Shakhtar and possibly the cup too, also reaching he Champions League knockouts for the first time in this save. We went out in the quarters - I think - and at the end of the season Juventus came calling. I dont know why they came to me but having the chance to lead Pirlo, Pogba, Buffon? I leapt at that too. I completed the domestic double every year for the next three seasons, losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final in year one of my time in Turin. I believe I would have won had Pirlo not retired after the semi-final first leg. I lost out to Liverpool in the final in each of the next two seasons. The save ended there so it wasn't very long or massively successful, relative to my ambitions (after season 3 I was determined to win the Europa League with Hearts but obviously that never came about and I wanted to give Buffon his Champions League medal but he retired after my third season in Turin, which is part of why I stopped playing that save). Nonetheless it is my longest save to date (I prefer mucking about in the editor to playing the main game) and I still remember it fondly. If I hadn't lost the file, I'd probably have gone back to it at some stage.
  14. SpurrBeeversWoodBuxton

    Youth team club management

    I'm assuming that the coding and database changes to allow this would be too time-consuming when balanced against the number of people likely to use the feature because otherwise it seems like something that would have been done a few years ago. I can't see any other reason that SI would be against it in principle. It's probably already on that master list of feature ideas that they have, but it'll be like number 120,000 on the list; once everything else is perfect, then they'll look into it.