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  1. Simply dont sell them. Not really a big problem.
  2. I think its pretty obvious that the game will not be made any harder. I myself dont think its very challenging, but I'm quite sure most people do. They wont be making a game for a small portion of the buyers.
  3. Steewen

    Long range screamers

    Yes, I notice this too. Long shots are what I use to score goals against teams that park the bus. It is so successful, that I dont need to break through their defense.
  4. If the board gave you a transfer budget of 21 million, its because they believe that the club can spend 21 millions, even if the complete bank balance is only 9 m.
  5. Doesnt really matter, since sweeper keeper role has never worked in FM.
  6. Steewen

    Steam 360 video

    It wont be worth it. It will be money down the drain.
  7. Steewen

    Are these included in the game?

    Always good to save a little money.
  8. I won Copa Libertadores with Botafogo Sao Paulo. It was quite fun. But taking a team from some of the minor nations would also be fun.
  9. Steewen

    Fifa world club revamp

    Yes, the proposed format would be really interesting. But ofcourse it wont be in FM19.
  10. Steewen

    A new start in difficult mode

    Too bad that youth development is not worth it at this level.
  11. Steewen

    New stadium - FM17

    You still have to wait the 20 or so years, no matter what the stadium is called.
  12. Steewen

    save game corrupted

    Yes, if it's corrupted, it wont be fixed. Use backups next time.