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  1. Looks fine if you ask me. I cant really think of anything that matters less than stadium models. Maybe regen faces tho..
  2. He will join the team and occupy a non eu slot for next season. You do not have a limit for non eu players in the squad, just a limit for incoming non eu transfer per season. You could, given enough time, have a 25 player squad of only non eu players. Edit: but yeah, he's not non eu.
  3. It is simple. But Eiður Smári simply doesnt have an icelandic lastname. And no, being icelandic and living in iceland, I assure you I did not vote for anything.
  4. He is known as Eiður Smári. And as a side note, his last name is different. His father is Arnór Guðjohnsen. So if he had a normal icelandic name, he would be Eiður Smári Arnórsson.
  5. Well, its not that hard. For example, my name is Jóhannsson, but my sisters name is Jóhannsdóttir. But no-one uses last names, we all go by first names.
  6. Yes I so strongly agree. I cant really think of a single thing that I care less about in game. Possibly stadium models tho..
  7. Probably, but not because we play FM. That has nothing to do with coaching.
  8. Simply dont sell them. Not really a big problem.
  9. I think its pretty obvious that the game will not be made any harder. I myself dont think its very challenging, but I'm quite sure most people do. They wont be making a game for a small portion of the buyers.
  10. Yes, I notice this too. Long shots are what I use to score goals against teams that park the bus. It is so successful, that I dont need to break through their defense.
  11. If the board gave you a transfer budget of 21 million, its because they believe that the club can spend 21 millions, even if the complete bank balance is only 9 m.
  12. Doesnt really matter, since sweeper keeper role has never worked in FM.
  13. It wont be worth it. It will be money down the drain.
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