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  1. Steewen

    Are these included in the game?

    Always good to save a little money.
  2. I won Copa Libertadores with Botafogo Sao Paulo. It was quite fun. But taking a team from some of the minor nations would also be fun.
  3. Steewen

    Fifa world club revamp

    Yes, the proposed format would be really interesting. But ofcourse it wont be in FM19.
  4. Steewen

    A new start in difficult mode

    Too bad that youth development is not worth it at this level.
  5. Steewen

    New stadium - FM17

    You still have to wait the 20 or so years, no matter what the stadium is called.
  6. Steewen

    save game corrupted

    Yes, if it's corrupted, it wont be fixed. Use backups next time.
  7. Steewen

    Uruguayan League

    I spend most of my time in the game managing in south america. You should give it a go, no doubt. Btw, intermedio is played in winter, not summer. June - july is winter in the southern hemisphere
  8. Seems like you aleady made up your mind. No doubt that knowing exacly how good a player is, without having to follow him at all, is madly unrealistic. But go ahead, each to his own.
  9. It's in the same place as you see when other clubs are bidding on your players.
  10. Yes you can, and it was also available before, last year at least.
  11. Steewen

    Money in Spain

    Yes this is new this season.
  12. Steewen

    Libero problems

    I have the same expirience. Simply doesn't work.
  13. Then dont rush them back. They dont need to play the whole game right away. Players can also get injured playing for u23.
  14. Steewen

    Unhappy with Training

    I simply ignore it. Doesn't seem to make any difference. But I think it is a good indicator wether a player has got the ambition to make it.