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  1. Do we know what the various Brexit permutations are? As @17Gonzo says above, there's the hard Brexit option, where EU players are subject to the typical Work Permit rules seen for non-EU players. We've also seen the £8k per week for first teamers and £3k for u23 players. Are there any others?
  2. This is a genuine question, and separate from the Zouma points, but do slow players typically take significantly longer to hit their maximum speed? I'd have thought that there were a number of slow players who are able to hit their highest speed quite early, but we never/rarely see attributes such as Acceleration: 18 + Pace: 8 do we?
  3. I have grossly overestimated the players this season, and believe that they should all have at least 10% removed from their CA!
  4. I'll give it a run through a let you know And thanks for taking into consideration my earlier points
  5. I don't believe I'm insulting your approach - I've either provided factual information or stated where it's my opinion. I've mainly pointed out how baffled I am with some of the fundamentals used in the game. Brentford Alan and I get on very well on the Brenford forum, and I stated in my initial post that I think this is his best year yet as a researcher, insofar as we agree on most things, but happily disagree on others. And he knows perfectly well that me being a lofty and patronising git on here is borne out of enjoyment for the game. I suppose the main gripe I have is regulation of how researchers evaluate their respective teams, but of course I'm forming my opinion very much from the outside and it should be taken as such - or perhaps I should be educated accordingly by those with direct exposure to the database. I play around a fair bit on the editor each season, so have an inkling, but that's as far as it gets. I simply feel that the spread of accuracy in the Championship ratings is really quite large, and results in inaccuracies in the game each year. Of course, it's just personal opinion but when comparing certain squads there seems to be a gulf in player ratings with historical (recent) performances. As swansong has commented, the pace thing I simply don't get - in particular relation to Watkins this season, but I also share his feelings on the "safe" pace attribute spread. But there's no need to confuse my bafflement with insults, I'm simply a passionate player who is commenting based on as much fact as I can produce, but mostly on opinions. Oh, and the 6th prediction was taken from Oddschecker, which was highlighted on a regional news website during the summer. I believe, but could be wrong, that Oddschecker take an average of the various bookies' odds.
  6. Ok cool - like I said, that was simply a question rather than a comment. Wasn't sure whether the £15m or so we've received this summer (inc Woods) was built in to our transfer pot or not.
  7. All balanced stuff as ever - the Konsa and Mepham stuff was less versus Jeanvier, than just in general - Konsa doesn't get in the England U21 squad in the game, yet he seems first choice IRL currently. I realise loads of it is in relation to how other players and teams are evaluated, and completely out of your hands, but surely the whole point is to balance the players and teams out relative to each other, so there's not one researcher being slightly cautious thrown into the same division as another who rates Ben Pearson as £9m and interesting Watford in the game? On that note, and in relation to swansongs explanation about wages/contract having an impact on value, how does Pearson get valued as £9m when on £8k a week, yet Mepham is at £4.1m on a higher salary. I think I just can't get my head around how Mepham is valued at less than Canos, Jeanvier, Dalsgaard, etc. in the game when we've turned down a bid for him at £15m IRL. I simply don't understand how the FM model works. Just doesn't seem particularly realistic. I agree that the £15m may be largely based on PA, but I've no doubt that had Bournemouth succeeded in buying him, he'd be vying for a first team spot this season in the Prem. Opinion of course.
  8. As mentioned, I've not given it a run yet, so the above comments may all be completely wrong. I was just surprised by how lowly regarded Mepham, Konsa and Watkins were. The fact that in real life you definitely couldn't buy Mepham for £12m - given we've already turned down in excess of that figure - and Maupay would likely only go for multiples of three or four times the £5m you paid for him, perhaps shows they're underrated. But I appreciate form and fortune fluctuate, hence why I think Maupay's current attributes are pretty decent. For Watkins, his 13 for pace and acceleration put him on a level pegging with Jeff Hendrik, Harry Arter, James Tomkins, Tim Ream, Jordan Henderson, David Silva, etc. and is slower than Jorginho, Moussa Dembele, and Jack Wilshere!! On that note, his dribbling is apparently on a par with Glen Johnson, David Luiz and Dennis Odoi I'm surprised we even play him out wide if he can't better any of those players in pace and dribbling!
  9. Given that we've received some of the largest transfers in the division in recent years - £9m Andre Gray, £10m Scott Hogan, £7m Ryan Woods, etc. - , and have also turned down significant sums, yet we pay some of the lowest salaries, doesn't such a wages=transfer value seems somewhat outdated or basic? IRL A player's value is based upon their talent, combined with the club's ability to negotiate surely? Also, the fact that no side was interested in him at all at his current value when he was offered out is a troubling sign of inaccuracy, and perhaps disagrees with the notion that he's that cheap due to his salary?
  10. I've not played a single match yet, so some of this might be premature. I also realise you have a virtually impossible job HB, as you rely on other researchers being accurate and fair. When they're not, then it messes up how Brentford ('s players) are rated. A first basic comments: - surprised Mo is on such a low salary. He turned down a very decent offer from Hull, which was certainly lower than his previous Hull contract, but waaaaay higher than the £3k is on in FM19. It makes him the lowest paid proper first teamer, even less than Ogbene! I don't imagine he's on a bit more, but would reckon it's a multiple of his FM level - but of course, I've got no concrete evidence, so it's a moot point Moses should also have an extra year option in his contract. *NB - I've just seen the "rises to £6,000 after 10 games". Makes sense - Barbet has a seemingly exceptionally poor rating at LB. I completely understand that he's not a specialist left back, and I can't wait for Henry to get back fit, but I'd have him at LB over many established Championship left backs. I realise that the staff's CA judging comes into play, but to a man, every single one of our entire staff rates him as worse (or the same in a couple of instances) as Cole Dasilva at LB - and in most cases he has the same LB rating as Bech. Now, I understand the need to make sure it's evident that it's not his preferred position, but the fact that he is many many leagues ahead of either of those two in the minds of our actual backroom staff probably suggests that he's not quite as poor at LB than he's been rated in the game. In fact - personal opinion here - given the choice, I'd rather he featured more at LB than CB for us IRL. Before I get into the rest, I'd like to say that it's probably the best I've seen us rates in many years - and I'm a miserable sod who picks holes in everything, as you well know I think the likes of Bentley, Jeanvier (?), Sawyers, Canos, etc. are all spot on. I do think, given his selection is consistent first choice for the national side - and the highest tackler in the WC up to the QFs - that Dalsgaard should be slightly improved in his defensive qualities. - Mepham. Come on.... For a guy who's attracting well-publicised £15m bids, he's rated as being £4.1m in value in the game. That in itself shows how far wide ofs the mark his FM19 rating and value is. The first thing I did was offer him out on a transfer at his current £4.1m value... and not a single bid, nor a single interested party. I can imagine much of his rating is being built into PA, but the fact that he's now a first choice Wales international, a first choice Brentford player and attracting £15m bids from Leicester and Bournemouth shows how much CA he has as well as PA. The current transfer fee record for a Champioship defender stands at £15m for both Gibson and Mawson (both previous/recent England squad members)... we've already turned that down shows that he'll mostly like become the most expensive one at some point (or is worth that value if we don't sell). There were ~30 centre backs in the division regarded as being worth more than he is, including such heavyweights as Ben Davies, Michael Hefele and Darragh Lenihan (who apparently is worth more than twice Mepham's value...). I realise you have zero say in how other researchers rate their players, but the Brentford players still need to be rated relative to their divisional peers, surely that's the whole point? - Konsa - an England U21 first choice centre back isn't good enough in the game to get in the England U21 squad. That's a pretty decent indicator that he's under-rated IMO. Is also rated as a lesser CA player than Jeanvier. That he's been chosen over Jeanvier throughout the season is an early indication of how immediately good he is. - Watkins - his value is probably about right, seeing as we rebuffed £11m for him in the summer, but I can only imagine that his value is built into his PA? His attributes are quite poor in my opinion, and have him on a par with a number of distinctly average Championship players - before his recent drop in form whilst he's been injured recently, pundits were talking about an England call up and rumours in today's press have Spurs looking at him. Whilst I think the England call-up chat was a load of rubbish and far wide of the mark, he's certainly a highly regarded player in the division, and was on many "players to watch this season" - in the game he's worse than Jota (there's no way Watkins is as slow as Jota IRL - will find some evidence to highlight this). But he seems woefully underrated given his performances last season - he was ranked in the top three players in the division for chances created, yet seems to be half the player Suma Saiz is in the game (WTF is his rating about...). - Media Prediction 12th. It seems as if the small club mentality is still strong in the game, despite everyone else waking up, because bookies-wise we were 6th favourites at the start of the season, most newspapers had us around the 5th-7th range, and we're presently 5th favourites, even after our iffy recent run. - Others - this is a wider rant about the other researchers and nowt to do with you, but is Sean Maguire really that much of a better striker than Neal Maupay? Is Samu Saiz, with his terrifyingly competitive 5 (yes, FIVE) goals from attacking midfield last season, the best player in the league and so significantly better than Watkins (who double'd Saiz's goal tally last season)? There are some sides - us, Milwall, etc. - who are regularly underrated each season (I ran quite a few holiday-modes to see what happened in FM18, Watkins barely made much of an impact in each and regularly ended up in League One after a few seasons, yet in real life attracted £11m bids by the end of the summer) whereas the likes of Preston and Leeds seem to be packed out with talent left, right and centre. It's weird. Of course, if after a few seasons within FM19 Watkins, Mepham and Maupay have all made £20m moves to the Premier League, then the above is all ignore-able - won't be able to play the game as much this season, but will have a look out for other things. Edit - a further point perhaps best demonstrating that I believe both Mepham and Konsa are inadequately rated at the start of the game is that when the intro to the new tactics automatically picked my best team, Barbet and Jeanvier were chosen as the first choice centre halves. Now, if this is also based upon backroom staff opinions, then it still seems a little weird, as you'd be hard-pushed to find a single member of staff who'd not start either Mepham and/or Konsa at present, in my opinion. Edit 2 - do you know if our £2m transfer budget has taken into account Woods' impending transfer to Stoke? If so, do you not think this is a little low. Opinion here, but if we're around the top 6 in January and decide to properly strengthen, then I think we'll see us spend much more than £2m.
  11. Eurgh - forgot about this one. Is there any way to uninstall the IGE? I downloaded it to mess about but decided against it and now would be keen to rid myself of the temptation to use it as it's still usable in my save despite uninstalling it. Many thanks
  12. I spent hours (and hours) telling myself that I would happily continue with my Beta save, despite knowing I desperately wanted to make Editor changes. Looks like I'm going to have to start again.
  13. Holidaying on the 64 bit I've gone from August to January in about 101-5 minutes! Incredible.
  14. Did a quick search on here for any similar threads, so thought I'd start this. I've been thinking about PA and FM recently, particularly within non-league football and applicable almost entirely to UK (I don't really play enough FM outside of the English leagues to have an opinion on whether this is relevant for other regions). Also, the BBC published this article today, which is particularly relevant. Over the many, many seasons I've played FM across many different saves, I've noticed a distinct lack of non-league regens who make it in the top end of professional leagues (Premiership and Championship). 3 FMs ago I found a regen at Boreham Wood who got into the England side, but that's it. Seriously. Absolutely nothing else. In real life, we've got the likes of Vardy and Smalling in the current England squad, whereas Dwight Gayle went for £4.5m two and a half years ago after scoring plenty in the Championship, Andre Gray has just been sold for £6.25m rising to £9.5m, Michail Antonio for £7m, and there are the likes of Harry Arter, Ashley Williams, Craig Dawson, Neil Taylor, Lee Tomlin, Yannick Bolasie, etc. currently playing in the EPL despite having started their careers in non-league. I don't feel that FM caters for these types of players at all within their regen engine. Also, I've been trying to find examples in saves of players developing significantly at an advanced stage in their careers or, for example, past the age of 24, and shooting up the football pyramid - similar to a few of those examples listed above. Is there something in the editor which may allow for non-league teams to develop strong PA players every now and then, and on a random basis? Or is this randomness too difficult to include in the game? Or is it just my own experiences, and other players of FM have seen much more variety in this respect? This isn't meant to be a whine or complaint or anything similar, but it is an aspect of the game I think should be addressed in order to level up with real life player development.
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