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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked - I'd been running the updated beta for a week or so to see if the updates made a difference. With the new update out yesterday, so I simply revert back to the full game or do I still have to stay in beta mode? Many thanks
  2. Great - thank you. Now to turn Ollie Watkins into a world beater...
  3. How do I download the pre-game editor? Steam isn't showing the "Tools" tab in the Library drop-down. Is it listed anywhere else? The Library list only shows Home, Collections and Downloads. Thanks.
  4. Do we know what the various Brexit permutations are? As @17Gonzo says above, there's the hard Brexit option, where EU players are subject to the typical Work Permit rules seen for non-EU players. We've also seen the £8k per week for first teamers and £3k for u23 players. Are there any others?
  5. Eurgh - forgot about this one. Is there any way to uninstall the IGE? I downloaded it to mess about but decided against it and now would be keen to rid myself of the temptation to use it as it's still usable in my save despite uninstalling it. Many thanks
  6. I spent hours (and hours) telling myself that I would happily continue with my Beta save, despite knowing I desperately wanted to make Editor changes. Looks like I'm going to have to start again.
  7. Holidaying on the 64 bit I've gone from August to January in about 101-5 minutes! Incredible.
  8. Did a quick search on here for any similar threads, so thought I'd start this. I've been thinking about PA and FM recently, particularly within non-league football and applicable almost entirely to UK (I don't really play enough FM outside of the English leagues to have an opinion on whether this is relevant for other regions). Also, the BBC published this article today, which is particularly relevant. Over the many, many seasons I've played FM across many different saves, I've noticed a distinct lack of non-league regens who make it in the top end of professional leagues (Premiership and Ch
  9. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, so apologies in advance if it has. I'm a little confused as to the FFP rules in the Championship. In game it states that I (Brentford) can't make a loss of more than £7m for the season (i.e. no greater loss that £21m over three seasons if I were to remain in the same division throughout), however the FFP regulations for the current season in real life stipulate the highest loss a team can produce is £13m or £39m over three seasons - evidence. That's quite a massive disparity and makes for some very difficult gameplay if you're managing a side with l
  10. If they didn't go out on loan, but in the meantime hit the international appearance % required to obtain a WP whilst sat in your reserves, surely you could then apply at that point for aw WP with it being accepted?
  11. This may have come up already - the thread is pretty long! But is anyone having issues with competing transfer bids. Southampton have just had a bid of £600k accepted for a player, but they won't go any lower than £2m for me! I just lost out to Everton on a great regen, they snapped him up for £775k but the selling team wanted at least £3.3m from me - I even offered £2.5m up front and they still said no...
  12. I use the 2D match screen, so not sure if this applies to the 3D, but almost every goal I score (particularly penalties) the ball comes flying back out of the net as if it's been volleyed against a brick wall!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was sure on last year's version you could review the attribute changes of your own players whilst they were on loan elsewhere. That doesn't seem to be the case this season.
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